True Social Questions


So I decided to buy it since it releases tommorow, but I gotta few questions about it. 1. Would it help with Emperor or Ascended Mogul? 2. Can it mix with money matters in general or is it for like parties? 3. What are ideal subs to mix it with?


It seems that True Social will be beneficial for all subs. It will boost your social abilities. Let’s see though how it will performs. No doubt - outstanding.

  1. It might give Emperor a social edge back or give you increased ease conversing around the watercooler.
  2. The description makes it appear to be more for relaxation social interactions, but since knowing how to interact well with people is an important skill as you climb the career ladder, even as a solo entrepreneur, the skillset would indirectly affect money matters as well. At least that’s how I interpret it.
  3. Social subs, obviously, like Daredevil and Khan. Although it probably benefits the Primal and Ascension variations as well to some degree.

As @Dmitry states, as a Supercharger it will be helpful to many subs. Like a post-workout recovery shake, if you use it at the right time, it will get you in the right frame of mind and you should reap the rewards.


Will this sub good for public speaking or only for one on one personal interactions ?


When is this sub released ? I thought it was July 7 ? I am very impatient to try it :slight_smile:


Probably forgot about it. They didn’t even promote it at all
But they did promote the f*** out of eog everyday another email and I unsubbed from their mailing list lol


I hope this time the voice actress is doing her job :-):wink:


That’s good @meyer to see something counter-intuitive happen :slight_smile:

It’s about polarization.

Looking forward to know soon how EoG’s launch performed!


That’s one way to look at it


To be honest i was getting annoyed by constant mails about EOG I unsubscribed from the mailing list.


Emperor does not make you a loner or unsociable. As many have said it just makes you more focused so not to waste time in fluffy chit chat which goes nowhere.


Yep I really don’t like the marketing of EOG… But there is no marketing at all for True Social sub !


Since True Social was first announced at the end of April, my guess is they were advertising then. But since (as @Avengers68 pointed out) there were some issues with the voice actress, it sort of disappeared amidst products like Khan and EoG. It spontaneously popped up on the store page not long after Khan I believe. By then, the mailing list would have moved on to bigger things.


But with a release date of July 7, yesterday…


They seem to be pretty uhh lets say busy atm, at least that would be an explanation for many things (Still didnt get my first sub :sweat_smile: )
I think they are overloaded rn


So sorry about that, Astronaut. I’ll see if I can strategically draw some attention to it. It’s all about timing. :slight_smile:

You DID send Saint a PM about it, right?


Thank you!
Well I wrote some mails and mentioned him in a post oh mine, but no. I didnt PM him yet. Good idea.

Edit: Check



And guys, remember it’s only half past 2 AM on the 8th on Baker Island. They’re not that late. :slight_smile:


Hahaha thats true ! I am so impatient to listen to it that I forgot the Jetlag😊


But Baker island is uninhabited :wink: