The Rebirth Of Ouroboros

Ouroboros is a name that’s important to me.

The ouroboros is a dragon that is constantly eating it’s own tail… in other words, it is a dragon that is in a never ending cycle of rebirth.

That cycle represents infinity, specifically, infinite transformation, constant improvement, becoming the best and then re-inventing yourself to become even better from there.

I will post progress on my journey and what I’m doing to get there.

Currently, thanks to Subclub and years of listening to money subs, especially Mogul, Ascended Mogul, and EOG stage 1, I’ve gotten to the point where I have an extremely high earning potential and income generating skills.

Time to re-invent myself yet again because I don’t know shit about finances, investing, saving money, budgeting, and I’m still not the organized person that I thought I “had to become” to become “successful.”

Also, my focus has changed, and I’m not focused 100% on money anymore. I have been with my partner for a long time and want to propose in the next 6-24 months, I want to be more financially organized before I do so, and I want to pivot in my career to get into more coaching, helping other business owners achieve their dreams.

I’ll always be a “good” agency owner, but I truly believe that I could become the #1 Agency Owner Sales Coaching Program in the world… I’m already coaching for a big brand and I know I’m extremely good at it, but more importantly, it’s not a difficult accomplish to achieve… considering the fact that there are currently NO sales coaching programs on the planet that cater exclusively to agency owners. So, I’d be a category of one.

I guess my goals over the next year are simple enough.

In order-ish, they are:

  • Stabilize my income while pivoting careers
  • Build a personal brand + offer stack
  • Excel at finances and tracking and budgeting and investing, buy a condo
  • Build into the phase of my life where I get married
  • Do all of this while NOT sacrificing my love and relationships and hobbies and friendships like I’ve been doing for the last 2 years
  • Stabilize my mood, treat major ADHD and moderate cyclothymia through subliminals
  • Improve the other non-financial areas of my life, ie hobbies, health, relationships
  • HOM

has been invaluable as a subliminal for me, however, I find it heavy on the socializing and networking side of things, so I need to let it go.

I really dislike subliminals that make me more social.

I’m already an extremely social person, and any subliminal that encourages me to socialize MORE is a subliminal that is a distraction from my goals.

HOM has made my sales skills sharp and more savage than ever. Sales trainings that I didn’t comprehend previously instantly clicked after starting HOM, and solidified my spot as the top closer in the company for a second month in a row.

But HOM also, has made me more interested in providing value for the current clients and students I’ve already sold into the program, not selling new students into the program, and now that I have so many students I’ve sold into the program, I can’t spend all day helping all of them.

So I’ll remove HOM from my stack for now but remember the lesson that it taught me:

True generational wealth and happiness and deep social connections will come from networking and developing trust with people, not just “selling” people.

I’ll also find a way to coach more people at once with only 1-3 group slots per week, not individual slots.



  • EOG 1 + RICH custom, 14 modules

  • Limitless Executive + The Commander custom, 14 modules

These two are the foundations… then I’ll rotate in a a third subliminal. Going to test out Godlike Masculinity for something light, non-social, yet alpha. Also, enhances the productivity vibe, which I like and want right now.

I listen to my 2 customs for 1 minute each like a type of microloop. Occassionally, I’ll listen to 3-15 minutes when I’m prioritizing long term development over short term results.

Haven’t figured out exactly the best system yet for GLM or if it’s even the third sub I want in the stack.


@ouroboros : Great post that validates some of my intuitions.

That’s the same reason why I never ran True Social or Daredevil and why I picked HoM over Stark. I’m already way too social. What I need is more gravitas. That’s something that I’m finding in HoM but it’s also the reason why I will end up adding Emperor back to my stack.

100% agree. But also for finding your life purpose and using those deep social connections to fulfill that purpose.
HoM is a sub for grown men trying to build a legacy! Not for young dudes who are still trying to figure out how hard their :cucumber: can get. :rofl:


On a similar wavelength over here, man…just hung up a badass, Japanese-style image of the phoenix to be reminded of the same.

Sounds like you have a concrete vision of what you want…here’s to your inevitable success :beers:

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Truer words of wisdom were never spoken

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I also notice emperor doesn’t make me feel “too social”

Went to a bar with a friend and he gave me the idea of selling my knowledge as an info product.

I don’t know why the idea never occurred to me before. I thought I had to give so much time, do 1-1 & group coaching calls, sell a high ticket program and do EVERYTHING for my clients.

My mind is blown at how easy it would be to make a course and sell it for $500-$2000 to agency owners, but it takes none of my time. Then I could sell my 1-1 time for even more :o

I’m going to a cabin on Sunday - Tuesday to reflect on my vision and what my next phase in life is.

Time to ask myself what my goals are in a more crystallized way. Right now it’s very generalized and up in the air.


I notice it doesn’t matter what subliminal I listen to, they all provide a feeling of influence over reality. I cause things to happen, things don’t just happen to me.

Coincidences and synchronicities always happen, but when I do listen to subliminals, I don’t think of them as luck, or synchronicity, which feels outside of my control.

I feel like they’re manifestations, within my control, as if I caused them.

Probably caused by the primer since it’s universal across subs I’ve listened to

What if it’s a processus always happening, à power everyone use all the time but dispersed into so many things that not much seems to be happening

That subs focus your mind
And allows you to experience things that require a certain threshold Wich usually isn’t met by most people

I’m certain tho that it can be reached ‘’ naturally ‘’ without subs but would require a lot of training such as bodybuilding

Welcome to the forum Ouroboros :wink:

Look into Alen Sultanic and the Automatic Clients model, join his FB group “Nothing Held Back” and maybe even his mastermind NHB+

Guy is an insane marketer and has systematized the winningest info product funnel.


Great journal, looking forward to more.
Of everything you’ve run, what do you find directly supports the most with sales?

Welcome to the forum, you chose the right place.
Looking forward to read your journal!




love the energy

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stark zp - 7 minutes
dragon reborn st 2 - 3 minutes

Stark and dragon st 2 are smooth together

Stark has positivity, but more importantly, it helps me COMMUNICATE my emotional darkness in a way that creates connection, openness, honesty.

I’ve gotten feedback that people can’t “feel” me when I communicate. This last week, I’ve been working on that, but stark & dr at 2 really amplified that.

The thing I struggle with but am now working on is actually sharing my dark side, fears, and struggles with those close to me in an open and honest way

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If one word could describe success for me, it’s that one.

The last month I’ve been so confused. not sure about what EXACTLY my goal is.

but now I know what I knew in january - my goal is simply to elevate my sales skills to GODLY levels.

forget about coaching, entrepreneurship, and all the rest right now.

my only job is to become the best closer i can possibly be, use my current situation as practice, be lasered-in 100% focused, and accelerate my learning as fast as possible.

Which means not just making money and CLOSING deals but also, spending lots of time studying and reflecting.

I have clarity, finally, on what direction and guiding questions I have right now, and the answers are as follows.

1) My Guiding Question

  • “How can I make money in a sustainable way?”

Which to me, means…

  • *“How can I make money in a way that is sustainable for my peace, joy, happiness, relationships, and self. How can I set up my future so that I’m either working as little as possible, or working as much as possible on what I love. How can I work in a way that makes me abundant and content for the rest of my life, as opposed to uber-wealthy but in scarcity mindset? And how can I do so NOW, working hard while still achieving peace and joy in the short term, understanding that I’m willing to work long hours to make that dream happen so long as each hour I work is leading to a greater goal.”

2) My Singular Focus

  • Studying sales, focusing entirely on becoming a world class closer, so I can go absolutely anywhere and make a killer income easily because I have a system and experience behind me, not just “intuition” and niche knowledge.

Sanguine: elixir - 15 mins
Kickboxing and a great workout