Uber's Journal of 2023

Making a new journal for 2023! Went with a bland ass title cause I have plans for my current stack as well as future stacks and/or possible custom(s) so rather than making multiple journals or changing the name every so often I went with this boring title for organizational purposes.

Now lets begin with some goals.

  1. Pass my State Boards for my massage license, im taking the test next week btw.

  2. Build my wealth to much higher levels via, working 2 jobs (if needed) cleaning up my poor spending habits, and getting out of some debt. Overall my main goals is to get out of credit card debt, and move out of my parents house.

  3. Live a much healthier lifestyle. Not making any weight loss goals or anything, just working out and practicing better eating habits and the results will come. Going with this mindset to instill a permanence within myself, rather than meeting a weight loss goal and then falling off the wagon. Making very deep changes here.

  4. Remodel my whole social life. Since I have cut back on going out to the bar exponentially this past month, and being too busy to see a lot of my friends this past year due to school and work, my social life has taken a huge hit. I have noticed that most of the friends I do keep in contact with, all have gotten another group of friends or have moved in to another phase in their lives, not mad about it at all thats just life. This in mind I know a new group of friends is on the horizon for me in the future and when the time comes it will happen.

  5. In the future when I have a better external foundation I do want to get back into dating, however I got more important goals to accomplish before I get there.

  6. Continue to heal from my past and increase my Emotional Intelligence.

  7. Become a more organized individual.

Pretty broad goals but they will become dialed in as time goes on.

Now its time for the stack. Went with 4 for this stack, I have had great results in the past with 4 but I took a break and only did 3 for a while until all titles I would use were updated to v2. Now I also only use a 4th title for more focused titles, in this case it is The Commander

RoM - Increase cognition and intuition, clear up my energetic system, and continue to heal from my past, make more powerful manifestations. Quickly becoming my favorite sub out of this stack.

Emperor - Overall growth internal and external. Was going to be Stark but will explain later why I went with Emperor.

Spartan - Get started on making healthier lifestyle changes and keep me grounded with the changes to come. Was going to be WANTED but Spartan v2 dropped two day prior to me starting this stack, and my intuition said “Start with this.” after a cycle or 2, I will probably switch this out for WANTED

The Commander - Confidence, charisma, and most importantly executive function. Limitless Executive showed me that basically my executive function sucks. Now with Emperor, Spartan, and RoM I didnt need a cognition boost at all, so I went with The Commander which seems to really target executive function, and my intuition was correct.

Listening Day 1 results (New Years Eve) Commander wasn’t in my stack yet

  • Killed it at work, I busted my ass all day and even forfeited my last break just to get shit done.

  • A lot of stares from women

  • Was very organized

  • Kept a very leveled head when we got real busy at work, and wasnt irritated at all while interacting with customers.

  • Felt very powerful, confident, happy, focused and very tranquil.

  • Had a coworker asking when do I work next week cause she decided out of no where to make me edible fudge. Another person I havent seen in over a year invited me out to a strip club for New Years Eve as well haha.

Listening Day 2 (Today) Commander added to my stack

  • Had a killer workout today. The Commander is what kept my rest in between sets down to a minimum and kept me focused.

  • Felt very powerful, confident, happy etc. just like the day before and the first listening day and then The Commander kicked in. Today was supposed to be a chill day as it was my first day off since Christmas and then it quickly turned into a get shit done day real quick.

  • Got a lot of cleaning done, and extra cleaning I wasnt planning on doing.

  • Studied today even though I wasnt going to, and had a much easier time focusing while studying as well. Such as public places like the coffee shop I go to study at, which is full of distractions. Never had an easier time focusing on one thing until this and it allowed the cognition boosts from RoM, Emperor, and Spartan to truly shine.

  • Much better control over my emotions.

  • Helped with my OCD tendencies. Normally I walk the entire house to make sure the lights were off, check to make sure I locked the door multiple times, leaving my car after I get home or to my destination and make sure the windows were all up. With the lights and locked doors I only checked again once and stopped myself the 2nd time as well as making sure my windows were only once.

  • Took a few MBLEx practice tests/quizzes and did very well

  • Started this journal today rather than waiting till after my state exams next week.

This is all from my very first loop of The Commander.

Now its time for something that has been on my mind for a little over a week now and that is…


Fate Breaker

So ever since starting RoM, my intuition has began to skyrocket and also really digging deep at my childhood and healing my past. Lately the idea popped into my head called Fate Breaker and its coming into the idea of a custom. After some time thinking on it and writing out some rough drafts of it, at this point in time its probably going to be an Emperor and Stark custom. Those two to me has/can help me out in so many ways and put together I feel you have a sub that just hits everything and could also benefit my career as a Massage Therapist and to me it sounds like a really good sub to run for a long time.

With RoM healing me and opening my eyes to the starting point of my severe depression, it was that same point that I started to go into a nasty downward spiral. My self esteem, self love, motivation, positivity, etc all just plummeted. After a while I just stopped fighting it, I ended up thinking that it was my fate to suffer and to never be happy. That was age12-21, after 21 I started to slowly work on myself, take responsibility of my self and my actions, now a lot more progress was made with SubClub but I never really went deep enough to heal those past traumas, until I started RoM. RoM has opened my eyes to those traumas, and now I know what to tackle, I know now what to heal. I wont live that false fate that I gave myself all those years i will rewrite it, hence the name Fate Breaker.

Now im running Emperor for a few cycles because:

  1. I haven’t gave Emperor a solid run in a good while and since I have grown since then, its wise for me to give it a few cycles. That way I have a better idea of what modules to use in a custom. BTW already changed my mind on a few modules after the first listen.

  2. I went with my improved intuition thanks to RoM and it led me to Emperor first. I might even change my mind on what cores to have in the custom, but I wont know until I have ran Emperor for a bit.

  3. Even though I have a rough draft of this custom, ultimately Fate Breaker could just be a stack as well.

  4. Fate Breaker could also just be a phase in my life that RoM has put me in and my mind is just calling this phase, “Fate Breaker”.

Waiting patiently on this one, going to just keep moving forward and the answer will come in due time.

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Today has been a resounding success because the cognition, productivity, executive function, present moment aspects of my stack was unexpectedly put to the test. So sleep disorders/issues runs in my family, while it hasn’t really hit me that hard, however for the past 8 years or so at least one night every few months I just can’t fall asleep for the life of me. Last night was that night lol I ended up getting 1 hour of sleep and then I had to go to work.


  • A little irritable at first, but after moving around and getting some caffeine in me, my mood became extremely positive.

  • Sleep deprivation didn’t affect my performance much at all.

  • Still noticed an improvement in overall executive function

  • No one could even tell I was sleep deprived.

  • Still completed my weekly fast

  • Was pretty social at work surprisingly

  • Emotions were very well under control.

  • Cognitive function was barely affected as well.

  • Decided to use this opportunity to reboot my sleep schedule.

Obviously I still felt the effects of sleep deprivation but this is the easiest time I have ever had in dealing with days like this. Unless I sleep like an angel tonight, I will take an extra rest day tomorrow since I basically haven’t slept at all.

On my way home I felt my body start to crash a little lol so for the rest of today I will just chill and relax. Play some Final Fantasy, do a stretch routine, maybe watch a movie.

Overall despite not being able to sleep, I am very happy with the results for today, and this is enough for me to consider today a win. :trophy:


Felt much better today after some much needed rest so I went ahead and listened to my stack, although something interesting happened, my intuition told me not to listen to Spartan, didn’t think much about it until a few hours ago after work, but for now I will give results before that moment.

  • Very positive mood

  • Worked very hard today

  • Less anxiety and better emotional control overall

  • Better social interactions, people seem to be a lot more respectful and friendly to me as well. Something I have noticed with Emperor is that I seem to be more popular, not in a Stark famous way but more of a person with a lot of raw power/dominance and confidence sort of way.

  • Executive functioning is still getting better thanks to Commander. Now this one is HUGE for me, because all my life I have shown symptoms of ADD/ADHD, but they were also mild enough for me to not worry about getting tested also I have done a pretty good job controlling it so far without meds. However I have been wanting to do something about it for quite some time. Cognitive subs have helped to were when I do get started there is no stopping me, but getting started was the issue. Commander has been working on that intensively haha. If Fate Breaker is going to be a custom I very well might add Commander to it.

Now to talk about what happened earlier with Spartan. As I was sitting at home I was thinking about why my intuition told me not to run Spartan, after sometime I felt pulled to Emperor Fitness 4. Now I haven’t ran this sub in a very long time and I loved it but, I was very immature at the time about the work that would needed to be done to change and better my health however that is different. Also for once I didn’t even go for WANTED which is something I generally swap with Spartan and vice verse from time to time, which also surprised me. So I played EFST4 and Ascension Chamber right after. During I meditated (for the first time in a very long time btw) and asked myself:
Why the switch to EFST4?
Why lead me to Spartan if this is whats happening?
Why not go back to WANTED like I always do?

  1. I always used Spartan for the huge energy boost and willpower in general, however as time went on my natural energy levels have gone up as well as discipline, willpower etc. I think going back to Spartan was needed to show me that maybe its time for another sub to get the job done

  2. Im not in any type of martial arts, same with WANTED were my desire for romance right now is zero

  3. I really began to realize just how badly I treated myself diet wise (gained a lot of weight) after my breakup and then starting school. This one really hit hard to my core but I needed to acknowledge it.

  4. While Spartan and WANTED can get me to my goals. Emperor Fitness seems to really hit deep at making a lot of lifestyle changes to become healthy and fit. If my diet and lifestyle was more dialed in, I probably would continue with Spartan or WANTED.

In no way am I dissing Spartan or WANTED in anyway and I apologize if I came off that way.

Results after listening to EFST4

  • Muscles feel fuller and very dense, as well as more relaxed.

  • Some pain has actually disappeared, or lessened

  • Feel very masculine

  • Even though I am more relaxed, I do feel more powerful at the same time

  • Researched about how to stop my sweet tooth, and also thinking back on why I was such an emotional eater. Both of those have been issues since childhood. These have hurt but I needed to realize it.

  • Pounded a lot of water.

  • Reigniting my passion and love for exercise, that went to shit when I hit a depressive slump after my breakup, and then the stress of school didn’t help either. Im starting to remember and feel all of that again.

Unfortunately I worked out before my listen so I cant comment on workout effectiveness yet, but I will know tomorrow.

That said, I will be taking a mini washout to think more about this, and I want to move my first listening day for the week to Sunday or Monday rather than Saturday. Also my state board exams are next week so I will be hitting the books a lot, so I wont be as active as usual for a few days. Any different or extreme results will be posted of course.

Stay successful y’all


May you ace it!!!

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Thank you kind sir!

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Hi, are you listening to 4 title stores in a day? And then one day off?

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Yes but it’s more intuitive, sometimes there are subs that I won’t play. Sometimes it’s 3 or 2 even at times.

Been doing that since mid summer and I have had good results, growth, and mindset changes.

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That’s great man, congrats and keep it going. What do you think about DR + LBFH + Emperor 3 titles in the same day then one day break and keep going. I want to do that.

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I wouldn’t recommend that, tbh if I were having Dragon reborn in my stack I personally wouldn’t even do 4 titles. Now I’m not goin to ever tell anyone to go against the recommendations as it’s not my place. However if you’re goin to do it realistically there’s no stopping you.

With that stack personally I would follow the recommendations with 2 titles and then add the third later, and then follow those recommendations for 3 titles. I’m only saying that cause that is what I would personally do.

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So EFST4 really kicked in hard haha.

  • Muscles felt very loose today, yet more powerful.

  • Very grounded and masculine.

  • Had a lot more energy. Almost felt 10 years younger haha

  • Already looked bigger muscular wise, while also looking a bit leaner.

  • Zero cravings for sugar today.

  • Felt some random sore spots on parts of my body that I didnt even workout. After some thinking I realized that those sore spots are areas where I have the most dysfunction. Right rhomboids and infraspinatus. Left IT Band and vastus lateralis and rectus femoris and patellar tendon. Goin to do some myofascial release on those later.

  • Increase in libido as well

Social life thoughts

So earlier today I was thinking about how I started to play video games a lot more as well as watch more shows. Now over the past few years I would do it for close to a month and then go back to my social life. This has begun to change I have been in my gamer/show phase for a lot longer than normal and today I finally understood why.

My social life the past few years have been nothing but partying, goin to bars until 2 am, smoking A LOT of weed during certain points, as well as experimenting with other drugs etc.

Now this isn’t any new info I am putting on here, however I am seeing the growth on no longer being this type of person.

  1. In the past I would get upset that I was playing a lot of video games, but now that I have matured as a person, and have been way too busy to really rebuild my social life. I am pretty cool with just playing games and watching shows for a good while while I work on my goals.

  2. I thankfully got the dumb shit out of me when I was younger so I can now begin to flourish before I even hit 30. I have noticed as I have gotten older, that people who refuse to quit doing the stupid shit or at least practice moderation with it, tend to just not grow and be completely miserable.

  3. Saving a lot of money just staying at home most of the time playing games and watching shows haha.

  4. Realized that deep down I am ready for a new group of friends that are more aligned with who I am (and who I will become), although I still remain in contact and sometimes meet up with a very select few friends from my old social life, most have been cut out however. This is something that I have made peace with as well.

  5. I will remain patient for this new group though, I know I am in a period of deep transformation both internally and externally, and during those times in the past a lack of social life always benefited me the most. If gaming and shows keeps me relaxed and chilled out during this period, I am cool with that.

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I have bought RoM but not listened to it yet, it sounds like RoM is guiding one to the path of least resistance in life?

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I mean if you make it that way then yes lol I will say that if you look above and see my switch from Spartan to EF4, something like that has never happened until I played RoM.

The biggest that that I have noticed is that it makes subs easier to run via the spontaneous healing. It allows other subs to unfold as well. Since then I have been much more honest with myself and why I am playing certain subs, this has also led to more objectives manifesting as well.

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Have felt pretty good so far processing wise. Honestly if I wasn’t wanting to change my listening schedule I would have just started today. Also my test is on the 12th at 8am lol that way I get it over and done with nice and early.

Also taking PTO for all of next week to study for the test without worriying about work. I do have some additional goals to accomplish this vacation.

  1. Start waking up earlier as well as going to bed earlier.

  2. Adjusting my diet to a better one.

  3. Working out first thing in the morning so that way it’s done for the day, unless I work real early of course.

  4. Since I will have the time off I want to do a deep clean and possible rearranging.

  5. Cut back or eliminate caffeine and only use when necessary. This even includes pre workouts as well

Main focus is just building better habits, and getting everything done sooner, that way I can chill and decompress at the end of the day.

Also since I am goin to be running Emperor for a bit I decided to rebuild my Emperor custom (Emperor is the only core) pretty excited for it especially since I have grown tremendously since I ran it and also it was before the ZP Refresh update :joy: so running that in V2 should be awesome.

Small update but enough for me to post especially with the goals and updated custom.

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Well everyone I passed my licensing exam! Knocked a 100 question exam in under 25 mins :grin:. I can honestly say that I am incredibly proud of myself, and honestly I deserve this win.

One result that I did notice was that while yesterday I was an absolute nervous wreck :joy: when I got up at 4:30 this morning with only 4 hours of sleep, I had this calm over me that just felt different. Normally with big life changing events like this I would get a shit ton of crippling anxiety, this time was different. While I had some anxiety, I had this controlled yet calm excitement I was ready for this exam.

Now that I have passed I already know my life is going to be changing exponentially during the next couple months, in a way I kinda feel like I have a clean slate with myself. Not only do I feel like I redeemed myself for all the fucking off I have done over the years prior to me going to school, I also feel like I can start over, now that I have a stronger foundation in life.

As I stated already, I know there will be huge changes happening soon so I am goin to be putting my focus into these major transitions in my life. My PTO ends Saturday so I will be relaxing for a few days and back to the grind and making some moves. Come Saturday night I will be taking another break from the forum for a few weeks this time, honestly I just feel like it’s time to take a genuine break, I will try to keep an offline journal and post results from that when I return.

BTW these subs hit different in a really good way when stressful situations are finally over with :joy: I’m looking to the results that will be happening in the near future.


So I ended up having today off so I decided that tonight will be the night I sign off for a bit, although I will check back periodically for news and updates. Anyways its time for some quick updates:

  • Already manifested business opportunities and a business partner

  • My Emperor custom that got updated to v2 came in and it felt great to run! Also I intuitively called it Fate Breaker v1

  • I probably wont get licensed until early to mid February so I cant work in my field until then but there are things that I can get done now in the mean time. Like getting a business license, loan, business insurance, and continuing education certifications etc.

  • My business partner kinda laid some truth on me on how I should start to become a lot more professional even outside of work, due to me getting licensed as well as the fact I will become a business owner, so im going to be focusing on that too.

  • My experimental listening schedule is still yielding amazing results although its strange that with v1 I got better results with 15 min loops but with v2 I do better with 7 min loops. That might change in the future however.

  • Also I swapped out Commander with Stark, mainly cause if I am thinking about making an Emperor and Stark custom, it made a lot more sense to just run them together, and the results have been amazing so far! Once I get customs made I will probably add Commander back in, or just throw it in my Emperor/Stark custom.

  • Speaking of customs I have had some ideas about a physical shifting custom! Right now the idea is WANTED and EF ST4. Will continue to run EF ST4 for another cycle or two and then swap it for WANTED to see if that is the route I wanna go.

  • Also now that I am not as stressed since the test is over I have noticed the subs have began to execute and process much easier.

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Dropping a quick update. I am officially licensed for Massage Therapy everyone! Tonight I celebrate, tomorrow I officially start my new journey.


So my ex reached out to me last night out of no where, and the last time we did speak was a year ago. Long story short she reached out so she could apologize. She had a very toxic friend that had a huge influence on her actions and decisions, and she finally realized this and decided to cut her out. In doing so sometime later she reached out and apologized for the way that she treated me at times, and tbh I had my suspicions of her friend but never had proof. Anyways I ended up apologizing too for my actions as well in the relationship. It was very nice to have a civil and mature conversation plus the fact that she reached out to apologize was really nice too.

Now she is married and we both know that we have moved on with our lives, so I doubt that we will come back into each others lives, and honestly looking back even without her friends influence we would have parted ways regardless, but I feel it would have happened mutually rather than suddenly like it did.

Now with me being licensed and also getting that closure I can officially say that my school and also my first relationship are 100% in the past and it feels like I can truly start this new chapter with a clean slate! I also felt my heart begin to open back up again after that, a few customers were checking me out, and a coworker randomly gave me a hug today lol. However while I am open to a relationship, I got a lot of goals I wanna accomplish first, and I wanna see what kind of healing this closure will bring me first.

Speaking of goals I have a business partner already and I might have another one and its someone I went to school with. I also already have a business lined up for me to do chair massage once a week. Starting tomorrow till the end of January I would like to have the following goals accomplished:

  1. Get a business license and vendor’s license.

  2. Business plan

  3. Join a national massage organization so I can get discounts on continuing education for certifications, as well as have access to insurance for businessess and individuals.

  4. Start looking for a location.

On top of other things I wanna get done in my personal life, I do feel this is quite doable. Thats all for this update. Stay successful y’all.

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Damn, your life looks like it’s going in quite an upswing. May all go well in your endeavors :pray:

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I feel the same way, haha all my hard work seems to be paying off, and thank you! I hope the same for you mi amigo!

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