Trauma & Subliminals


Hello guys, I hope y’all are doing well.

First, I wanted to thank the “SubliminalClub” Team for their amazing effort and work that they’ve put in their products. The ones I’ve bought are StarkQ, EmporerQ, LimitlessQ and Limit Destruction, and all of them worked great so far.

However, I wanted to ask you for some advice. I’ve been listening to StarkQ, and it kinda works, but I really felt very aggressive and mad after waking up. I’m pretty traumatized from former life experiences, so I kinda keep thinking about those who’ve hurt me, and become very agressive. Idk really know what to do, I wish I could just close this chapter of my life, but I just can’t.

Is there any subliminal that may help me to move forward instead of thinking about lifes negative happenings?



For me this sounds like StarkQ works already on your past, bringing such emotions forward.

Just keep listening for now and keep a detailed journal


I completely agree with @friday, but Regeneration could also be something worth looking into.


Did u use regeneration before?


I didn’t, but some said that this is nothing but a result of StarkQ, so I’m not quite sure about buying regeneration.


Are u new to subs or new to subliminal club?


I’ve bought the first product 2 weeks ago.


These products are strong hey…I’m a new user also…I would say start with regeneration then go onto ascension then decide from there…


Only for a few weeks and not currently, but the first day I did two loops I think and had a dream regarding a situation that hurt me deeply from last year. Background Context: I was in a pretty great relationship last year and my first exclusive relationship in like 4-5 years. Long story, this fuckhead ‘friend’ of mine was the reason I had to break up with her. I sort of let it happen instead of doing something about it.

Well, my first dream on Regeneration, the same exact situation appeared, except this time, I beat the shit out of him like 3 separate times in the dream. Which is probably what I should have actually done.

Someone said this before but Regeneration heals layer by layer like an onion. My stack had too much going on especially with the new Q-power and it wasn’t my main goal so I removed it.


Might be reconciliation kicking in…


If I was you I would stick to StarkQ only for the next 2 months.


Why tho???


Running a single sub is alot more effective then running multiple subs.