Welcome to the Dark

This is the sequel to my previous journal, The Journey Begins. The healing towards the end of that journal induced from Paragon, Stage 1 of Quantum Limitless and Ascended Mogul has made me want to start something new.

My goal with this journal is to track my growth with the Quantum Limitless program, which I feel will be helped greatly by AM. I also want to track my physical progression as I feel like that has completely fell off since my injury, so when I start training again soon I’m going to make it a focal point to focus on improving in Muay Thai.

The last year has probably been the best year for me in my 20s when it came to growth, but there is still so much left on the table for myself. I want to push myself further this year, and have an even better year than the previous one. There’s no other way around that than to bite down and focus on the grind, which AM will help me with.

I suspect to use subs like Stark and Wanted in the future, and also have plans to get a Muay Thai custom once I’ve settled on the core that I want. But for now, this new journal is me embracing a new grind, a new mindset and an improved approach to what I’ve been doing so far.



Starting tomorrow, I am running a new stack of QL ST1, AM and Spartan.

I’m still not sure whether I should start Spartan just yet or if I should hold off for a little bit until I’m back into training mode again, so we’ll have to see. Perhaps I should continue to run Paragon, or perhaps I could either reintegrate Stark or Wanted. I’d like some physical shifting anyway.

I haven’t decided yet however, I’ve got until Wednesday to do so.


Tagging people who demonstrated some interest in my last journal: @Billions @Lion @Seeker @Invictus @Malkuth @GoldenTiger @TheSunlightCaller @Brandon

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I would go for Wanted if your looking for physical shifting instead of Spartan. In my personal experience, Wanted physical shifting is the best if you want to look aesthetically pleasing :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the tag!

LOVE your stack. I was thinking if you make a muay thai custom, spartan would probably be the best fit. I’ve been fantasizing about a boxing custom and if I made it, it would be spartan + boxing mastery x.

I definitely won’t make a boxing custom any time soon though. Trying to keep things tight.

I’d probably continue to run paragon, in this scenario. You’re clearly healing, and you plan on running spartan the moment you’re healed again, so why distract yourself with a sub that’ll affect your archetype but not stick around long term, slow down your healing, and dilute your stack? QL and Paragon would stack nicely, too! QLST1 is very physical. Paragon could add power to the cognitive healing and heal your foot faster, too, with AM specifically focusing on gearing all that healing towards anything holding you back from a grinder’s mentality, things that keep you tired, fatigue you, etc.

Plus, Wanted in a lot of journals makes people a little lazy.

Stark has amazing grind mentality, but if it’s gonna get replaced with Spartan later anyways, it would be a “fun” addition rather than a really strategic stack choice.

This is true. Wanted has more physical shifting than Spartan. Wanted’s goal is to be sexy. Spartan’s goal is to become an elite athlete. Elite athletes train HARD… whereas the average guy looking to get cut more likely just goes to the gym a couple of times a week.

Saint mentioned that Spartan has less physical shifting because it’s for people that work out at an intense level already… for the guys trying to become elite athletes… so that’ll already cause massive muscle growth. If Spartan had any more physical shifting than it already does, that population of athletes would build muscle so fast that it would be dangerous.

Wanted while you’re not working out because you’re healing could be a good idea to keep muscle mass high.

I definitely made things more confusing instead of simpler, but hopefully with the extra ideas here one subliminal or the other becomes the obvious choice. Cheers!


I will check out your new journal. Thanks for the tag👍

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Thanks for the input.

I agree with your statement, where I’m divided is less about the sub’s goals and more regarding my own goals: do I want to focus on physical shifting for aesthetics, or do I want to get back to my fitness level that I was at prior to my injury? Aesthetics-wise I looked better end of last year but despite having significantly more fat on me by the time of my injury, I was stronger, faster and with a lot more stamina.

Now since summertime is coming, I personally do want to focus on getting into a better aesthetic shape and that was my initial plan, and why I wanted to run Wanted again. However I’m also concerned with my performance level at Muay Thai, so I’m just trying to figure out which one I should focus on. As much as I want Wanted, I’m leaning towards Spartan because I’ll have the added bonus of being able to do some research for my custom, as right now I’m torn between using Spartan or ME Core.

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Yes that’s the idea I’ve gotten from others as well. I just had so much success running MTMX with Mind’s Eye that my initial inclination was to add ME as the secondary core. That’s primarily the reason why I want to try Spartan, as it’s going to allow me to decide on what I should do for my custom.

Personally I love boxing, I gravitated towards muay thai because it’s much more functional/practical in a self-defense perspective but boxing was my first passion. Thankfully I’ve grown to love MT as much as I do boxing.

Hmm, what do you mean by ‘affecting my archetype’ exactly?

In terms of healing, I feel like I’m at the finish line at this point. I expect to return to training next week actually. Maybe the emotional healing is not at the same point, but I think I’ve done a decent amount of healing in that regard.

Nicely said. That’s actually what I’ve been running for this entire cycle, and it looks like it’s done the trick.

This is definitely true, and a concern of mine as well. I did run AM with Wanted in Qv2 last year and it went well for productivity, so I figured that the combination of QL with AM would tip the scales further to the side of productive, versus Wanted’s induced laziness.

Personally I didn’t feel that grinding mentality as much I would have liked, but you’re absolutely right; it’s a fun choice, not a strategic one.

I’m not an elite athlete at all, but according to my dietician I’m definitely in the upper percentile when it comes to exercise. Around the time that I got injured, I was doing about 1h of solo bag work a week with about 6-7 hours worth of classes in a week. I want to get back to that level as quickly as possible so I was hoping for Spartan to bring me back to that. Ease my transition this week back into an exercising routine, before I really start to go harder next week when I go back to the gym.

Sounds awesome :joy: I can afford to build more muscle, I do so much cardio that it’s hard to retain muscle.

And that you have done my dear Billions, Spartan seems like the choice to go by. Thanks again for your valuable input, as always.

I mean change the flavor and nature of the personality the subliminals will be leading you towards

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I’ve only just started this new stack, but I think I want to try out Emperor instead of AM after reading this post:

I’ll have until Friday to decide, as today I will be running QL with Spartan for the first time.

New sub/stack = vivid dreams, it’s become a regular occurrence at this point.

This dream was an interesting one. Don’t remember the details too much as it did happen a few days ago, but this is what I do remember: I’m at a fancy hotel in the lobby, and in walks in a girl from high school (I wouldn’t call her a “crush” persay, though I think I felt that she was completely out of my league so I never even bothered to consider it; think typical tall skinny blonde with wide hips, with an extremely flirty/sexy aura about her). We recognize each other and start talking to one another, I don’t remember the details but she did tell me something interesting: “you know you can do a lot better than you think”, she said referring to the women I date.

Interesting that that happened in a dream. Still been thinking about it, because she’s right. I’m way too safe when it comes to the women I date, it’s like I play the odds to ensure my success instead of pushing and risking to get someone better for me. That needs to change.

Also I had a sex dream, which was cool. I was under bed covers when two girls asked me to join me under the covers and I accepted, they lifted the covers to get under when they noticed I was naked and then they took their clothes off and cuddled to me. It felt so realistic, I fucked them both, one at a time. It was quite vivid, surprisingly so.

Both of these dreams happened when I was running AM, but I decided to replace AM and run my first loop of Emperor today. Also realized that I’ve only had 3 very vived sex dreams that I could recall, and all of them happened with AM across Qv1, Qv2 and ZP.


Dope! Cool to see you’re on Emperor. I think with ZP out now, there’s no longer a requirement to listen to AM before Emp. It really just depends more on whether you want something full spectrum or something really specific. Honestly I was MR. AM in Qv2 but in ZP I’ve converted to loving emp.


I’m trying it out, it’s the most popular sub and the most widely used so it would be almost odd for me not to have tried it extensively.

I’ve been hearing really good things from others, especially with regards to productivity, but I’ve always been concerned with the social implications of running Emperor to be honest. So I’m biting the bullet to try and see where it takes me.

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I’m feeling more reserved than I usually am because of Emperor, but productivity has skyrocketed.

I’ve also made my return to the gym finally, happy to be back. Cardio and conditioning are complete shit but I feel like Spartan is helping with my will to push through.

Emperor doesn’t mesh with me as well as Stark and AM do. I’m used to engaging in small talk with people but it just doesn’t come off as smooth as I usually am, feels forced. Also feels like I’m avoiding conversations, which again isn’t in my personality.

But the productivity boost has been great, that cannot be denied. Just wondering whether the trade-off feels worth it.

This post from Derpinator’s journal is something that I deeply relate to in basically every way, wow. Something for me to reflect on.

It ties into the dream that I had a few posts up. Really interesting to see that Emperor is taking me down this path.

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This has been by far the most inconsistent cycle that I’ve ever had. Switched AM out for Emperor after one week and now, I feel like I want to switch out Emperor for Emperor HOM after hearing so much good stuff about it. I have enjoyed the productivity boost from Emperor which has been significant, but I don’t like the way I’ve felt in my social interactions with others. @CyberSec recommended that I try HOM as it’s the best of both worlds when it comes to Emperor and Stark which seems exactly like what I want, to be honest.

The only thing that’s holding me back is the lack of physical shifting.

What about trying Emperor in a custom with PCC then add some social and status modules, or even go HoM with AM… then have a 3rd zp title as spartan or wanted

I’m actually doing a custom with hom, just waiting to get it. It’s basically hom + status + ultimate intelligence:)

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I don’t feel comfortable building an ‘archetype’ custom subliminal because of my lack of experience in those subliminals. The only ones that I feel like I could confidently say that I know and understand are AM, Wanted and Stark, so to make the most educated decision possible I need more knowledge to draw from.

Why build a custom with Emperor and PCC when my experience running those subs amounts to less than 2 weeks? If I’m going to build a custom, it is going to be for a long-term commitment. Also running an Emperor/PCC custom with HoM or AM, and Spartan or Wanted would not adhere to the ERB approach to subliminals.

Thank you for your input nonetheless.