Vomit feeling on recon

I’ve been experiencing recon some of the days in a new way
I feel like vomiting and weak
I also feel weak, and I also don’t have appetite
Do you guys think I should vomit? Maybe some kind of releasing sth?
@Dragon-Lesson , I read somewhere you had this experience
Please give comment

Could it be overload? Try to take some days rest.

  1. Don’t run subliminals at all for 1 or 2 weeks
  2. Drink loads of water
  3. Stand in the sun more often
  4. Eat a bit more

If you feel like vomiting, do so. It will give some relief.


Probably best you don’t listen to anything until you see a doctor first.


This doesnt sound like its subrelated tbh. I think you just caught a virus. Becoming physically sick has mental effects as well that could be mistaken as recon.


Yup. See a doctor. It could be something else entirely.


I tried to vomit but there is nothing there
Another thing is that I don’t feel like eating

Please see a doctor, brother. It will be fine.


What programs did you listen the last 30 days?

Please list all of them

It can be sub related or not.
Depends on what you have listened to

It can be overload and to many different programs Finaly crawling up to the surface.

Give inside into your listening schedule


Start to lisen to some very valuable advice for once.

And don’t worry, you loose nothing if you do a stop/washout


Thank you so much guys
A Snickers solved the problem
The processing of the subs really consumes energy and brain/willpower

Your attention means a lot to me

Today was rest day, I will rest until my circumstances allow me

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When was the last time you listened to a sub?

Promise you won’t get angry😬

Listen honestly i think you should be suspended from subclub bc you constantly listen to subs break the listening patterns and then complain about getting some crazy recon and do it all over again and just brush everyones advice aside

That is just me and it is nothing against you


I feel like you might have caught a bug with the way you were describing how you felt.

It was kinda intense than other days

Anti Recon Tech available now!



Thank you, this is hilarious

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