What are common reconciliation symptoms?


Considering I’ve been trying out different Q titles, I’m having some reconciliation. Self-doubt is vicious, as I’m not trusting my own conclusions like I normally would.

So, what are common and uncommon signs of reconciliation? From recent experience, I’ll list my own I’ve had. I’d like to know what others experience too since I might be having others yet be completely unaware of them.

  • Intermittent confusion
  • Tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Subtle but persistent self-doubt
  • Thinking “ooh, THAT sub would fix this” (Shiny Object Syndrome–SOS)
  • With SOS, little restraint before switching subs–immediate gratification
  • An awareness of my own self-sabotaging mindset and checking my daily actions/thoughts
  • Short attention span
  • And presently, some minor sadness, pointing out change is occurring

What are yours?

Trauma & Subliminals
Signs of resistance?

Great list :+1:.
Ive noticed in my self:

Irritability, tiredness, anxiety / panic-stricken, impatience with the sub / hastiness to switch.

But also i got these things before without running subs but to a much lesser degree. I however decided to combat the reconciliation with 2 things: morphic energetic fields directed at anxiety, and added sanguine to my stack. Those two together have caused it to literally disappear.

On the other hand I’ve been getting vivid dreams all night long since running Q. Generally About doing things that would make me feel uncomfortable. Basically the dreams are about pushing me out of my comfort zone and too take risks that i normally wouldn’t. I like it though because i know it’s targeting things i need to fix. And I’m noticing these small changes happening pretty rapidly in my day to day life.

I do things a little bit differently with my stack. I play them while i sleep. And i sleep with theta entrainment all night long. I like to sleep in the hypnotic trance state for different reasons. One reason is because it enhances the link between the conscious and subconscious mind which results as a side effect in more vivid dreams. Second reason i feel more rested once I snap out of it and finally wake up.


In the past on other subs and my first subs here were
volatility, emotional and otherwise
self isolating and withdrawing

On Q subs
Feeling like I’m not sure if I am doing the right thing
fundamental doubt
Being/flavor shopping-looking for an experience that ‘feels’ confident or right immediately
nullifying-expected effects not occurring or their opposite occuring
looking for validation/attention or looking to ascertain
comparing-this sub is missing this, but that sub was missing blank
Constantly looking to validate the effects of the sub, through attention seeking, gauging or otherwise.


My theory (with zero real understanding of the situation or evidence)

Is that because Q is more powerful it inoculates a higher-order or more insidious/sophisticated form or resistance/reconciliation. The potential for Q to dramatically shift the current order/identity/homeostasis of someone is more at risk so the response is a level deeper. Its like not just getting anxious, but getting anxious your getting anxious, which creates a feedback loop. Not just getting angry, but getting angry your getting angry or anxious your getting angry/ insecure etc.
Any way I don’t want to make this a real thing if it is not, just having fun speculating.


I’m not sure if it’s so much reconciliation or the subliminal working but I often lose interest in things or activities I would previously waste large amounts of time on


Huh. Neat. Recently I had doubts about whether my use of a certain Q sub for 10+ hours a day was actually doing anything at all. I thought at one point that maybe this was happening because I was listening to the sub too much. Seeing these responses shows me that it’s actually a reconciliation symptom. This thread is already very useful!


I’m glad something I shared was of support/useful. However I’m speculating it’s resistance/reconciliation.

It may be the case that for certain people overuse of Q could nullify the effects, we’ll have to find out when new listening patterns are recommended.

The only think that was confirmed as reconciliation by Saint was when I described my experience on EmperorQ when I first started. I said: I felt weaker, vulnerable, like I couldn’t hold my own, felt like I lost the attraction, dominance, solidity, and masculinity of V4 and that my energy felt like it was literally leaking out of my body. In my interactions with woman, there seemed to be no pull or attraction where as on EmperorV4 it felt like I was being sexual with a woman just by being near her. I was questioning to return to V4.

Saint said that that was reconciliation as the sub was driving up my insecurities. It dumps info a lot faster than previous versions so drives up more at once. (I’m paraphrasing) And to stick with it.

The next day, I experienced vast positive improvements (productivity, flow, intelligence, decisiveness, discipline, a kind of positive indifference and lowered anxiety) in the sub but attraction, dominance, masculine edge have not returned in my experience.


Yes, possibly. However null effects (aka stonewalling) has been defined strongly in a recent thread as not what’s discussed here.


Is tiredness always a sign of reconciliation or could it also be just too much playtime of the subs so your mind is exhausted?

For me I’ve noticed:

  • Eye twitching (mostly gone now)
  • Tiredness, but I play as much as I can
  • Music stirs up emotions more powerfully, especially nostalgic music
  • Frustration when not completing enough goals
  • Challenges of my personal value and how I define it, but at the same time encouragements that I have value.

The reconciliation for StarkQ and UA have been pretty manageable for me so far.


Got it, thanks for clarifying.

Yeah! so I am having resistance not nullification/stonewalling :slight_smile:

It’s also possible I prefer the ‘feel’ of Emperor V4 or that it has stronger personal dominance/attraction elements. Should be able to tell in a week.

  • Pressure in the ears
  • Pain in the neck
  • A strange headache
  • Fatigue


I’m running regeneration Q and noticed my eyes get red at the end of the day…so much that my wife notices it…


I’m quite happy that I do wonder once in a while if the subliminal is working for me so that means there’s some reconciliation as I haven’t been giving up on the subliminal once I start on it.

Some interesting things do happen which I write about in my journals.

But the bigger problem I face is fundamental doubt about every single thing that is supposed to help me in terms of reprogramming my subconscious or clearing blockages, improving my mental agility or just improving my mood.

I don’t get any effect listening to binaurals or isochronic tones - can never seem to experience those alpha, theta or delta waves other people seem to experience when they put on their headphones and listen to some kind of noise. What are those supposed to feel like?

Nootropics don’t have any kind of visible effect on me either. I don’t even react to caffeine, and I have never been drunk from alcohol.

Hypnosis- have tried many hypnotherapists but I don’t get the effect I want. In fact, I don’t find a difference between myself going for hypnosis and not going.

Sometimes I wonder whether my brain/sensual faculties are damaged.

That’s why I hope for the super-healing and clearing sub that I can create from the Q library.


Being tired as fuck and brain fog. Having ADHD I tend to have brain fog as it is but I am beginning to think that the Q subs are so powerful that they can contribute to feeling mentally overwhelmed


Yes indeed same here


Not sure if its reconciliation or having ADHD but boredom is up there


I have a pressure on my throat chakra when listening to subs since last week.
Could this be a sign of reconciliation too?

I think it could be i listened to much without enough processing time