True Social Questions


I know. It is, however, the earliest timezone (UTC-12) so I used it. :slight_smile:

There’s actually two little tropical islands in the Pacific, one with UTC-12 and one with UTC+12. You can spend 20 minutes in a canoe and travel an entire day forward or backward. Do New Year’s twice while getting some sleep in between.

How I would love to live on a little tropical island somewhere. It would be a strictly bring-your-own-women deal though. Unfortunately, beautiful women don’t grow on trees. Yet. Imagine a coconut tree and every time you gave it a whack, a beautiful woman would fall into your arms. Probably not wearing anything.

So, sufficiently distracted now? :wink:


haha I am living on a tropical island in the Pacific and women are so beautiful :slight_smile: that’s why I don’t want a sub with sexual aspects … it could be a nightmare :joy:


Yeah, we’ve been rapidly expanding on multiple fronts, so fast in fact that there isn’t enough hours in a day!

We’re catching up with everything, and things will be moving much smoother now that we’ve brought in some changes.

@ExploringAstronaut, check your PM in regards to your issue.

True Social.. the sweetest product

True Social is coming, guys. There’s no technical difficulty, the fault lies with me. It seems that I’ve given myself a stress ulcer. Growing up, I remember hearing my parents talk about ulcers and I remember thinking they were exaggerating about how bad it hurts. They weren’t. I’m a bit behind because I’m not able to get to the gastroenterologist until Wednesday. For now, I’m having to tough it out. But it’s coming. Please stay patient for another day or two.

Exciting Happenings at Subliminal Club!

Wouldn’t daredevil be a more effective subliminal then true social?


Dude take care of yourself. We can wait and your health is more important


Daredevil is a major program, True Social is a supercharger. Different classes of product, so you can’t really compare them that way. Right now, I’m imagining what the effect would be if a person used both. Quite powerful, I’d say.

Saint, I was going to recommend a GoT marathon, but I see you’ve already done that. So I’ll stick to Netflix 'n Chill then. But lay off the popcorn and sodas. Get well soon!


Your health first ! Yes an ulcer is very painful ! Maybe a next sub could be a pain killer


Saint, offtopic: I HIGHLY recommend to check yourself for Helicobactor Pylori.

If analysis will show that you have - it MUST be eradicated.

Take care of yourself!


Get well soon. :slight_smile: will he be released today?


Come now, when have you ever know medical professionals to work on our timetable?

Present medical professionals excluded, of course! After all, you’re using subs that make you super-doctors. :slight_smile:

Saint will update us when he can. Until that time, think of all the pretty women on @Avengers68’s island! Hawaii, maybe? New Zealand? You’d have to share with Hobbitses.

PS. No, not today. Sorry. Patience, grasshoppers, these are unusual circumstances. Consider it an opportunity to get it at the pre-order price. I did.


True Social is the most impressive product I’ve ever been looking forward to.
But I really want you to heal, saint.
Does it look like he’il be released today?


What do we say to the God of Death?

Apologies, couldn’t help myself.

I still think it’s silly he didn’t just pick up a steel sword, he had ample opportunity to do so. But no, he absolutely HAD to show off with the wooden one.

But just to give you something you can actually use, here you go. The latest on True Social, hot off the digital presses.


Is it today, the great day of true social ?


Tomorrow. I mentioned it on another thread.


Oh yes, it is a problem of jetlag :grin: