Three points about taking action


We usually talk about how taking action helps the subconscious to create change. I think this is true and that there are also other reasons that taking action is important. Was writing this down for myself, but figured it would be good to write it here too.

Helpful points about action

  1. Helps your subconscious to help you. (This is the one we usually talk about.)

Taking action exposes you to more opportunities for growth and opportunities in general. You make it easier for your subconscious mind to bring what you want into your life. Request money and then go to situations where there is more wealth flowing. Request greater social skills, and then go to places where people can be social with you and you with them. It stretches and exercises the muscles in your desired area, and it also exposes you to many more chances to get what you want. This is pretty straight-forward and good.

  1. Allows you to observe the change

This is another important element of taking action. Taking action gives you more chances to observe your growth. If you’re manifesting strength, and then you never lift anything, you may well be getting stronger, but you will have no way of knowing it. Action does not just help the subliminal to work, it also helps you to see how the subliminal is already working. If you learn a new cooking technique that is said to produce better tasting food, but then you never cook anything, you’ll never know if it worked or not.

I personally believe that in many cases, the subliminal will create growth even if you do not ‘help’ it. But even if it does, how would you ever know if you never tried to do anything? They can be smaller steps at first, but take action to try out your new muscles, capacities, and abilities. Be happily surprised at what you find, and then go back to point 1, and let your conscious actions work together with and enhance your subconscious processes.

  1. Reinforces that this really matters to you

Taking action also communicates to your subconscious (and conscious) mind that what you are requesting is actually relevant and important to you. If you are not taking any action at all (big or small), how much could this possibly even matter to you, in the first place? On the other hand, if something is very, very important to you, then you will work on that area, even without the subliminal. This is a demonstration of commitment, and I think it makes the magick work with the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds. Intention and commitment are a big deal. Action is one straightforward way to tap into them.


Taking action is important, but it’s also important not to “action shame”. Sometimes the action you want to take isn’t possible due to various inner factors (on the healing subs for example) and outer.

Also the “action” could be as simple as talking compassionately to yourself.

All or journeys are different, they require a careful adjustment to the new reality. Action taking needs a sensitive approach, IMO.


Don’t want to type this in my journal, and don’t want to start another new topic, so I’ll just put this here.

Simple Wisdom

Remember the bottom when you’re at the top;

Remember the top when you’re at the bottom;

and, Remember the circle wherever you are


Think of it like this:

You are a person with low endurance, and are weak in upper and lower body strength.

Your goal is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Will it be difficult?


Why not?

Because your plan includes 1) increasing your endurance, and 2) building upper and lower body strength.

Now, on the other hand, would it be difficult to do it right now? Yes, that would be both difficult and stupid. You’re not ready to do it now.

conclusion: if you can accurately factor in Time and Change over Time, most plans become easy(-ier). That just requires disciplined imagination.


  1. What steps would be necessary to get me from here (where I am right now) to there (where I aspire to be)?

  2. What is a decent time-frame for those steps?

Then wash, rinse, and repeat, because the answers to these questions will evolve as your situation evolves.

This is what taking appropriate action means. It does NOT mean prematurely jumping to the final phase of a long-term plan.


A Fourth Point

Well, now I see that another reason for taking action, even small action, is to lessen the intensity of reconciliation.

Reconciliation is the ‘friction’ that arises as the mind switches to a new configuration.

The subliminals tell the mind ‘we act this way now’. The mind answers ‘well, okay, but this is how I usually see us acting’. And the subliminals reply ‘cool cool cool. But yeah, we act this way now.’ And the mind replies… you get the picture.

The point is that there’s a gap between what you’re telling it to do and what it usually does. The size of that gap predicts the intensity of reconciliation.

When you act in line with the new way, it probably decreases the gap, and makes it easier for your mind to make the adjustment.

EOG: No small change

A Fifth Point

Action will also be natural.

As I go through my days with the subliminals playing in the background, intuitions, ideas, hunches, and impulses will spontaneously arise. ‘That looks interesting. Why not check that out?’ or ‘Hey, I wonder what it would be like to do X’ or ‘Maybe doing Y would have a good influence on my work’.

Many of these will belong to the category of ‘still, small voice[s]’. It may be easy to ignore many of them. But these are suggestions for action that are arising from/being generated by the subconscious.

So, this step is as easy as saying: when an interesting idea occurs to you, try it out a bit and see what happens.


Planning, goal-setting, strategizing, and visualizing are forms of action.

There’s a continuum from Potential to Fruition. Anything that is even one step closer to the fruition end of that spectrum from where you are now is Action.


You’ll know the subliminal has accomplished its task (and you yours) when your attention easily focuses more on your life projects and processes than on the subliminal.

That is a state of constant action.

Whatever gets you to that state is also action.

(ironically, that may be the best time to use the subliminal.)


Exactly. Everyone take notice of this comment.


I likened the taking “action” on subliminals to turning a cruise ship. The subliminal charts out the new course and the boat does the rest of the work.

Even gaining self respect makes you want to naturally take actions that match the new course - conversely the old just falls away. Action is natural.


Another point

Do not be desperate about external or internal obstacles; instead, be adaptive, flexible, and determined.

If, at this moment, a particular action that you deem to be important feels overwhelming or daunting (whether due to external barriers, due to complexity, or due to internal sensations of doubt or fear), you can put that action step down for the moment and take a smaller step first. You will work your way to it.

No need to forget about it. Hold it up as a goal post to be reached in time.


I would consider myself as one of the weakest action takers in this community.

The problem is that I don’t know how to take action.

Last night while dosing off to sleep, I got an insight regarding this problem ( this was while my masked loop of EV4 was running).

From today, I will do at least one thing every day that will take me out of my comfort zone.


There are many tricks and challenges to taking action.

One of my challenges, for example, is that I think of many, many ideas for action and then sometimes feel so full of them all that I take none.

I guess we all have our own personal challenges and learning curves when it comes to using action effectively to reach our chosen goals.


Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Build positive momentum, don’t try to overload day one.


This too, shall pass.

Wait, are we just quoting sage advice? :slight_smile:

Remember, for every posting member on this forum there’s at least 20 just lurking. Compared to them, you are already doing a lot more.

Have fun getting out of your comfort zone. Try and do it early in the day, the longer you wait the less willpower you have to do new things with.


Anyone heard of brandon carter, watch this will light a fire up your arse


OMG, that guy is hilarious. I thought people talking like that only existed in action movies. Thank you for that!

Obviously I get that the message is serious, just adding that.


Back in college when I decided to improve myself I would ask someone in my class a question at least once or twice a day. This sounds like nothing but this was huge for me. I used to be so socially anxious in class and not able to talk to random people and make friends. Some days I would bitch out but the next day I’d get back on it, even if it was the same person. Well, fast forward to today and I feel like I can chat anyone up in any social situation. And it all started with me asking those questions in class. That was such a crucial first step.


Natalie Goldberg - Rules for Writing

This applies generally to all action; not just writing.


Found this in my Ev4 journal today:

"Taking Action" is You take the ACTION that AFFIRMS your ASSUMPTION of your desired state of being.

– From @King