The Throne of Games

Howdy gentle beings,

I would like to open this thread for an open discussion on games.

Strategy games, mind games, dexterity games, word games, video games, mobile games…

Any of the above and others having to do with games are welcome!


Right now, I have been playing this game called the Wild Darkness.

It’s on the Play Store but I don’t know if IOS users have it.

It’s a crafting game that has decent graphics that is beautifully balanced that unless one wishes to spend money on it, you can progress easily enough with diligence.

I like the game because of the creativity of the crafting, it is a bit of a challenge, the art style is wonderful and the MOOD of the game is immersive.

Edit: I’m trying to unlock the Assassin right now cuz well Ninjistic (I made up that word at 9, it wasn’t even on the internet until I created my page Ninjistic the Baconist on FB years ago, now it’s on urban dictionary lol) but I haven’t survived 300 days.

The only game I indulge in these days is Bricks and Balls. Been stuck on level 416 for a year. If anything gets me to buy QL, it’ll be to beat level four hundred fucking six fucking teen

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I’ll have to look that one up. I’m assuming it’s a dexterity game?

Just one of those you use balls to break bricks. Totally useless.


These are the games that I’ve loved. It’s been some years since I’ve found one that I really loved, so these are from some years ago. For each in its own way, the music is an important part of why I love it. Worldbuilding of a particular sort, grabs me. I just know it when I touch it. I prefer character-development and puzzles over violence and dexterity. I want to be transported to an experience that feels otherworldly, magical, or just highly enjoyable in some way.

Anything by the company Amanita Design is generally wonderful.


This game was one of my favorites.


The whole series by Mateusz Skutnik called Submachine. He’s an artist who hand-draws all of the panels. And the worlds remind me of dreams (in appearance and in logic).


My favorite for escape games was Tesshi-e.


Those games are so freaking relaxing and make me feel so happy that I don’t even care if I escape or not. But escaping is fun.

Then these are cool alternatives to escape games

dismantlement_smartphone dismantlement2

similar to escape game, but you have to figure out how to dismantle the object.

Those were some of my favorites.


Have you heard of Terraria?

If it amuses, there’s the use right there. :slight_smile: Imma check it out

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Imma check those out right meow, after Palpy’s :smiley:

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Just downloaded it and recognized it instantly. I had this game on my old tablet a few years ago and I got hella far, but got to a point that made me rage quit after a week of trying.

Imma see if I can attain your level.


Not quite as intimidating a name haha. I’ll take it though


I suppose the other one, Palpitation, is a bit more intimidating… :smiling_imp:


I went to check out the Tesshi-e escape games and saw that they’re no longer the free online PC games that they used to be. The website where they used to be seems not to exist anymore. Now they’re only available as smartphone downloads. The creator deserves the money, but they were so much nicer on the computer.

Found this:

So that era is done.

They were really great games.

And that brings up something else I’ve wondered about.

Admittedly I’ve got a pretty specific kind of taste, but one thing I wonder is about the kind of magic that I felt in the past with certain kinds of things: podcasts, books, games.

I feel like I feel it less now, and I wonder if it’s that I’ve changed. I know that the world has changed also. There was a kind of golden age of the Indie internet that ended once monetization really started to hit. That might have something to do with it too.

My intuition tells me that more and new magics lay waiting ahead. I also intuit that it is, in part, an inside job. It’s a matter of becoming what you seek. Opening up to the magic inside of yourself leads to perceiving more around you.

Just sharing it because it’s something I think about.


I used to love these kind of games, especially the ones with special effects and whatnot. Takes me back

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I think more people are in a scarcity mentality when it comes to money. The goal turned towards popularity and conforming to similar ideas to monetize like you said. You would think that highly creative games with a character of their own would be praised, but they seem to be buried under all the other games that are put together quickly to satisfy a niche market. Same thing with music. There’s no shortage of artists with identical sounds and themes, but people still want it and there are those that cater to it. People are afraid to deviate because it can be like committing suicide financially.

But a game you should check out if you haven’t. I unfortunately haven’t beaten it. I can’t get into games a lot nowadays but when I played this it was great. The atmosphere, visuals, and mechanics of it were very unique.

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im joking, its a mentally taxing game on pc and its soooo toxic


I just checked out that link. I hadn’t heard of that series before, I’ll be doing some research to see if it’s something I’m into.

Ah, yes.

I understand. My theory is that it isn’t that we’re not interested in those things as much as they don’t cause our dopamine receptors to fire the same way they used to.

I’m a binger and play the FUCK out of a game obsessively, and then one day…

I have zero inclination to play it again. I have cycles I go through with interest in things. Perhaps it’s my Sagittarius nature, being mutable?

-scrambles to run a birth chart for the umpteenth time-

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@Malkuth I also think it has to do with the fact that in America (are you American?) we have so much stimulus that simple things like a beautiful flower, or amazing sunset don’t hit the same. I think that applies to a lot of things in a trickle down sort of way.

Smarter guys than I can probably figure where I’m going with this and complete it.

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