Variable result

Hi guys ,
I’m writing in hope that more experienced user will share their experiences too.
This about Q(all versions) and ZP.

I did try several subs (Khan, Emperor, PSIT ,Stark, Rich Crytpo and S&S) on Q Qv2 and ultima
I did Emperor Black, Emperor ,Rich crypto, khan, HOM)

for Q and Ultima i i got result good and sometime spectacular like for khan which is by far the best experience i’ve ever had from new dawn to Qv2.

On ZP it’s another story:

i got good result from emperor Black(great by the way), Rich Crypto , stark and HOM and also Diamond.
Some interesting thing on Khan like women basically throwing themselves at me the result faded far from my previous khan experiences.
Emperor ZP gave nothing at all.

i did try my best to stick to the recommendations thought.
I understand that ZP gives results slightly differently.
but When i see what i got from khan an Emperor it make me wonder if the older subs as suited for ZP like the new ones.
any insight will be welcome since ZP is easier to work with(15 min)


From what I read, you’re TRYING too many subs. Your results will necessarily be spotty and unpredictable. Just pick the 2 or 3 subs that work well for your goals and stick to them for 6 months to a year and you’ll see that your results will be way different.

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I know it can be confusing.
But I’ve been using subclub for a while no more than two a the same time.
Even for Zp.
I just did not get near the same result from the older sub in their Zp versions (khan , emperor)
But for the other that I got on ZP version it worked.
Even for one cycle of 21 days I got good results.


I have the same question. Recently, I had an experience while using ZP v2 without noticeable result, I went back to use QL ST2 and ST4 in Qv2 version, and I entered in a flow mode for learning immediately. The same experience it didn’t happen yet on my journey on ZP v2.

I study 8 to 10 hours 6 days/week. So, I think it counts as taking action. But results are not there yet. I am the one who wishes more that any new version do the job with whatever listening time.

I understand your point, and I agreed that results with previous versions were somehow more spectacular and fast than new versions.

Warning: Yes, it is going to appear many of you saying that everything is wonderful. Great, I will like to say the same as well. I hope to join your club, truly. So, avoid sermonizing comments.


Khan worked in a wonderful way in Qv2 but did nothing in ZP??

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In my case, I never used Khan after Q versions. I can only speak about cognitive enhancement titles such as Limitless, Beyond Limitless and Quantum Limitless.

I focus on these titles for cognitive improvement. However, crazy results from Libertine Última V1. The first version of Khan ST3 was crazy as well. Again, that is my personal experience. It is only one sample but I am my 100%.

Let say 20% of what i got on qv2

By the way if it is allowed is i possible to share the ultima verstion of rich crypto.
i bought it but only ZP was avalaible at that time

Lol, remember this?

@gildasz I’ve used Qv2 and ZP.

Qv2 is good but ZP is a different level.

Run Khan ZPv2 for 6 months and you’re going to see what I’m talking about.

The question is, how are you going to get to 6 months of running Khan ZPv2, when the reconciliation process is manifesting as FOMO on previous technology and tricking your mind into dropping the sub so that you can’t go the distance.

Show me 1 person who ran a ZP or ZPv2 title for 6 months, with a journal while taking action… that didn’t manifest objectives or experience noticeable results.


has i’'m telling, i did not dismiss the efficiency of ZP i just says that for the new title it works but the old one i got better result by far with Qv2 and Q even after a month.

As much as I understand your concern, SC won’t go backwards in technology.

We always have a few instances where previous versions of the subliminals are said to better than the latest version. This has happened when we had, ZP v2, ZP, Qv2, Q, Quantum Tech, New Dawn, etc. And it isn’t because of the new technology itself but the way we think about it.

For example, the idea of Zero Point is to have you as the point of origin of your results rather than subliminal results happening to you (Q). Which one do we prefer? We might say the one with the best and fastest results but of what use are fast results if they are temporary?

Do we want our life to change because of subliminals or because we changed? Obviously because we changed since that is more permanent and more rewarding.

We also feel more worthy of what we get when we get positive results due to the change happening within us. We are more grateful, mature, wise and powerful when this happens.

In contrast, we feel like an imposter when we get results when we haven’t changed. In the heat of the moment everything is cool but then we get bored.

That’s the point of Zero Point. To get our thinking straight rather than get everything we want at our fingertips.

When we grow on our journey, life is more beautiful and results make sense. But when we stay static, the results are initially “wowsome” but soon lose meaning.

SC is dedicated to long-term changes rather than the quick dopamine hits. Especially with ZP, massive changes take place in your subconscious mind and if that takes time, so be it.

Once a threshold is passed from listening, taking action and journaling with ZP, results will come at you exponentially rather than linearly due to Q.

Think about it and you realize that Saint and Fire are making this tech to fulfill our potential and take us far on our journeys rather than enjoying a quick detour once in a while.


Hi bro,

I think we are missing the point . I was drawing a comparisons on certain subs.
For the one i bought on ZP i had no problem getting result as described.
my concern was about for that did not worked.
Again it is not a complaint , the way that something like Rich crypto or wanted or EB ignite so quickly had me thinking about the why i could not get the same from khan or emperor.
i give you and example
i did three (21) cycle of rich crypto and i got the results by the first one
I did two cycle of Emperor black (45 days) i got result too.
same goes for HOM and Stark (on cycle 21 days).
I’m not complaining about ZP at all.
the thing is only Khan (2x 21 days) and Emperor (1x 21days) has disappointed me so far and i was (on ZP).
If the others ZP subs worked so well on me why can i get these two work as well?
I’m looking for solution.


@Luther24 i see you have used quite a lot of ZP subs.
how many of them did you try on the previous versions?
can you describe how it went for you?

The solution is to run the title for longer, take action and journal.

Eventually you will break into better results with ZP than even Q gave you.

If you want an official answer, I encourage you to submit a support ticket.

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ZP is a lot more introspective due to his nature which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your level of introspection. So in my experience you need more conscious effort on ZP compared to Q if you are not naturally aligned with the product and I can understand that it can be more difficult for some people.
I am keen to have a look at what SC Masterclass says about this.

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The way you put it makes Qv2 appear as a better option over ZP

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We already know that ZP is a better tech than any Q versions.

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I don’t get it!

What is the purpose of using subliminals if the changes are not going to be permanent-like?

Of course, all that we are is changing. However, didn’t we want those induced changes become permanent and fast acting rather than become wealthy, promiscuous, confident, Biggus Dickus, or whatever you want, in 6, 12, or 400 months?

As well, the more you change, one can realize how to adjust himself to narrow the results he wants.

If many of you want a journey or whatever metaphoric image of using subliminals, good for you! But, I don’t care. I want my results and be able to adjust myself to whatever I want.

Life is short, and if you propose changes in 6, 12 or plus, vs. in one week or less days. Guess what I pick…

Sometimes, I have doubts of how people take many things to a level of “religion”(I use this word just for the purpose of analogy, they are better words but I am gonna be banned). Personally, I prefer to be pragmatic and expect subliminals help me to make those changes as fast and effectively possible (according to my personal perception, not as group/mass one).

@gildasz, I understand your question and I empathize with your desires of similar or better results.



Let’s get into specifics so we can get to the bottom of this.

So you are saying Khan Qv2/Q gave you better results than Khan ZP? Correct?

Okay then we need to know:

  1. How long specifically did you use each of them for.
  2. What are the specific differences in results that you experienced.

Let’s start there.


Is a complete and utter waste of time.

How do you even quantify your results into a percentage like that?

You can’t just throw out percentages like this because people with an actual brain are going to expect you to break them down.

Please start getting into specifics, if you want to have a real conversation.

I clicked on your profile and my surprise in seeing that you have no journal on your experiences with Emperor ZP was… non-existent.

Subliminal Club needs an underground betting ring because I’d make a lot of money. Lmao.

Unfortunately, this is going to happen with some individuals. There’s no “right” and there’s no “wrong.” What we do know is that the vast majority of users fare better on Zero Point than on Qv2 and that means we have to continue to move forward. I do find it hard to believe that you saw “nothing” on Emperor ZP. Zero Point results are much more natural and less shocking at times, so regular journaling and analyzing your results are imperative. You also cannot engage in ANY kind of lawyer gaming or pulling a “this couldn’t be the sub” type of reasoning.