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Why not check out Mogul, AM or emperor? Those 3 focus on business/wealth. Limitless, BL and QL are more on learning.

Also, emperor has QL lite embedded so it should help you if you wish to learn something useful for wealth.


Hey @SubDreamer, welcome to the forum!

To be honest, StarkQ is the way to go here. I am manifesting all the things you are mentioning after only two weeks. The productivity effect is even stronger than on Quantum Limitless, and I finally got rid of my annoying YT addiction which bothered me for years.


Hey there, I have my eyes on StarkQ. :sunglasses:Besides what you’ve mentioned above, what other benefits did you notice by using it? Cheers


Why not EoG or Mogul? All business with none of the extra social/sexual stuff


@SaintSovereign help please?


Since it seems you’re after wealth and productivity, I would recommend Emperor, StarkQ, Mogul or EoG.

Afterwards, if you find you want more of the ability to learn faster, you can add Limitless or QL in the stack.


Thank you so much for your answer @Fire just one last question, emperor and starkq has effects for attracting woman, being more social, etc… and i have 0 interest in those right now, i want wealth/productivity mindset, and that only.
So can you please confirm to me that Mogul is the best for my case?


Yes, Mogul is fine. Keep in mind your priorities. If you are wanting to progress in a corporate environment (aka job), Mogul is perfect. It can also work in creating your own business. Emperor will be perfect for when you want to make an empire out of your business/es. Productivity will be high with either.


@Fire do you recommend stacking Emperor Q and Starkq?
These 2 have different goals. Maybe even opposite goals.
But what are your thoughts?


Ditto with StarkQ and KhanQ