Those that ran primal seduction or sex and seduction or primal and iron throne..what situations did it manifest?

Those that ran those sex subs …
What situations did you find yourself in?


I ran SS for 8 months and limitless to help me understood more about PUA and seduction. After approaching or practicing my game to a plenty of girls all i got is phone numbers and most of those are fake and the very few that is real is never got any far. I tried seduction techniques on many woman specially my neighbors i do it subtly and obviously and still none (they now treat me like a creepy PUA guy and they avoided me), I also lower my standards but still no success. I should accept that i am gonna be alone forever kissless, 45 year old virgin that is coping that subliminals would help me get laid.

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From what I heard and read SS …people had great results…

I heard and read alot of great results from the users of SS and i envy those who have results because i got none. I think acceptance would be the best solution to my problem and not getting laid.

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I would throw iron throne into this question as well. I’ve read from some people on here it manifesting women who wanted to know them and talk to them, or were very open to talking in general and iron throne was able to help them detect it.
For me personally on primal I can’t recall any manifestations I’m not sure if it has any


Included iron throne👍

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I know amash isn’t here anymore so he won’t get to tell you about iron throne but I found his review of it amazing. I got iron throne in March or February when Q launched and I waited so long for it,kept bothering sub club about when is it gonna come back lol it we finally get iron throne and I couldn’t wait to test it out in the spring/ summer and freaking COVID changed my plans. I probably won’t even use iron throne until next year now.
His iron throne journal is definitely worth the read though

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Thanks I did read this before and it’s amazing!
But I want to hear from others also …

I’ve had a couple of girls who manifested into my life, but I’ll say I’m on sex and seduction right now and people love me, I feel like I can convince people to my point of view hahaha

In my journal I spoke about a manifestation, THE DAY I started SS last week, one girl started sexting me…!

@Rembrandt By the way, I have a feeling that girls can’t connect to you because you don’t “act normal” enough. People need to be able to relate to each other!


@GoldenTiger how long did you run the program before the manifestation?
And did you feel a push to take action with these ladies?

By the way, I canceled seeing her, my job is so boring, my libido is low as fuck and I don’t really care about meeting woman. It is either reconciliation or my libido is really low… but usually when I am working I don’t feel like having sex, I usually start to have sex when I am in vacation and can wake up a little later,

It’s been a week I am running this sub, I like it because I am smooth af and can get what I want talking to people. But the problem is I do not want to have sex or there is something holding me back… I love flirting for fun and stuff but if I am not ready meeting people…

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Does the way you see this topic make you happy? I think not.
I want you to change your way of viewing it. Instead of seeing it as a wall you have to force through with strength and power, view it as a game that has certain rules you must follow if you want to win.
There are many ways one can realize his desire - and there may be many reasons why certain ways or tools don’t work for some - that doesn’t matter. You only need to find one out of those many that works for you. This is all you have to do. This is your job. Find out what the rules of the game are and what works best for you not for others.


To me, seduction is about mindset and state control.

First, it needs to be natural. Take touching. I love touching women. I often place my hand on their lower back during conversations, or their upper arm when I need to move by them and there’s less room to do so. And because it feels completely natural to me, it feels completely natural to them. Much like how there are still some guys that can call women “baby girl” or “honey” in an office and nobody reports them for sexual harassment. It’s just “who they are.”

But when I first started to touch them more, it felt so unnatural and uncomfortable to me. And that made it feel creepy and stalky to the women.

So if it feels natural to you to move effortlessly through the world of women, it will feel safe and natural to them. You belong there.

For that to happen, you need to bring that experience into your comfort zone. And that, unfortunately, is still something you have to do by going out and being uncomfortable and messing up. A LOT.

AMASH was very successful, yes, but you wouldn’t believe how many approaches he did to get there. And he ran a few subs before Iron Throne and Khan.

In order to get into the place where your mind starts feeling comfortable with it even when it’s still outside your comfort zone, you need to amp/psych yourself up into a positive state. Hence, the state control. Remain positive even through rejection and failure. Remain upbeat. Until you can no longer, then go and do something else with your time.

The subs definitely try to help you. The script does what it can to open your mind up to new beliefs and possibilities and make the transition easier. And with Ultima now on its way, rapid state control may be just around the corner. So we’re getting there.

But if you have… issues… that are simply too much of a barrier that you can’t possibly believe in success even if you drag yourself out there time and time again, the subs won’t be able to help you. You’ll need to work on inner stuff first. I trust everybody knows which poster this paragraph is directed to.

Anyways, once you bring the experience into your comfort zone, it takes off like a snowball down a mountain. Your mind readily accepts the subliminals since they now align with its world-view and you start getting amazing successes.

Are there exceptions? Always, even without subs there are. Subs may increase the odds for them to occur though.


Take action and have patience …results will follow !


As far as subs go, maybe running something like Ascension for a year or so and not worrying about the PUA crap would help you get into a state where you can view success as possible and you can go from there. The Limit Destroyer Ultima might help you as well.


Wait until Libertine Ultima comes out. :wink:
Well, we have to test it first, but my expectations are high for this one, given the fact that Ultima works so well.


Primal does work and I found when cold approaching whilst listening to primal women were more open to chatting. I found that results were escalated when stacking primal with emperor.


@Rembrandt have you given any of the healing subliminals ago ?.

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Hurry up Mr. Saint I am waiting :slight_smile:

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This is the most important factor, internal is a reflection of external. We’re emotional beings and other human beings either consciously or unconsciously pick-up on this.

@Rembrandt from what it seems, you didn’t need Sex & Seduction which is the outer game, but rather Primal to get the inner game going, or perhaps even a combination of both – Primal Seduction.