Weird Thing happened today on Emperor


I have switched back to listening to Emperor. Was out with a friend in a cafe. These two teenage girls were running around the both of my us. Then one of the girls ran upto to me and asked “can i give you a hug”.

I was both shocked and surprised. I said to her “ok”. The girl hugged me then walked away.

The mother ran up and apologised to me. Saying she never does that to strangers. She said she was so sorry that this happened. I assured her it was ok. The family went on their way.

Hss anyone had an experience like that before ?


But you are an extremely handsome male-model level guy with a jacked physique and a decade of Game experience.

I don’t think it is Emperor at all. It’s just you.

Girls like handsome men who look like fuckboys. Lucky you :wink:


@AMASH but this was a teenage girl i got scared to be honest. Glad the mother was there !. I thought it might be the aura that i am giving off.


Not really.

It’s just humble bragging :wink:


may i ask why you switched from khan to emperor?


@blackadder are you taking pheromones as well? You naughty guy :rofl:


@lowrider never used pheromones in my life


@rising Khan makes me way to horny it also makes me go out charm and shag women. Decided to swtich to Emperor as it allows me to focus on my work without the high libido.


Thanks it is quite helpful that we are on the same side. May i ask why you didnt go for eog?


@rising There is little point in investing in EOG when Emperor can fulfill my wealth needs.


@blackadder is already wealthy, and he is also very handsome with a jacked physique.

So he doesn’t have much “bad programming” that limits his wealth to clean out with EoG ST1, and not much new to learn in EoG ST2.


As AMASH has already pointed out. I am currently financially sound.


@AMASH Thankyou for your kind words mate :blush:


I did notice that a few months into running emperor the aura seem to grow alot stronger. I recall at the gym each time I approached the cute blonde who worked behind the counter and asked for a protein shake. She couldnt stop giggling (obviously the giggling was away of releasing sexual tension young girls do that alot). At one point her colleague came up and said “I just want to say that she has a boyfriend”. Her friend obviously saw me as a sexual threat.

Honest Review of Khan

Thats very interesting! How/Where did you learn that?


@ExploringAstronaut The more you interact with women and groups of women especially people in general you will pickup on these things and learn to interpret them. Not making a blanket statement about young women as I have met alot of intelligent young women in their 20s. However some of them do not know how to handle sexual tension. That is signs that they are interested in you. A smart woman instead of continously giggling may begin a personal conversation with you by asking “So where are you from” whilst giving you strong eye contact or moving into your space, smiling etc.

There are lots of sites out there which go into sexual tension in depth. However do not read too much into it . Its better to go there and interact with alot of women.


@blackadder donyou think the opposite holds true?

Like if a woman is starting convo, moving space etc is intelligent or do you think there are still less intelligent women who are are doing these thibgs?


@rising apologise I mean’t to say “social intelligence” or being socially aware of how to interact with people. Doesn’ t matter how hot the girl is, if she lacks social awareness then its a complete turn off for me.


I am with @rising in this.

I prefer women who giggle, can’t focus because they are so attracted, and are just happy little girls.

But I respect @blackadder’s fascination with highly experienced women in their 40s. He likes the mature type who has spent a couple of decades dealing with and handling all kinds of men. :wink:

To each his own.


@AMASH i have a rule i never date a woman over 30 :slight_smile:.