The Rise of the Sexy Alchemist


How many loops do you think you’re listening to The Alchemist per day, @Joa93?


@AMASH The play count since monday is 85 times.
85×45%60=63 hours 45 minutes. That was pretty evenly distributed daily, most of it during night time.
In this fashion:
ST1 (×3)
SMX2 (×1)


Day 6.

Last night I had many dreams, 2 of them were more significant. In one I was a member of a SWAT team or something alike, we were in a big room, kind of like a soccer indoor gym (it looked pretty similar to the one my school had, now that I think about it) everyone was panicking because someone threw a bomb inside and my job was to defuse it. I kept really calm and instructed everyone to take cover with special antibomb gear, and then proceded to defuse it in total calmness. This part Im not so sure about but I think I couldnt defuse it properly and threw it outside where it went off without harm.
The second dream… I was in a big building and there was a Godzilla kind of monster breaking down shit and attacking people, people runing away in fear, this godzilla could see trough walls and follow people, he saw me and the girl I was with and started following us, I quickly found out that if I didnt move at all and kept calm, godzilla could not see me and move away, so I told the girl what to do to avoid danger. And the monster went away and we were safe. It wasnt just being still, it was as important to be calm.
As a side note, this building felt like the one I used to live with my current girlfriend just before we move in to the one we live now. Thats where I experienced lots of stressful shit that ended up with me diagnosed with arthritis. Seeking health led me to the discovery of SubClub and my Regeneration trip. So even though the girl in the dream didnt look like my girlfriend I got the feeling she was.

Pretty revealing dreams if you ask me. In both being calm was essential to avoid grave danger and being safe. I guess monsters and bombs are representations of my own shadow, of my own fears. I wonder how it would be to just sit down and have a talk with it.

Besides the dreams, yesterday I realised a couple of things…

•I went for a walk and the Trance State is still there, its the same feeling I got when I experience a long deep Hypnotic Induction and after it open my eyes… all tranced out, all the visuals, all the kinesthetics, the time distortion, the whole package, but without the need of the induction, now is a natural occurrence.
•Im speaking more freely, I can voice my opinion without caring what others might think of it. I seem careless whether people would like me or not. I got this same thing with Regeneration only now I reached a new level of depth.
•After the breakdown I feel closer with my girlfriend, I look at her and find that she is prettier that I thought and no longer feel pissed at her or me.
•I was being pretty selfish and self involved. Me, me, me. I see that as a part of the growing process and I dont attach any negatives to that experience.


Great insights man! It’s as if I’m in your journey right there with you, when I read your reports :slight_smile:


Thanks man! I feel your presence through the Aethyr :mage:‍♂

Update: While in the shower (where else :joy:) I realized a strong limiting belief and at the very moment it began to lose its power, I’ll check it later for confirmation.

“If I make a mistake and/or Im disapproved that makes me a bad person, and bad persons arent loved.”
I feel it releasing right now, and to the moment it feels like a beautiful gift from ST1.


What a wonderful thing the mind is! Since I discovered the belief I mention in my previous post.

“If I make a mistake and/or Im disapproved that makes me a bad person, and bad persons arent loved.”

Everytime I remember it, my mind changes the “bad person” part to “Bird Person” the character form Rick and Morty and it makes me laugh. Good old NLP Anchoring at work! Let me tell you the more I think about it, the more stupid that old idea becomes.

Bird Person


Great progress, and funny post :smiley:


Day 7,

Will make a longer report later, Im about to go to the beach for holidays.

Last night I found out Ric Ockasek, singer from The Cars died yesterday. Now Ive never been much of a fan of the Cars, for me it was just a band on the radio during the 80’s while growing up. Of course I know their hits. So whats interesting enough to be writing about this?
Saturday morning (a whole day before his death) I woke up with the song “You Might Think” in my head, and Ive been hearing it inside my head the whole weekend, even today.
In case you wonder, no its not a song that usually pops in my mind, in fact Ive totally forgotten about it.

RIP Rick Ocasek


Day 8.

The sun is shinning and the day is warm, the sound of the waves crushing in the shore is pretty relaxing. Drinking a really good wine waiting for the bbq to be ready. The outside is an exact reflection of how I feel inside.
Bird Person is all tranced out and feeling good!
I can only say 1 thing… life is meant to be enjoyed!


Happy for you @Joa93, that seems like fun :smile:


Day 9 (Alchemist ST1 + Sex Mastery X2)
I passed the 100 hours mark with ST1.

Last night I had a vivid dream about violence, infidelity and break up. It was super realistic and in real time, when I think about it now it feels as real as anything I did yesterday.
Looks like my unconscious mind is reprocessing my deepest fears in a way that Im able to deal with those situations as healthily as possible.
Now I feel peaceful when I think about those things that used to worry me.

Yesterday I woke up feeling super good and nice, but in the afternoon I got cranky and irritable, everything bothered me, of course my girlfriend got the worst part of it. I had to say sorry again and hold her… I realized that I was cranky because I needed some alone time, gotta be aware of that in the future and just ask for it.

Anyhow in beetwen the good feelings of the morning and the crankyness of the afternoon we had lots of sex, 4 long times, and we got pretty adventurous, its amazing how something can get even more enjoyable in surprising and effortless ways.


This is reconciliation. Irritability is a clear sign you’re getting polished on the inside. It’s not really caused by “needing alone time”. It’s more that the parts of you that aren’t serving you are being let go, and there is a sense of loss that is a bit threatening and irritating subconsciously.


Thanks @AMASH that makes sense! It means Im in the correct path then.
I guess my dreams had a direct relation with the reconciliation process. :thinking:


Thanks for the journal, Joa93. I want to ask, what method/app/etc., do you use to get a play count? It would be great to be able to track my usage more precisely.

Thank you.


@Malkuth I use foobar2000 in my notebook, and I have it connected to a 2.1 audio system.
Foobar can record Playcount for any track if you add a complement that you can download from their website. Thats the system I use for all my Ultrasonics.
Masked versions I listen to those through headphones from my phone, using Rocket Player App wich records Playcount natively.

Playback Statistic Component:
Rocket Player: You can look for that one on the PlayStore if you use an Android device.


@Joa93, I highly recommend you start with As Above & So Below if you have them in your package.

Even if you don’t need the conscious part of gathering and circulating energy like @DarkPhilosopher described, I am aware that the background subliminal track will supercharge all your abilities to work with energy in any form.

But Superchargers need a lot of repetition for the changes to become consistent. So each time you use them, you improve your abilities to work with energy. It’s a long term change thing that will make all your other Magick work better.

Of course, from @DarkPhilosopher’s description, the conscious part is really cool and epic as well.


Thats a good sugestion @AMASH I was planing to add As Above So Below in ST4, but Im reconsiderind the Schedule, you make good points here.
I will add it as soon as I begin ST2, it makes more sense to begin with As Aboce So Below, side by side with ST2 Refinery.

With massive energetic development and the rapid improvement of your abilities and skills, there is a possibility of imbalance – Refinery is taking this into account and instead will balance your energies perfectly, so that you can go forward with full confidence and unafraid of imbalance.

Thanks for sharing man!


Thank you very much, Joa93! I’m slowly checking those out. That sounds like a cool setup you’ve worked out over there. :pray:t4:


Day 10.

Yesterday we went out with the lady, to have some drinks and have a good time. The thing is I DO NOT DANCE, I dont know how and Im shy about the thing.
Yesterday after a few drinks my girlfriend began to dance, she was the only one dancing in this place and it was full, so she got some looks. I got pretty jealous for a moment (curiously I had a dream about being jealous the night before) and here the coolest thing happened.
I said to myself “dont be fool shes dancing for you, just go dance, its easy its just like sex”. The next thing I knew is Im grabbing her by the ass and pushing her super close to me. I had no idea about how to dance so I focused on keeping the rhythm and guiding her with lots of body contact. She knows I avoid dancing, so she was pretty impressed with my new found abilities and pretty exited. I guess Sex Mastery must have something to do with this.


•On monday we wanted to eat clams, tuesday morning a friend calls out of the blue and said “Im buying clams and Ill bring them to your house so we can eat”. He came home and prepared some delicious clams.
•Tuesday night I had a dream of me being jealous of my girlfriend cheating on me. Yesterday I got jealous at first when she danced and got looked at by other guys.
Right now Im visualizing a nice grilled fish with some seafood sauce. Lets see how I can manifest that one :joy: