Transcending Mediocrity - Ascended Mogul Logbook


First of all I want to express my gratitude to the guys here from sub-club.
Your service is really unique.
So, I got the possibility to choose one of the one-stage subliminals and right now I think about which one to choose and that will be the one this journal will be about (Ill change the title after I made the decision).

Me ranting about which one to choose (You can really skip that)

It will be one of the following:
Ascended Mogul, Ascension, Daredevil, Emperor, Mogul, Primal and S&S.
Actually I know very well which subliminals I will NOT choose: Daredevil, Primal and S&S.
Why? Well I have written out my primary goals and they are more business- body-related.
Plus, I dont really have to worry about my sex-life since I dont have one.
The best would be a track concentrating on business, including discipline to build the body and as secondary objective get laid or something.
So there are left: Ascended Mogul, Ascension, Emperor, Mogul.
Ascension is out since it doesnt have the business-theme as a primary goal.
Mogul on the other hand is too business-orientated. So, Ascended Mogul or Emperor…
Damn, this really tears me apart haha.
Ascended Mogul has all the attributes I need, but Emperor also focuses more on Sex Manifestation.
And I know exactly it is one of my secondary goals, not primary. Oof.
Im really drawn to Emperor but…“Choose Ascended Mogul, kid. Listen to good ol’ Grandpa! You can get the girls after you have left behind your financial worries! Trust me, kid. You may even be able to get them along the road! Listen to good ol’ Grandpa!”

Grandpa knows best. We will go with Ascended Mogul.


Yesterday was day 1 I used the program. All in all I think I listened to it for 3 hours.
So about 4-5 times.
Havent noticed anything specific yet, just that I am a bit tired although Ive slept for 9 hours.
Before we get more into it, let’s specify the objectives.

Primary objectives:

  • End procrastination
  • Build financial independence (in form of wealth generating actions) before winter
  • Get more done
  • Own Apartment before winter

Secondary objectives:

  • Have a more active social life (Measurements: Having more friends I hang around with, more people who are interested starting a business with me, having the courage to use a dating app to meet a girl (There’s something really deep behind this, trust me)
  • Get to learn more stuff and pass the exams in September with ease
  • Have more people liking and approaching me
  • Be less frustrated when things dont turn out as planned

I guess that’s it. That’s enough. Thanks again to the sub-club team for this awesome opportunity!


Day 2
Listened again for about 3-4 hours.
Combining this with NoFap will take it to an extreme


You’ll need more than 3-4 hours of exposure. Shoot for 6-8. Break it up into sessions if you can.


Alright, sir.
Ive checked your ultrasonics, you made a pretty good job on these.
Its actually impossible to have them on a dangerous volume


Please explain. If I turn my volume up from 50% to 100% I assure you my head will be screaming within the hour. Not to mention the neighbors annoying little dog (although she has it coming).


I mean the ultrasonic tracks. I checked with Frequensee. I turned the volume slowly up to 100% and it didnt even get near -20dB.


Ah, you mean in your specific speaker setup. That I understand.

I would keep it under -40dB or even -50dB (depending on how noisy your surroundings are) to ensure your subconscious doesn’t think you have someone shouting at you the whole time.

My compliments on your well-defined goals by the way. The only tip I could give you there is to rephrase the non-measurable ones to present tense (turn “Become” into “Be” in the last one for example). That way, when you read over them periodically, your subconscious won’t interpret them as being somewhere in the future, but will see them as something to work on right now.


Yes you’re right, Im going to change it.
Regarding the ultrasonics, actually I dont intend to use them anyway.
As for now. But the science behind all this is just fascinating, isnt it?


Day 3
Today Im maybe… 5-6 hours in.
The problem is the thing with the ultrasonics. I just dont trust them. I checked multiple times with frequensee but Im always thinking “Something is wrong. Why do my ears feel so weird? Maybe the cell phones microphone doesnt work properly and it didnt show the real range.”
Yeah, Im really paranoid when it comes to this. I really messed it a few times and since then I stopped being comfortable with the technology although it is so useful.
Pretty annoying. 6-8 hours, lets say 7. The masked track is 40 minutes long so I’d have to listen 10,5 times.
Ill think about how to solve this.

PS Ill have to look up again what Ascended Mogul is for. I totally forgot the purpose of the subliminal Im listening to… Stop laughing already

PSS: I think it would also be helpful to talk about what my thoughts are during the day, so we can notice if there is a shift


Day 4
Yesterday I listened a few more times, so it will be about…8-9 hours I listened.
I dont know if there is a correlation but Ill mention it anyway: Yesterday and today I had a bit more motivation and force to get up.
A miracle!


Day 4
Pretty frustrated lately, because I dont seem to get forward and I feel stuck and have no energy anymore.
The weather does its job to hate everything even more.
Who would I be if I was a clown? Frusty the clown…
Alright, Ill stop the jokes (maybe)


I have tried using the ultrasonics again, again its so frustrating.
The app only measures a difference when the phone is right next to the phone I use frequensee on. When I move the US-Phone away, the curve gets flat.
Also I noticed again that my ears start to react when I listen to the US-Track. So all in all, I really hate to say it, but Ill stick with masked version. Although I have no idea how Im gonna make it.
Today is really not my day. Yesterday wasnt either.

PS: I thought about it again. I guess the reason Im having seeing results (even though we are still early on in the process) is just this. The frustration, anger, bitterness. Great.
So I guess it doesnt make such a great difference whether I catch the 7 hours/day or not.
Ill take a rest

PSS: Enjoyed a pretty heavy rain storm that just got me my joy back. Thank you so for much for getting me wet to the bone, universe. I said 2 words to a pretty hot girl and I think this storm helped me a little bit to get away from all this self-doubt. Thinking I cant do it, Im not good enough etc… So, thanks for the storm


Day 5
Much less frustrated than I was yesterday.
Ill try to listen to the track again today.
Just checked my mail, I got rejected by the recruiter I talked with on monday.
Still not as frustrated as yesterday haha. I guess I saw that coming.

I think I got this mindset already implemented, but Im more goal-focused now. Im not really angry, I see it more like it was a game. It seems like I did get pretty close to being accepted and there were just a few details that got in my way. Clear those details and Ill reach the goal.


I asked my recruiter to give me feedback on what I could do better next time I apply somewhere, but I doubt they are gonna answer.
I had a little nap time in which I kept listening to Ascended Mogul via headphones and I had a dream in which I knew exactly what to do and how, to grow my own thing. I dont exactly remember anything but it had something to do with looking for people on Xing and LinkedIn I think


Day 6
Didnt get an answer and I doubt Ill get one.
Its pretty tough lately… I played AscendedMogul Masked while sleeping for about 4 hours. Then I woke up and stopped the audio. I had a dream I mentioned in my other thread, about being next to King Leonidas from 300 and Maximus from Gladiator.
I deal with alot of self doubt right now.
I dont know… I feel like Im not such a great leader after all, Im too clingy, too needy, too egocentrical.
Yes… a lot of things are running through my head right now.
Dont know if you remember but I quit my job, so Ill have to figure out how to make money. Either find a job or work on my business full time. But I dont have the energy right now, I feel drained.
Too much going on all at once.
So… Lets see how I will deal with it


There is something in my thought-patterns I noticed. I know there is a lot of stuff to do,
but when I want to do it I think “Its more important to tidy and clean up the room now”
I guess that’s part of the program.


I know this feeling. When I left my job in California, I actually hired a professional resume writer / recruiter and paid around $1000 to have them assist in the job search. What I discovered was actually shocking, irritating, but helped me get the job I have now, which is the highest paying, most lucrative one I have yet.

Take a look at:

The majority of job applications are actually scanned and scored by bots within an ATS (applicant tracking system). If your resume doesn’t meet a certain score, the in-house recruiter never even gets to see it. Scoring is based on a basic keyword search, with the in-house recruiter determining what those keywords are. Jobscan will compare your resume against the job listing and tells you what keywords you need to include in your resume to get a better score – which means a higher chance at the in-house recruiter seeing your resume. Of course, this means crafting a unique resume for every job you apply for.

Trust me, it worked. I had this fancy, well designed resume that wasn’t getting any hits at all. I started using jobscan on a basic, but well formatted resume made in Word, and started getting interviews left and right. I interviewed with Twitter, Ubisoft, Nexon and Unity Technologies (the game design software) before deciding that I actually hated the city of San Francisco, hahaha.

Anyway, give it a try.


That’s some really valuable information, thank you!

When it comes to me, well… I didnt need long to find out I hate 9-5 haha.
But I feel Im getting in the right direction now.
Dont know if its from Ascended Mogul or whatever, but I really feel the urge to clean up my room.
Its crazy.

Edit: This urge to start organizing my stuff and clean up still baffles me. Guess that’s meant with “Stop Procrastination”


Day 7
Didnt really listen to the subliminal yesterday.
However, the first effect I notice is the end of procrastination. Of course, there is some left, but Im confident it will vanish too.
I dont know how to describe it… Im there, sitting around and I think “What would make sense to do now? Yeah, reading a book.” Then I read a book where it says “Choose a decision you wanted to make so long and take action now” So I do and I take the waste out.
Its subtile, but its definitely there. Excited for more

PS: You remember when you were a kid and you were in a videogame shop and couldn’t decide between two titles? You’d finally pick one of them, go home, start playing and instantly regret you didnt pick the other one.
Thats how I feel about choosing Ascended Mogul over Emperor…
But I think it doesnt matter which one you choose, the only thing that is important is results.
Speaking of which: There is a person I texted to form a business relationship, this person rejected me. Second rejection this week and I actually dont care. Well, I care much less. What Im thinking now is: “Ok, lets move on.”

PSS: I notice I easily get headaches when listening to the track. Guess its a lot of information my mind has to process after all. A good sign. I think.