To what extent can we change our reality?

Would like to seek some opinion about how much we can control of our reality through subliminals or other means.

When we say we can control/change/bend our reality, are we referring to our “personal reality” and not the “wider reality”?

If so, what are the boundaries of this “personal reality?”.

In more concrete terms, when we talk about the “wider reality”, are we referring to more global, macro-level events such as the economic or political situation that affects our lives?

As an example of how people approach this, let’s talk about getting women by bending reality. At the level of “personal reality”, perhaps one could run Wanted, Khan, Libertine, etc, and the subliminals will change the “personality reality” of the user such that he is somehow more attractive to women. We can say the user is working on the “demand side” and he is working to shape his “personal reality” to fit into the “wider reality”.

However, can he change his “wider reality?”. Let’s say he lives in a very very conservative country where marriages are arranged and it is not socially acceptable for him to approach women on the street or in public. Also, the women are all covered up when they go out because of the laws.

Ok, so perhaps this guy might be able to change his “personal reality” by moving to a different country where he can use his superb pick-up skills to get women. However, actually, that “wider reality” still remains unchanged.

And what if the guy cannot move out for some reason? So he is still unable to achieve his goals because of the “wider reality?”.


You would need to define that.

In my opinion, it looks like this:

There is NO objective reality.
EVERYTHING we perceive is trenched and filtered through out beliefs, thoughts, mindset, etc.

What I would call an objective reality is just energy which can unleash in whatever infinite possibilities you can think of.

And this is what the subs do so well initially, they change your perception of reality right away.

Take Wanted, which makes you look better.
If you look into the mirror, you see an image your brain receives as signal. It is processing it in a certain way and putting it in your mind.
But what is objectively correct?

IMO (!) what YOU perceive of yourself is also what you radiate outward, thus other people pick up what you believe about yourself.
This is also why Wanted works so well as an attractant. Because if you think highly of yourself, so will others.

This is pretty much what you consider “personal reality” in that paragraph.

As for the wider reality:

You are thinking of your personal reality still there.
Maybe a stranger woman comes along in this country and picks YOU up to move somewhere else?
Maybe laws are dropped tomorrow about this

You just don’t know. You CANNOT know and TRYING to know stops your results.

You know why @Invictus has such profound results with subs? He has an open mind that ANYTHING is possible. He doesn’t ask how or why it works. He just believes and goes with it.

So don’t try to think of realities, instead let the sub do it’s job, KNOW it works, and be surprised of the funny and interesting ways in which it will unfold!



There are limits in life; which is why we keep developing tools and methods to overcome them.

Sometimes we succeed; and sometimes we don’t.


Nah man, come on, we all know it’s because I’m a descendent of psychics :sunglasses:


Well where I am shrooms are banned. But happy to read your story with psychedelics if you ever do a post here.

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The overall experience was quite long for me, cause me being me, I took a bit more than I should have, but the way I got my hallucinations (or should I say, my own truth :wink:) was what set my trip apart from those who did it with me.

To avoid an extremely unnecessarily long post, I’ll just say this:

At the peak of the trip, I saw the world break, get absorbed inside me, and then come back out through my mouth, as if I puked out the world.
It felt shit as I was taking it in, but felt so blissful once it was all out, and that was in fact my favorite trip, as since that time, I have just been living life in the most unrealistic way, as in, I like to live in fantasy world, the only difference is, the fantasy world is a reality, and the only reason I see it as “fantasy world” is because of all the possibilities I see.

When you go outside on a windy day, you might get yourself a jacket, or just ignore the wind, right?

When I go outside on a windy day, and see some kind of a plastic bag flying or something, I alter my perception of it, and try to battle the wind demon that is coming my way :rofl:

Or when I’m in the shower and water is flowing around my body, I can tell you that even today morning I was trying my best to practice hydrokinesis.

Because the world is only as dull as I believe it to be, and the only limits I have are the ones I allow society to impose on me, and frankly speaking, I refuse to live a life like that.

maybe this is why my first ever sub that I listened to was about becoming a telepath :thinking:

@SaintSovereign please fulfill my dream to become Professor X :pray:t3: preferably without having to lose my hair :rofl::rofl: