The Road to Khan



This is my journal as I run Khan as my main sub. The roadmap as of this writing looks like this:

  • Khan ST1
  • Khan ST2 + True Social
  • Khan ST3 + True Social
  • Khan ST4 + True Social

Other parameters:

  • Ideally 300 hours per stage. For ST1, shooting for 350.
  • At least 30 days per stage
  • A target of 8 hr 15 min of listening to the masked version of the subliminal during the daytime. I’ll have to figure out whether I can successfully incorporate the ultrasonic subliminal into my sleep.

Today’s the first day! So far, I’ve listened for 6 hours and not much reportable has happened yet. Still, I’m optimistic.

I think it’s time for big changes.



I can already assume great journalling from you! Best of luck! Really excited!!


Day 2


I had a pretty interesting dream last night. It seems that me and someone else were obsessed with the best way we could extract some substance. I remember us connecting ourselves to long tubes that would essentially power us up. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I thought, “was I just trying to figure out an effective way to listen to the subliminal?”

Funny enough, I was NOT listening to the subliminal throughout the night, although I may try doing that today—jumping from 8.25 to 14.25 hours a day sounds like a great deal, although it’s been a while since I’ve slept without ear plugs.

Today, I felt a little lethargic and weird, despite having gotten pretty high sleep quality (91% according to Sleep Cycle, and I trust that recording as I have now been using the app for four years). Definitely, as I walked around I felt like there was a slight distortion in my vision. Now, I’m just at my house figuring out what to do next!


Feeling lathergic with initial sub usage is normal.


Dreams usually as very important metaphoric lessons and a gold mind for personal growth.

@SubliminalUser, that’s one way to understand that dream, as you trying to figure out an effective way to listen to subliminals.

But if there could be 3 other ways to understand that dream in a way that gives you the 3 most important messages you have to hear today from your subconscious, what could those 3 important essential messages that could change your life be?


Day 3


I started thinking more about how there’s a lot of BS that I keep around/accept in my life, whether it’s how I watch all these YouTube videos on the way to work in my car that ultimately make very little impact on my life or how I have old highschool “friends” who are really just historical friends in many ways at this point. Not liking how I’ve perpetuated a good deal of these things myself. As of yesterday, I’m experimenting with the habit of having my phone mostly off while at home; I think I waste time on there. Part of this new energy to clean things up may be coming from the determination that I already had after a recent vacation that I took (right before starting this sub), so we’ll see.

I slept early and I slept long and well last night, got 94% sleep quality. Nothing memorable from dreams this time. I am thinking that I may want to start dream journaling as it may yield some useful insights as @AMASH hinted at. In addition, I’ll soon be experimenting with using the sub while sleeping.


I had this on my mind throughout today. While I didn’t determine three things, what I came up with is that I may be a bit obsessed with finding one single thing that can improve my life significantly. If that is the case, then the lesson is to not depend so heavily on one thing to work out and start taking action in any capacity.


That’s very wise @SubliminalUser

And I personally have experienced one solid truth: If a “learning” didn’t cause us any behavioral change, then we haven’t learned anything at all.

So, what’s a very small step you can put into action today that would make that lesson begin to be part of your behavior?


Day 4

33.75 / 350

97% Sleep quality. I don’t remember the last time I had >90% sleep quality three days in a row. This is a golden standard—one of my longtime goals was to have great sleep on average. I’ve done a sleep hacking course and done all sorts of hacks since about 4 years ago now and still this is quite something.

Beginning to become more serious about making use of my time properly. Though my Fridays typically bring a mentality that causes laziness at work, I was fairly productive and got done exactly what I wanted to get done. At home, I’m continuing to ditch bad habits like looking at the phone too much (the thing I’ve done on there the most recently is looking through other users’ results! :joy:).

I get this feeling that there are more changes happening but I’m not looking for them or I am thinking that it’s due to this being the first week back from my vacation. We’ll see how this weekend goes—I plan to sleep long and well tonight and try using the audio at that time.


Yes, and the more serious you become about making use of your time properly, that more new things you can begin doing today that will benefit your life in many ways, many of them unexpected.

And what 3 small steps you can do today to begin making use of your time even more properly? And what could you do to make doing them easier and simpler? :wink:



Feeling rather bad about life right now. Debated adding Sanguine to the stack but realized that stack tech is not in sync with Khan. I suppose I’ll have to get through this.


Tell us more details? It’s somewhat vague…


Well, quite a few things have happened. I went to a few social gatherings this weekend and I didn’t feel that great because of the minimal amount of time I got to interact with the hosts as they were busy with other things (running the show, so to speak) and they were really the ones I went to the events for. I really only felt good during my 1:1s over this past weekend, and when I called my friend who was still overseas saying that he missed me and it’s gotten lonelier since I left. It felt good to hear that because it felt like there was a purpose I played in being part of someone else’s life, even though it was for a little while.

Today, some hunch told me that even hanging out with people and working towards my social goals may not make me happy. This is despite me starting to take more conscious action, such as setting up habits to call certain people at defined intervals through the week/month/etc. “So what can I do?” I wonder. I feel like I need to spend more time in my mind, though I will do my best to keep up with the habits. I also feel that there’s a lot of fear within me when it comes to things like being less secretive and opening up. That is one particular fear that I have known about for a while, but I don’t know how to resolve especially because it is so longstanding.


ST1 gets better. For me, I felt relief at around 150 hrs.


I hope so. There have been many instances in the past where I’ve felt like it’s too late to change. But I want to do something about it.


Yes, maybe it’s a fear that is so longstanding, or maybe it just finished its purpose, retired its power, gave you back the commands, and what is needed is to realize this is true for you now.

Could this be a possibility?


Not sure what this means. Mind clarifying? :slight_smile:


86.25 / 350

I have undoubtedly noticed a decrease in desire to socialize and hang with people recently, likely due to the realization I made two days ago. That, and a wonder as to why people don’t really reach out to me very much. The next question, though, is what would get people to reach out on their own? Why do I call people, anyways? I’m questioning both what I have to offer, as well as what I aim to get out of going out of my way to interact with these people more often.

A few highlights:

  • Got promoted! Reminds me that I should start taking a bit more action towards financial well-being (I’ve a few ideas for that).
  • Finally decided to enroll in a sports class, thereby taking a step towards a new hobby I’ve thought about for long.
  • I decided that I should tackle the secretive thing by trying to reveal one thing I’d usually be secretive about to someone close some time this week. I’d say I put my foot forward in that direction already through a conversation I had with someone yesterday, although I want to see if I can take another step with another friend I’m looking to get closer to.


I understand where you’re coming from with the socializing thing. My old friends right now seem pretty flaky. In fact, people in general do. I’m truly learning to just enjoy my own company so far in 2020. At this point I’m basically only even socializing for the sake of improving my own skills. Although I do have one new friendship that I’m working on building up. I figure if people really want to keep a connection strong then they’ll reach out. If not, oh well… I’m a natural born loner anyway, and one that happens to have excellent social skills these days, their loss.


If it doesn’t resonate, then it doesn’t need to be said :wink:

in my experience, and maybe this is a “Secret” or whatever, but often the people we hang out with who don’t reach out to us aren’t the right people for us. We’re not doing anything wrong.

What is really true is there are people who our subconscious will resonate with highly from the very first second, we feel we’re long lost friends from the very first moment we meet them. And we feel we can talk about anything. Those are the people to keep in your life, rather than trying to figure out how to get along with the wrong people. That’s my experience, and I think you and @mecharc can relate.

It’s not about doing something to get people to reach out. It’s about finding more of the right people you will naturally feel deeply resonant with and they will naturally resonate with you, and then all fill work perfectly.

If you’ve ever met a girl who you have Chemistry with, you will understand the feeling. It happens between men and people as well: Some subconsciouses like each other, and others aren’t compatible, so they are either indifferent or hostile to each other.

Yes, this is called “Going First,” and it’s a big principle in creating strong bonds with people. But the wrong people will not understand it.

Yes. The first step into great social skills is to enjoy your own company first.

Because if you don’t enjoy being with your own self, a part of you will feel others will not, and there will be an undertone of trying to make others like you and to compensate for your imagined “undesirability,” which is very repulsive to people.