Top 3 Subliminal Club Products Of 2022

Hello awesome and beautiful peeps,

2022 is almost over, time sure flies…

What are your top 3 subliminal products of 2022 that have had the most impact in your life?

I’ll go first lol

  1. WANTED (ran it for over 6 months and have had a huge transformation in my romantic life for the better, as well as looking way more attractive!)

  2. Khan (ran it for 6 months and had some unforgettable experiences as well as tons of transformative growth on all levels)

  3. Primal Seduction (ran it for about 6 months and still use it from time to time, had immense success with it in my romantic life alongside WANTED)

All is welcome to share!!


Can’t pick just 3. Especially since I’ve basically been microlooping all my titles.


Sex & Seduction

  1. LBFH, the selflove on this sub is insane, and also the confidence that comes with that. Inner effects are unmatched despite only using it for 3 months or so, the effects have remained just as strong.

  2. stark, insane changes on social charisma and status. Learning things has been incredibly easy and the confidence in your own skills is also incredibly good.

  3. WANTED, just a good sub that feels very good to run. Lowest as it has brought quite a bit of recon at various moments, but the feeling it gives you is insane. The nonchalance is also really good.


I can even suppose that recon was manifested through feeling broken, alone and something like this. Had you moments when you wanted to cry just because of how recon was hard?

  1. My Custom - HoM Custom ran this same version also in Qv2. My Custom gave me career acceleration without the grinding attitude. Strategic and leveraging situations. Better relationships
  2. Emperor: House of Medici - best sub for merchants, entrepreneurs or project managers, any job where your soft skills are important and you effortlessly make deals and hack the system
  3. Wanted(stacking with stark) - because losing weight, working and feeling smart af has never been easier.

Same topic already @ Favorite Subs of 2022 - #8 by aaa

    An obvious choice. As a scorpio, I always felt like myself on this title. Physical shifting and development of internal power with respect to attracting girls works wonders.

  2. Sex and Seduction
    Highly underrated title. This with Wanted gave me the effects of Libertine (almost) and it also made flirting smooth for me. Now to mention the manifestation of hot women everywhere I go. This in PS was the bad boy responsible for pretty girls around who would be interested in me. It enhances the WANTED persona a lot as it was my natural seduction style, but it also removes any anxiety in a sexual interaction and infact makes it exciting. Also, I am so witty on this one, haha. And lastly, I am filled with sexual energy (which again attracts girls) which wants me to go out and find myself a girl. I have an extreme seductive charm on this combo.

Highly recommend to stack this with WANTED.

  1. — Will fill this later —
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  1. A Love Bomb For Humanity
    Highly underrated title. Yes, even considering the fact everyone who used or is using this title loves it, still this title deserves even more appreciation and love than it is given. Self-love is one of the best things happened to my life.

  2. Rebirth
    As I’ve told, just use it and embrace the power of Rebirth. Don’t know if it works with RICH and similar titles, but Rebirth + mindset changing title is Result Bomb.

  3. Sanguine
    Positivity and confidence. Makes you laugh and smile whatever happens. If you are that person who doesn’t believe in yourself, Sanguine and A Love Bomb For Humanity will give you a cray confidence and positivity boost. Lol, due to Sanguine I did some things I would never done before.

Another title worth to be mentioned is WANTED. God… it’s absolute and total nonchalance and sexiness. Try Lion IV + Rogue + Total Nonchalance Q-modules to obtain even better nonchalance (credits to @Lion).

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  1. Chosen: Way of Nature

  2. Love Bomb for Humanity

  3. True Sell


Could you develop what you got from these 3? Are you still running khan?

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