Those who ran godlike masculinity ultima and legacy ultima what did you notice?


I haven’t heard much of anything about GM or legacy once they got the budget increase aka upgraded to ultima treatment. Has anyone even ran these two subs to see what they do ?


Hey so I’ve got it from before but I run libertine ultima.

I’m on khan and I plan to do some great weeks for Gm soon


Will check for updates on it in the future when you do then :muscle:


I dont know about God like Masculinity Ultima but when i ran the normal version before Q i was constantly fighting and imposing myself on the Alphas at work… i had to let it go for a while since i was doing AM at the same time but man…allot of heavy shit came out of myself when i was using it.

One particular time i actually put my bitchy boss in place but in a very Masculine way, i could fell the testosterone bursting out of my veins… i am very dominant in nature, with that sub i was Asserting my dominance over people who normally do that to people. Funny they are now my best friends.


I’m actually going to do an experiment. Khan and true social
Khan and libertine
Khan and godlike masculinity

I’m now on libertine and seeing it’s effects is fuxking insane, it’s the last piece of the puzzle to making khan complete


I’ll soon do some experimentation with Khan+Pcc+SS, should be a beast.


Dominance respects dominance my friend.


on legacy or GLM?


Makes sense, thats why we dont argue at all me and my boss. We just say what we think and get conclusions :smiley::smiley:


i did GLM so far and it alway made me feel like going out to get girl, in control, and like nothing can touch me, even when i had it as a stacking module in my playlist


Anyone has tried the Legacy?


Not the ultima version as yet, the supercharger which gave me motivation to workout even feel health in terms of breathing, waking up and had some swelling go down


You mean it helped you improve some physiological functions?


GLM Ultima is like a subliminal testosterone boost. It does what it says and with a quickness.


Yeah, I’ve had a similar experience to @Davisnwc, ran GLM for a week and my libido went up hahaha, I don’t know why exactly, but I think my t decided to rise!


I still prefer the Commander to GLM if it comes to the vibe both programs offer.


Yeah, I mean I like commander, but I don’t know why GLM was better for me in terms of discipline. I think commander is in term of respect and a bit more social.


yes it did, thinking about getting it?


I was thinking about stacking it with QL ST2 since that stage is focused on improving your physiology related to brain functioning and the mind-body connection. Here you can read more about that stack.


I don’t have GLM, but I was planning to stack it along with Stark. Toss up between this or commander.