Wealth Stack - Mogul & RICH Custom + Emperor & Chosen Custom + Others

Hey All!

As I have a more honed and tailored stack, I’m starting a new journal to make searching for journals related to major titles easier for any future users.

I just purchased my second custom, and that’ll be a solid stack based on everything I’ve learned about subliminals and how I react to them.

While I love HOM, EOG, and my QV2 custom, I found that they are all far too dense and I get recon more than productive benefits. Working on my own business means I have NO time for recon, which is why I only listen to subs 2-3x per week.

I also tend to switch stacks a bit which is one reason why I bought 2 customs. They are everything I’m looking for, both with a moderate amount of modules, which forced me to ask myself what was MOST necessary to put in them. And all fluff was avoided.

The 2 customs are

true sell
Carpe diem
Machine action
Machine rest
Unrelenting wealth motivation
Debt annihilator
Natural winner

True sell
Carpe diem
Machine action
Machine rest
Direct influencing aura
Emperors voice
Whispered power
Dragon tongue
Soul connection
Call of honor

Many of the modules are similar between the two customs. This is by design and cleared by support. I want them both to support productivity which is a major point of improvement for me.


Currently on day 2 of a washout. Might end up having a washout that’s 4-5 days. Been feeling a little low on my productivity but that is not all due to me internally.

Why I say that is because before, I felt producfive because I had very clearly defined tasks 9-10 hours a day and all I needed to do was show up to them.

Now however, I have tasks that are unclear, creative, uncertain, confusing. I’m trying to do something that has no right answer. So Im not being “productive,” but really, I’m dealing with a lot of certainty and not responding well to it.

Just thought it would be helpful to clarify the type and reason of the procrastination for later.

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Also, I’ve been extremely inspired by @Voytek and his DR journal, along with reading the objectives and getting a deeper understanding of what DR is all about.

I’ve been also looking at boxing mastery x as I’m doing so much boxing these days


I’m happy to see you went with the Emperor / Chosen combo. Such a powerful combo for sales!

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My emperor/chosen custom still hasnt come in yet but thats ok!

I have really been pondering the commander for a while and just bought it this morning and will listen to it after writing up this journal entry. I wanted to add it to the stack because it hits everything im looking for.

  • Productivity/Executive Functioning
  • Charisma and Authority
  • Alpha status and body language
  • Leadership

It’s perfect for where im at. As a sales person, I need the charisma and authority and status. As an entrepreneur, I need the leadership and productivity, as a social man, I need the status and charisma, and as an ADD mofo I need the executive functioning.

Plus its light so its a nice addition to the stack. I could imagine it pairing really well with ascended mogul or chosen for a lot of people

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Ive been posting in my own journal a lot less lately, commenting on other peopl’s a lot more. Thats been good. Im out in the real world experiencing it rather than reflecting on it. This whole subliminal journey has been such a rollercoaster, but its a journey of ups and down where my highs keep getting higher and higher, and my lows keep on getting better and better to.

I’m making more money at the end of one year on subliminals than I even planned. My goal was to do about half of what I’m doing now. Now I just need to keep making this amount consistently to pay off the debt it took to build this business and start actually paying myself real money.

So i do still feel poor. My business is making money but im not getting paid. However… I am condtantky excited and know im succeeding, so I feel rich, too.

Im realizing its less about the specific subliminal i use and more about exposing myself to new scenarios, figuring out the most important things I need to do to succeed, and testing to see how to do them.

I’ve been alternating many subs that suit what I need that week or that month, but theyre all very similar… eog… hom… emperor… chosen… my mogul/rich custom. I even listened to ascended mogul a few days ago.

Over the long haul, they’re all changing my subconscious for the better, and mogul is and always will be the core driver of my stack which everything else just complements.

Recently I’ve been going through a lot of changes. I am SO much nicer and a better partner to my girlfriend. My thiughts of infidelity have completely passed and amazingly, i attribute that to emperor helping me manifest my ideal relationshiop dynamic.

I have been handling stressful situations excellently. Im becoming better and better at sales. I have moments of extreme productivity, and moments of terrible productivity, but im getting better at designing systems that help me be effective even if im not extremely productive.

Ever since starting to listen to mogul ive had extremely profitable ideas and found ways to execute on them.

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Oops! Didnt notice my custom came in this morning. @Ice


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Listened to the commander followed by the custom and wow did I feel great. The commander was really soothing. I felt like I was in the right place, capable of solving any problem, and that the task i was doing at the time was the only one that mattered. I didnt get bogged down by the idea that I had multiple things to do; i just focused on the one i was doing.

The combo of emp/chosen/commander afterwards made me feel peetty happy. Ive been pretty happy all day, but specifically after listening to the two subs i found myself singing and dancing and asked myself, was it the subliminal? It definitely helped me feel more of the joy i was already feeling

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Instantly felt the commander kick in this morning! Shot out of bed and brushed my tewth right away. Normally dont brush my teeth right upon waking, and normally dont wake up so soon after my alarm went off.

Definitely improved executive functioning

Loving the commander. Shot out of bed again this morning. Instantly showered and brushed teeth. Had the urge to be extremely productive today even though its a sunday… ended up kinda slacking off because thats my sunday habit, but im going to start setting up things to do to make my weekends more productive, even if its personal productivity not work productivity.

Yesterday i went for an almost 2 hour walk before hed and then had a great sleep. Have had really crazy dreams since starting commander and my emp/chosen custom… i started them on the same day.

Also, when i went to boxing today, i had more exercise motivation than usual and liked how i looked in my clothes more than usual

I dig this custom. Am still thinking of an Emperor Chosen custom. With name embedding this must be LEGIT!

Im not sure if its emp/chosen or simply the commander, or the synergy of the two, but this is by far the best subliminal experience ive ever had in my life. Im shooting out of bed first thing in the morning, im more focused than ever. I havent had a distraction since day 1 of emp/chosen + commander, im walking an hour a day in the forest now, im less stressed from work, and Im a LEADER in my business like ive never been before.

I think thats where the productivity comes from. The fact that i have to lead and pave a way for others to follow.


Ive truly found the most amazing stack for me I’ve ever had.

Schedule wise, my sweet spot is 3-7 minutes, 2-3x a weekm it generally looks like one week 3x, next week 2x. Maybe it’ll standardize at 3x per week if i keep on listening just 3 minutes per loop.

I havent figure out the ratio of my stack that’s most ideal.

Mogul/rich, enperor/chosen, commander, those are my three current subs. Emperor/chosen + commander give me unreal levels of personal power, internal congruence, focus, discipline, organization, social confidence, happiness. My life WORKS with these two subs. I havent listened to mogul/rich since trying them out together.

However they’re extremely lacking in terms of pure wealth scripting.

Maybe i’ll recreate the mogul/rich custom, swap cores, and create a mogul/commander custom… as that custom was designed for pure wealth-focused productivity, and i believe its commander that is giving me so much results in that area.

The HOM description makes it very clear that “not having HOM would be a profound disservice to any wealth stack” and I see that… I hit a record month while running HOM, so, it obviously serves me well when I run it.

If I change up cores, then my stack would be mogul/commander, emp/chosen, HOM.


I went out last night and listened to true social lifecharger beforehand and it hit as hard as a ZP title… even harder and faster actually, with pure positivity resulting in a great night.

So, my stack right now could even be mogul/rich, emp/chosen, plus the life charger version of commander.

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One major reason my life is working. I have ZERO onlune distractions. Absolutely none. My mind has been completely cleared from the craving to stop working and start using online entertainment instead.

@MadaraUchiha @friday i know you are both interested in this topic.

My stack has been commander, emp/chosen, mogul/rich.

Plus ascension chamber.

So last week i went on an hour long walk in the forest tight after listening to emp/chosen, commander, and asc chamber.

Instead of wanting to consciously manifest things, i decided to manifest the feels id feel over the week.

I spoke outloud to myself and said i want to feel on fire all week. I had a real conversation about what that took, and i realized i needed to 100% accept that i’d 100% quit my #1 vice, but something I enjoy, which is chess. I watch chess youtube content. Play chess. Study chess. Whenever i avoid work, its to play chess or learn about it, or distract myself warching funny conent about it.

So i manifested that i would cometely quit chess which scared the shit outta me, but literally havent thought about chess at all since that day. Even once or twice when i did end up looking at a chess video or subreddit, i just looked at it and thought it was boring. Only interesting if you’re obsessed.

ascension chamber combined with quitting your vices instead of wanting your peaks could be a powerful productivity tool


random question.

have you seen the Queens Gambit?

if yes, did you enjoy the show?

Its interesting how instead of online procrastination, i ended up binging a fiction book. But luckily, i quickly finished that book and wont be starting another one any time soon

I think a lot of my procrastination stems from a childhood of reading books aka consuming content 6+ hours a day for fun. While it might engage your brain to read, it doesnt stress your brain or challenge it to solve problems. Social media and content plarforms are yet another environment that stimulates your brain but doesnt require you to solve problems in any meaningful way.

Interesting to find the connection! But that wont be what solves it. What solves it will be focusing on the future, not the past

Of course. And yes i loved the show. I was inti chess way before the queens gambit came out.

I thought it was probably the best show i have seen in last 3-5 years.

It made me want to learn chess.

I imagine for someone like you who already liked chess going in it was probably your favorite show ever?

Btw, how realistic was it on a scale of 1 to 10? with 10 being the most realistic.

Learning chess is fun but damn addicting.

Yeah definitely one of my top 10 favourite shows. Im not big into tv so i dont have a clear ranking list.

As for the realism… it was solid.

Her character is largely parallel to the story of the infamous american world chess champion bobby fischer. Her meteoric rise to fame and chess championship at such a young age. Bobby became US champion at 13 and became the youngest grandmaster in history.

I cant remember all the little nuances of the show. There was obviously some dramatization. A LOT of reality. Bobby did end up becoming crazy because in part he was so focused on chess… just like beth.

All in all, realism is probably an 8.5 or 9 out of 10.