The Rise of the Sexy Alchemist


This will be my Journal through the Alchemist Experience, Im gonna stack it with Sex Mastery X2, that explains the name of the Journal :sunglasses:. Kudos to @AMASH for the name sugestion.

I’ll stack it in the following manner.
Alchemist ST1 (×3)
Sex Mastery X2 (x1)
Both in Ultrasonic during the night for at least 9 or 10 hours. During the day I will try to give it as much exposure as I can.

Starting right now!!

Limitless Regeneration

Here we go, to higher and higher glory \o/


Alchemist and Sex Mastery? You intend to master the elusive 8-hour orgasm? :wink:

Good luck, looking forward to more Alchemist journals, it’s the most mysterious one. I’m sure AMASH will be following you as well to see what it does.


Here we go. Im sure this is gonna be a hellride.


8 hour orgasm and your head and penis explode :joy:


I’ve been using alchemist st1 for around 14 days 8-10 hours a day. My experience so far Day 1-6 not much. After day 6-10 a lot of negativity. That’s passed now and feeling kind of peace I guess. I’m going to use 14 days each stage then will use st4 for some months. I started st2 today and have been feeling some random energy surges throughout my body. Also using as above supercharger at least once a day.
Looking forward to hearing some other people’s experiences


That seems awesome @Joa93!

Did you have similar experiences before on Regeneration or other things you have used?

And how is the effect of running Sex Mastery X2 that often, so far? Or is The Alchemist so powerful, the most obvious effects are in “spiritual growth”?

Also, what would be the goal that you aim for with this stage 1 of The Alchemist, the stage of deep spiritual purification?


Great! I can say for me, even by simply playing SMX2 twice during the days when I know I will have sex, I notice a huge difference.

Someone here, maybe it was @rising ran SMX2 by itself for a full month, and noticed an increase in dominance with girls and a lot more attraction.

Do you feel your girl is more attracted than usual to you? Are you more dominant with her in bed than usual? Do you get a feeling you can almost sense what will give her the greatest pleasure and naturally do it, as if it’s intuitive?

And most importantly, what does you girl say about sex with you now compared to before ever using SMX2, when you were doing the tantric meditation but no Sex Mastery. Did she give any exceptional feedback?

Thank you. I love your journal.


I havent run smx2 for full month neither i am running many loops but i can verify sex is even better than before. Seems both orgasms and the feeling of sex is increased. I cant say much of the dominance because i always enjoy to have the initiative during sex


Tantric meditation is really popular these days.

Maybe Sub Club could consider a Tantric Meditation supercharger. Just the SEO about this will bring it more people to our community with interesting perspectives.

ccc @SaintSovereign


Do you feel any reconciliation yet on Stage 1 of The Alchemist, @Joa93?

It’s a “breakdown” spiritual purification, so it works at a deeper stronger levels.

But often people don’t start feeling reconciliation until 4-5 days in.


I am happy for you and excited for your future progress!

The Alchemist’s effects are enigmatic for us, since not many people are keeping a journal.


Thanks @AMASH!
To my knowledge Im the only one journaling Alchemist, Im gonna keep updating it for anyone interested.


I agree. And The Alchemist is supposed to be the most potent inner work subliminal here.

So the effects must be some powerful stuff!


Great results and posts @Joa93!

Did you also get those As Above & So Below Superchargers for cultivating energy that can boost The Alchemist? I think your experience using them will be very interesting.


I had that too on Khan ST1. I think it’s part of the Breakdown.

What do you think it means for you @Joa93? Or you prefer to wait for the breakthrough moment and the realization so then you know what it was about?


It is a breakdown.

Not like regeneration that heals what is there. It breaks down what is there, purifies it, and puts back a better structure in its place.

I am excited to hear more of your progress!

How long do you plan to run stage 1?


That’s very interesting! Could you please try to explain it more? Even if it’s confusing, maybe explaining it will clarify it for you and for us, better


Awesome! And this just from a few days of beginning The Alchemist!

I am looking forward to read more and more of your progress, and see your results at each stage.

Do you plan to stay consistent until Stage 4 with 1 stage per month?


Thats the plan, 1ST per month, but who really knows whats going to happen. If I feel I should stay more or less on a ST Ill do it.
About SexMasteryX2 I think it will stay in my playlist for a long time, and with lessen exposure over time.