Viktor’s Victory Venture (HeO + LBFH + RM:UWX)

I held myself back from saying everything i’m experiencing with lbfh in my introduction post. Therefore i’m making this one so that i can be more detailed.

I used lbfh alone for 1 cycle, then stacked it with mogul for 2 more cycles

The first few days i felt like my mind was being re-racked. I was constantly having these reoccurring thoughts of “it’s ok, even though i did/think …, I’d still be loved/lovable” and other positive self validation thoughts. I discovered a level of self love, validation, certainty, confidence that i didn’t even know were possible before.

I felt a huge decrease in negative/self-sabotaging thoughts in general. Some i wasn’t even aware of.

From the third day, a lot of people started getting closer to me. The amount alone makes it really feels like the sub is manifesting people into my life. Not only the amount, but also the depth of the connection has also sharply increased. I was happy with my social life before, but i didn’t expect that it could be more profound.

It’s to the point where i feel like the universe just won’t allow me to be alone anymore.

The part from the sales page that says “manifest acts of kindness from other people”, yes, that happens, a lot. More than what i expected.

My perception about other people has also become more positive, i guess that’s to be expected from a subliminal that has “for humanity” in its title.

I came in expecting lbfh to be “just another subliminal”, and “just another subliminal” it was not. It is hands down the best, most fast acting, most in the face, most integrated, most profound subliminal that i have ever used. And i have been using subliminals from different producers for years.

The best thing is, the whole experience feels natural. With some other producers, i feel like i’m becoming someone that i’m not. But here, i feel like the growth is intertwined with my own very being. Not only with lbfh but also with mogul.

There are also some small things that I don’t write here since, in the end, they all serves the same big goal as what i have written above.

Now, the recons that i have experienced with lbfh:
-less productivity, both from the healing process and the amount of people i talk with. Now it has been resolved with mogul and time.
-increased feeling of neediness near the 19th day of the first and second cycle. I’m not really sure with the second cycle since i was also getting a big recon from ascension chamber back then. But with the third cycle, i tried only doing 17 days before the 5 days of rest and it’s working well. I will experiment on this more with the next cycles.

It changed my mindset and manifested a lot of things. I was really surprised.

Jump to today, the reason i wanted to make a separate post, it’s that i have noticed that my thought about socializing has changed from “this is fine but it’s a waste of time. It’s better if i just focus on my work/study” to “this is incredible, i really like it”.

I also experimented recently and found out that i now have a greater control over my own mind. i literally only need to say whether something supports/goes against self love, connect the logic, ask my mind to take care of it, and then it is resolved. Almost instantly in some cases. Really strange yet amusing.

I’m thinking should i double down and choose DD/true social after I’m done with mogul, or should i use emperor black to be closer to how i usually was, or explore my curiosity with LE/QL, or get dragon reborn to discover a deeper level of healing than lbfh, or maybe run lbfh solo again to be more focused on it.

I will write down more if i notice anything big or interesting happening in the future. I will also update on the experiments that I’m doing.

*EDIT: welcome DR:LD! i will start using it from cycle 5


Maybe i should title it as lbfh + mogul. But i really want to talk about lbfh more than mogul because mogul is as obvious as it can get and i already said the bulk of it in my introduction post. Don’t get me wrong though, it is one of the best wealth subliminal that i have ever used.


Great results! It’s amazing how despite it being a completely free title, LBFH still manages to have such a massive impact on one’s wellbeing.
I am definitely considering adding LBFH back into my stack.


Yes, even though it is a free title, SC did not hold anything back with lbfh. It is incredible

By the way, I’m back with some updates

Cycle 3 Restday 5
The deep dreams that i have been getting since the second washout day has stopped today. These dreams are new to me, i didn’t get any dreams like these on my first and second 5 day washouts

And also, I wrote about this in my introduction post but i forgot to add how lbfh has affected my humor and people’s reaction to it. I didn’t know that lbfh can do that, i didn’t read the sales page properly back then. I was surprised that it was also because of lbfh

A little update about mogul, i noticed that i have never had any recon with it. No resistance at all. It feels like a nice boost for my life.


Cycle 4
I plan to stack LBFH, mogul and ascension chamber in this cycle.

I noticed after the washout period that mogul was definitely the one that increased my productivity. It lifted me up from the lack of productivity caused by lbfh and brought it above my baseline. I want to see how far it can go.

As for ascension chamber, I don’t really care about the manifestation, I’m just curious about why did it give me so much recon. I’m going to run it again to discover more about myself. I will use it once every 8 days in this cycle.

And now, my goal with lbfh in this cycle:
-discover more about how it helps me have a greater control over my own mind as i have said in the main post
-look more into how i view and value other people in my life
-discover a deeper level of self love

I’m going to do this cycle for either 19days on 5days off, or the standard 26 days but reduce the last 2 listening days’ listening duration from 15 minutes for each sub to only 3 minutes.

I found 17days on 5days off to be the optimal schedule for me with this stack so far, but maybe i can push it a bit more.

A little update with the deep dreams: i got one again yesterday night, i guess the one day that i wrote previously was a fluke or i didn’t remember that i had a dream that night.

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i know it has only been 5 hours but I have to write this

Cycle 4 Day 1

I cried, a lot, the most guttural cry I have had in years

it came out of nowhere, spontaneously, I couldn’t control it, I couldn’t fully control my body, and honestly, I didn’t want to control it

10 minutes into lbfh after mogul, continued long after I finished my 37 minutes stack.

happened when i read this on lbfh’s page:

this time, the catalyst for change is solely “love flooding,” in which the script encourages you to flood your emotions with a profound sense of self-love, self-care and self-nurturing, allowing you to heal past emotional traumas with the most powerful restorative force in existence. It uses a gentle, yet highly effective approach, reminding your subconscious that healing takes time and most of all — you have to love yourself before you can truly love others.

this is the first time this has ever happened, amusing

Edit 1: I don’t know if I felt sad or anxious or sorry, mostly sorry I think

Edit 2: mostly nothing, and “it’s okay, it’s fine” kind of feeling when someone consoles you

Cycle 4 Day 5

I cried again while listening to lbfh. 10 minutes into it after mogul again.

the feeling this time is mostly freedom and happiness. and also confused as to why this keeps happening. i don’t complain though, every time it happens it always feels good deep down.

Cycle 4 day 7

ok I’ll just accept that I’ll automatically cry when I listen to lbfh from now on. around 10 minutes into it after mogul again.

the feeling now is nothing, then overwhelming happiness/acceptance, the crying was accompanied by slow & silent laughs and also a smile. i don’t really know how to describe it.

Cycle 4 day 9

I think using ascension chamber right after my stack is too much, i always feel overwhelmed & exhausted after it. I will try to do it a few hours after my stack instead

Cycle 4 day 13
i have been experimenting with drinking coffee when listening to the subs.
it doesn’t have any effect at all, I don’t feel anything different other than my heart racing.

i also noticed old thoughts resurfacing. dealing and making peace with them seem to help me feel more relaxed. i think this is also lbfh’s doing.

I suddenly got an idea before i sleep

What if i only focus on overflowing my thoughts with love and acceptance instead of trying to find the link of why something is for/against self love.

Love and acceptance + trust in my mind and body that they will do the best for me without having to aggressively tell them that something is for/against self love.

I will update on this experiment again later

I think LBFH has made me realize

What i truly want is to talk with people, a lot. Socialize everywhere i go. It’s what makes me truly happy and fulfilled.

I take pride and feel happy about my work, but before lbfh, i used to think that that’s the be all end all. I don’t talk deeply with people unless we can benefit each other.

Now i’ve reached a deeper realization that the balance of both is what i truly want. Not only “talk with people so i don’t go crazy”, but to actually enjoy & live the process.

I thought i’ve reached everything that i wanted. But lbfh revealed a hidden corner that i didn’t think will make my life more fulfilling.

I think i will try stark or wanted black next cycle. DD and true social are interesting, but i’m not in a rush to focus on just 1 aspect of my life. Stark is all encompassing and wanted black looks really interesting from what I’ve read in the forum.

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Cycle 4 Day 17

I tried mogul for 9 minutes + lbfh for 9 minutes + ascension chamber for 3 minutes.

It still feels too overwhelming for me.

No big recon yet though, i think AC once every 8 days is the right move for me.

Mogul’s manifestation has been blowing my mind lately, so many opportunities, mentors, and resources coming to me.

Lbfh is as i’ve written yesterday, i also notice that it helps me point out my buried problems and traumas then it shows me how & manifest ways to deal with them.

Lbfh is the perfect sub for me. It helps me feel whole and more. I can’t think of a scenario where i stop using it in the future.

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Goodbye mogul!

i’m going to start using DR:LD + LBFH + AC from tomorrow onwards

my plan for the stack:

cycle 5: DR:LD + LBFH + AC
cycle 6: DR:LD + mogul + AC
cycle 7: mogul + LBFH + AC
cycle 8: maybe DR solo, maybe DR:LD + LBFH + AC again, maybe other subs.

I can’t believe I’m planning to stop using LBFH for 1 cycle, but I want to experiment with the “bloom” that happens after stopping using a title.

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Start slow on DR:LD just in case.

a 3 minute loop had me in intense recon for 36 hours.

Start with 1 min :stuck_out_tongue: juuuust in case!

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thankyou for the suggestion! but honestly, i’m REALLY curious about the recon.

LBFH’s recon made me super unproductive
mogul’s recon was negligible, almost non-existent
AC’s recon was insane, I was needy beyond belief

those are unpleasant but I enjoy the ride. it’s like exploring a jungle and facing hardships along the way.

if the problem with using DR:LD for 15 minutes is just recon and not something like stonewalling, I honestly want to experience it fully. If it’s too harsh I will immediately dial it back to 3 minutes or even 1 minute like you said lol.

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Nice take - I like to blast myself with recon right before a holiday/camping/weekend too sometimes :slight_smile:

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Cycle 4 Day 19

I did LBFH + DR:LD a few minutes ago. 15 minutes each.

LBFH was smooth sailing as usual while I feel like something is not settling in my head when & after I listened to DR:LD. it’s hard to describe but I feel I almost can’t focus at all.
I don’t feel exhausted like when I play mogul + lbfh + ac though, it’s a different feeling of denseness. thick but light, not overwhelming.
I feel aware yet out of it, it’s hard to describe.

I will edit this comment to update on the situation as the day goes on.

Update 1: started getting thoughts about “what are my limitations?” “how is this limiting me?”

Update 2: I wanted to talk with someone then my mind went “yeah? what’s limiting you from contacting them immediately now?” accompanied by a strong push to do it. so I instantly contacted them. had a nice conversation after.

I’m not usually spontaneous like that. I didn’t feel pushed though, it feels strange but natural to do.

Update 3: “what’s stopping me from reaching this?” “how can I achieve this?” “is this my limitation?” while these are not the exact wording, these kinds of questions keep popping out when I see something that I notice I can improve.

my god this is intense, this feels VERY similar to the first time I used LBFH but with different questions.

Update 4: productivity is gone, not because I don’t have the motivation but my brain just refuses. I have prepared for this though so it’s not a problem

Update 5:

  • some anxieties suddenly appeared. i feel my confidence is lowered slightly.
  • I feel no resistance when I say sorry to myself. this feeling is new.
  • I feel less resistance in general. feels like I become less attached to “bad” feelings & thoughts. it’s like “I accept that this happens, move on”. that’s the closest way that I can describe the feeling. it doesn’t push me to “move on” though, it just flows.

i usually put a little resistance, now it just flows. idk what to make out of this, I’ll update on this point again later

Update 6: productivity is back, but it’s a different version of what drives the productivity than what I felt with mogul. it feels more “proactive”

Update 7: does ld:dr have alpha scripting? or maybe it’s the confidence scripting that’s making me feel like this? I’m not sure yet, I’ll update more on this later.

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I forgot that i shouldn’t play lbfh too with drld today because I played mogul + lbfh + ac 2 days ago.
well if I get overloaded, that’s a problem for future me to figure out, suck to be that guy lol

Cycle 4 Day 20

I had a very strange dream.

I was controlling a healer character in a game setting.
I had to navigate rooms full of enemies to get into a room, there was a rat that guides and point things out

I proceeded cautiously pass the enemies as i don’t have any damage as a healer. I got spotted, enemies were overwhelming me.

But just in the nick of time, i got close to a room that the rat was guiding me to. Then, silence, the enemies were gone. I felt like i was thrown into another plane of reality, but still in the same place.

Now, this is why im writing this story here:

The room was eery and unsettling yet feels intimate, as if i’m exploring my own mind. The rat guided me around the room. Pecking things up along the way like a woodpecker. As if it was asking me to pay attention to them.

Then, i found a cell.

There was someone inside, they looked visibly distressed and scared. Putting their arms on their head and sitting in a fetal position.

i was confused but i knew full well that my job is to heal them. Immediately.

I hesitated, I failed. In this other plane of reality where there’s no enemy, A huge monstrous worm suddenly came from the top of the guy in the cell and ate him.

I reloaded the save to the game. I got back to my home base just before i set out to do the mission.

There’s something interesting in the home base, it’s not mine, i was with a crew of humans trying to appease a goblin, who apparently has a really high level and power.

I didn’t take part in that. in the base i was not a weak healer, i was a half dragon half human combatant. “I don’t need to do that, i’m a dragon” i said in my mind.

I departed from the homebase and got transformed as the weak healer again. The rat was also back. I want to find that guy again and heal him in time

The atmosphere was not as gloomy as when i first entered the level, everything was bright, not many enemies anymore. I tried to find “the room” again but i couldn’t get into that other plane of reality.

I spent the rest of the dream walking while the rat occasionally pecked things up along the way.

Well that was weird