Those who ran ascended mogul did it help with nofap?


I just had a terrible binge session and I’m really broken at the moment. I’m tired of this addiction. I hate to keep buying subliminals and switching my stack but if I don’t free myself from this addiction I’ll remain a loser and never accomplish anything. I feel like crying to be honest. Addiction started since 20 or 21 and I turn 30 this year and I keep self sabotaging with porn.
Ascended mogul has anti porn scripting. Those of you who have ran it how much did it help you with not fapping ?


Sorry to hear that, man. I know how you feel since it’s one of my struggles too. Luckily for me, am on a good NoPMO streak right now.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Ascended Mogul so won’t be able to give a review of it and its anti-porn benefits. Hope some one will chime in.


I just had a good streak going 21 days but gone within seconds. Keep the streak going :muscle: relapses for me at least really ruin the progress I was making with the subliminal that I was using. Like 1 step forward 2 back


@Grimm1390 - I agree. It really does ruin the subliminal program and the taking action part.

Like you said on one of my threads before when I mentioned that the shame of fapping is gone, that that feeling of not feeling shame is a breakthrough in itself.

I do remember telling myself after the last time I fapped that “it’s okay but am gonna stop.” And I continued my streak from there.

I had to undergo the irritability during collecting my Semen again over 4-5 days but today am feeling good. I know that you know that feeling.


With the Q updates, I suspect AM is not the only sub that can help with this situation.


@Grimm1390 - I think this might help:


Definitely I’m gonna read this journal now. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: It seems some people have mentioned how it helped with nofap on here over the years but never talked back about it


All the best :muscle:


Would love if saint and fire could talk about this. I know emperor has anti porn scripting but since it’s a bigger subliminal, that module is ran less than ascended mogul


I think the below linked thread will be helpful (it’s a short thread with only 11 posts). SaintSovereign had also given some inputs over here:


Tarmac mentioned this in regards to emperor and Rhinesuchus said the other one


same thing with me.

i had a 30 day winning streak when i first ran emp4 and theni relapsed and its back to square one… running emp q…getting that restraint power back…


Sorry to hear man. What led to your relapse ?


What’s your stack now, @Grimm1390?


lack of will power, need for instant gratification, boredom, locked down…


A few months ago I ran Emperor v4 2 maybe 3 times a day, and I stopped porn cold turkey.


wow, thats like you were just waiting for the trigger and it happened, you stopped.

for me its like a compulsive addictive behaviour…i will overcome this… in time…


I got ascended mogul. Will be my main program in may. Main goal of it is for nofap. I will use GM, limit destroyer, and rebirth here and there.


Excellent choice. Good luck!


all the best