Reconciliation: good or bad?


As I understand, reconciliation arises from the conflict between what is being fed to your subconscious and what’s actually experienced in life. So based on this I’d think reconciliation is a good thing, because it’s proof that your subconscious is picking up and internalizing these messages. However, I’ve read many times the recommendation of taking rest days or reducing exposure when reconciliation hits.

This seems counterintuitive to me, because if reconciliation comes from that conflict, I’d think the best thing to do would be to actually increase the exposure, so that next time a situation creates a conflict, your subconscious has more backing to accept what it is getting from the subliminal, over what the actual experience is suggesting.

Maybe I’m not understanding the whole concept well, but to me reconciliation indicates everything is going well, but there is still work to do. The way I see it, I’d only be concerned if I had no reconciliation whatsoever. Because that could mean that either your subconscious is not picking up the messages, or that you already had those messages internalized to the point where they already match your understanding of reality (in which case you didn’t really need that subliminal at that point).

By the way, I know that reconciliation can be hard. I’m only talking about whether it is beneficial or not, and how someone should proceed when it hits.

Trauma & Subliminals

For some people, reconciliation is disruptive in their life. By backing off, the subconscious gets more breathing room to process things and the side-effects will be less.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong (I rarely experience it myself), but what about comparing it with filling a semi-clogged sink with water? As long as you do it slowly, the water will still drain. But if you keep throwing water on it, eventually it’ll overflow and the water is wasted.

If the subconscious is the sink and the subliminals are the water, what happens when the subconscious is getting more than it is capable of handling at that time? Is reconciliation a symptom that it is overflowing, incapable of taking on even more? Then what happens to the wasted “water”?

Something to consider…

Although this comparison is not ideal for post-reconciliation, you could say that post-reconciliation the subconscious is a little less clogged/congested and thus able to allow subliminals to flow through faster, accelerating your growth until the next time it gets clogged.

So is reconciliation a good thing? I suppose, just like how muscle aches after a heavy workout often lead to increases in muscle mass. But that, too, requires recovery time while the body deals with it. It is inadvisable and often ineffective or even counter-productive to keep training that muscle group at that point.

I suppose this is a better comparison. Oh, well…


Excellent analogy, could not have explained it better! :slight_smile:

What about the post reconciliation, seems people like it because you “get out of the dirt”.


Great analogy. We are now dealing with new technology, the going m.o. used to be set and forget. As many hours in as little time as possible. However, when I was on EoG last year using this method, I had literally crippling reconciliation

I have come to find very recently:

Reconciliation = Take MORE Action


Reconciliation = Take a break and figure out what action you can take NOW


Reconciliation is just the natural process of adapting to anything that is new to a system. It’s just digestion and integration. When you eat a carrot, your digestive system reconciles the nutrients and substances in that carrot with the structures and processes that are currently making up your body. When you lift weights, your muscles and nervous system reconcile the increased stress that you’re putting onto the system with the resources that are already present. The result is usually muscular growth in order to better accommodate that new amount of challenge.

Reconciliation is not some special process reserved for subliminals. It’s just learning.

Reconciliation is bad if you’re learning something that’s harmful for you. It’s good if you’re learning something that’s beneficial.

Finally, there’s the question of intensity. Trying to absorb too much in too short an amount of time will usually lead to either 1) damage to the system as it struggles unsuccessfully to accommodate the new stimulus or 2) rejection of the stimulus, as the system ‘closes its doors’ to avoid the damage of an overwhelming accommodation process.

This is not just true for subliminals, it’s true for the ongoing changes of any dynamic system.


Great insights, everyone! I have a much better understanding now thanks to those analogies. I definitely see now how taking it easy can lead to better results. I was ready to “tough it out” when reconciliation hit; I’m glad I asked this before that happened.


It highly depends on how you use it. If you sit around hoping it will be over soon, it will do little good.
If you use it as a means for spiritual growth and insight, well, you’ll benefit big time.


Just replace the word “NZT pill” with “subliminals”

This surprisingly helped with reconciliation for me


Haha, good example. I loved that show!


I am thinking of memorizing his text and either recording myself saying it or just talking with myself in the mirror.


I’m a big fan of the movie and haven’t watched much of the Limitless drama series but the conversation in that video clip is quite thought-provoking.

It made me think about the Old Man that Neville Goddard mentions in his teachings, and how we must get rid of the Old Man in order to be who we want to be, and that is the most difficult and painful part of the journey to transform ourselves.

It also reminded me of something @DarkPhilosopher wrote just yesterday. I guess we can see reconciliation as the process during which you shed off your old beliefs. The fact that we are aware of the old limiting beliefs that reconciliation brings up shows that something is working on us.

We have been carrying our limiting beliefs around with us for decades - some of the younger folks here perhaps may be fortunate that they have barely lived for 20 years - and the longer we have lived, the more emotional baggage we have and the longer and more thorough the reconciliation process has to be.


if only subliminals where the real NZT pill


Reconciliation in some way as you said good it shows that the subliminal is working however depending on who you are as a person( everyone is different with subliminals) it could mean either you need to recover and take a break or it’s a sign that you need to do something now that you have the power to do and that the effect is a sign telling you to start it now.