Exciting Happenings at Subliminal Club!


Some of you have noted that things have got a bit jumbled – True Social is delayed for a few days again (it’s not the subcontractor’s fault, it’s mine), support emails taking a bit longer to get a response. Some out there were already predicting our downfall. But what do we say to the god of death? Not today.

It’s actually the exact opposite. Business is going so well that we simply became overwhelmed. As much as I’d like to think I can still work 24/7 like I did in my 20’s, the truth of the matter is – we needed help.

That being said, we’re happy to announce that we’ve expanded! First up, you’ll notice that @DarkPhilosopher now has the title of forum ambassador. He’s here to answer questions, provide stack / product advice and more. While he doesn’t have mod powers, he does have influence with the official moderator, who will remain “behind the scenes.”

Why are we doing it this way? Simply put, we want our moderator to be completely impartial. We believe that can’t happen if the mod is regularly interacting with posters. I’ve seen on many other forums where a moderator will get into a light spat with someone else – even over a difference of opinion – and then invent reasons to punish that person. Not here. We value everyone who contributes to this forum, and the best way to make sure everyone gets treated fair is by having impartial decision makers.

We’ve also hired a full time support agent, and we’re in the process of replacing the old email support system with a proper ticketing system. That way, we can make sure nothing gets lost in the system again. She starts toward the end of the month and will also assist us with other business matters.

We’ve also brought in a email marketing consultant to help us scale operations on that front and we’re optimistic about early results.

Take a moment to welcome everyone to the SubClub fam!


Congrats on the expanding team and to @DarkPhilosopher in recognition of all his work on the forum :slight_smile: It’s good to see the improvement on all sides of SubClub.


Congratulations to @DarkPhilosopher!

You are a valuable member of our community, your contributions are appreciated and always spot on, and I am happy to see you being recognized and playing a bigger role around here.


Thanks, guys! I’m mainly doing it for the diplomatic immunity. :slight_smile:

I’ve already absorbed the contents of practically every product development thread out there so I can make informed recommendations and I’ll be keeping myself as up-to-date as possible on new developments. Subliminals are an intriguing field among personal change tools and this forum is from what I’ve seen so far a great and diverse community. I’ll do my best to make a worthy contribution to both.


Wait; so is that Email Consultant the one writing your current emails?


@DarkPhilosopher weldone mate :slight_smile:


Awesome! So do you have now a deep understanding of what is in all kinds of subs, like Khan?

And based on that, for yourself, what is your current sub playlist?


Well, I still have to catch up with your extensive knowledge, @AMASH. But with 3000 posts absorbed through osmosis I’m getting there. I don’t know any trade secrets if that’s what you’re wondering, I primarily bring my knowledge of a wide range of topics plus everything Saint & Fire have shared with everybody to the table. I feel the end result may be more than the sum of its parts. And if Saint & Fire choose to share more with me in the future, I’m ready to learn.

As for my playlist, I’ve been joking about the effects of running ST1 of Khan and EoG so much I just had to go ahead and treat myself as a human guinea pig by exposing myself to them 20 hours a day. Maybe I’ll get serious about it and choose a more responsible mix in the coming months, or maybe I’ll just see what happens. Also wondering if I should journal, since I’m not really experiencing a lot of symptoms (so it would be quite boring), but I do have some questions. But this is not the thread to discuss that.

Honest Review of Khan

You should absolutely write a journal! Even if you don’t have a lot to discuss, some day something will happen and you might think that sharing this story is valuable for rhe community!


Very cool. Welcome and congratulations to everyone. @SaintSovereign. I did send an email requesting my Emperor V3 downloads be reset. Can you or @Fire do that for me? Thank You in advance


Yes, and while I recognize that some people aren’t used to receiving the volume of mails we sent during the EoG promotion period, those emails generated a good chunk of sales.