Those who ran emperor what challenges did it manifest for you?


I’m curious to know what challenges did emperor manifest for you guys to evolve ? How did emperor help you grow ? It’s said emperor was created to help the individual grow as fast possible even if it has to make you uncomfortable


I ran Emperor for several weeks, but I diluted it with Stark and Quantum Limitless.

I don’t think I experienced any significant reconciliation or other discomfort.

I did find I had a stronger desire to be productive and I wasted far less time. I also had a stronger desire for things to have a place and be in their place, rather than having junk just lying all over the place. Finally, I was more prone to do things as soon as I thought of them rather than put them off.

Bottom line, Emperor was a very positive experience for me.

Note: I ran other subliminals from here prior to Emperor, and I’ve studied and practiced many self-help techniques for decades. Even before these subs, I was pretty grounded emotionally, so I’m not sure I had a lot of head junk that needed reconciling. Essentially, I feel I was quite primed to get quick results from Emperor.

Note 2: I’ve now changed my focus to a custom Q track with Ecstasy of Gold as the core.


These challenges exclude personal tragedies, right? @Fire @SaintSovereign
Cause if Khan and Emperor could even possibly manifest something bad happening to loved ones, I’m deleting those audios so quick lol


My initial run at Emperor I had to constantly set my boundaries with my roommates who were up late night drinking when I had to be up early.

I’m sure there was a lot more but that’s just off the top of my head


I think the key challenges that Emperor manifests are situations that you feel you are not ready for even though even Emperor will provide you with the tools to do your best in the situation.

Such tools come in the form of modules including New Beginnings (to overcome imposter syndrome), Negativity Displacer (to replace negative emotions with positive emotions during certain situations) and other confidence-boosting tools.

Imagine Emperor manifesting a very challenging situation for you and also giving you a big hammer to smash all that stress and anxiety into pieces.

This is the way in which you will evolve and grow to be the person you want to be.


Of course not.


Thought so, but that’s one of my biggest fears so I needed to make sure


By challenges, we’re referring to internal issues. Such as, being forced to confront some kind of internal belief that’s holding you back from your goals and the such. We never impose any kind of restrictions on the free will of others (or yourself).


I used emperor for nearly a year. It helped

  1. Manifestated attractive women my DNA actually yearned for they even approached me.

  2. Helped disconnect me from my family who sabotaged my life.

  3. Helped me find clients who paid me alot of money for my highly sort after i.t skills.


My career goals and life purpose right now are the most important. 2 weeks back I ran emperor and succumbed to its wraith of Only 1 loop. I felt intense drive to take action that i relapsed into porn same thing happened 2 weeks prior when I ran khan st3 1 loop. I felt beyond frustrated about not knowing how to move my life forward. I didn’t know how to deal with these emotions so I used porn to do so. I didn’t know what action to take because COVID has shut so many doors for me to get experience in my field. Plus I lack skills so the volunteer stuff i was gonna do was going to give me hands on experience while building skills. I have a ba in psychology.
When it comes to emperor I’m scared of it manifesting men who challenge me or want to fight me I’ll just be honest. That was the main reason of this post. I don’t want to be taken advantage of.
but due to COVID I’m not sure I want emperor beating down my head to take action when they are so many closed doors. Maybe it will manifest open doors ? One thing I did learn from khan st3 and emperor of 1 loop is that I need to to deal with my emotions in a healthy adult way. Not run to porn when feeling frustrated or a negative emotion. So I’m also learning how to deal with emotions and sanguine will also help me with that.
Mentally emperor just sounds like a difficult sub


Run emperor long enough and that fear will fade trust me…I was in ur position.
I run ascension and the fear faded…what ever size or height you have I’m going to stand my ground!


I was using Emperor (v1 & v2) from Sep 2018 to April 2019.

Not only did I immediately get into a sales position in a consulting/training firm, I constantly ended up in meetings with owners of multi-million-dollar companies, while everyone else at the firm kept sabotaging these deals because their self-esteem wouldn’t allow them to do big business. :sweat_smile:

I was always good with highly successful & wealthy people, but Emperor manifested more opportunities for me than I would have if I strategized for and chased them.



Maybe you could try to use Emperor with the Limit Destroyer Ultima that has just come out…

Should be quite useful in destroying what is holding you back.


There’s action you can take for that. Participate in one or more combat sports where the training involves actually hitting and getting hit, and or manhandling and getting manhandled. BJJ, Judo, boxing, wrestling, MMA, whatever so long as you get a sense of what being in a fight is like. The more of that you do, the more the fear will fade.


Very possible. Also Sanguine Ultima or sanguine Could help with reconciliation and dealing with challenges but Right now I’m on AM so that should build up some groundwork for Emperor


I’ve heard joe rogan and jocko say something simliar to this. Unfortunately I live on the east coast all gyms have been closed since March. So don’t know when these gyms and studios will open back up this year, if they open back up this year


Yeah, this sucks. Not being able to train is driving me nuts.


In summary; Emperor for me, has forced me to confront the more unpleasant side of human nature constantly. I don’t mention it in my journals really because I constantly run into these situations all the time, but I keep having to be assertive more often than I’d like. What I mean is; by nature, I’m fairly relaxed but I keep seeing how people try and establish dominance in most interactions or they have a lack of social skill altogether, either one or the other. I find myself having to set and enforce boundaries almost daily, or dominate interactions to keep people from wasting my time since most have no idea how to even hold a damn conversation or just get to the damn point. Sometimes it feels like I’m being challenged more often than not by other people too, women especially.

I’m wondering if this is being done in order to have me perfect my ability to be assertive, as opposed to the aggressive individual I’ve been most of my life. If anything, Emperor has hastened the development on my generally negative view on mankind as a whole. Feels like in 7 months (during which time, I’ve used several versions of Emperor) I became a good guy that pretty much went neutral and my beliefs and morals have shifted more from being black and white to “grey” thanks to me closely studying and having to deal with weak, ignorant and ego-driven people in abundance.

There’s of course things that I still won’t do and I’ve maintained a sense of core integrity, but I hold little compassion, remorse, sympathy or empathy when dealing with others . Not saying this is all on Emperor. I was already headed towards this mental space anyway but things sped up exponentially over the course of these past few months.


You did sales on Emperor? How was that? I feel like Emperor would make me way less social when talking to clients


Emperor can make sales if he is the owner/partner in the business. Or at least, that attitude is allowed. :smile:
It also has high standards for which prospects are preferred, doesn’t want to be in low value meetings.