The Pleasure of Push n Pull

I have 3 customs now that deal with Sexuality and relationships
I think they cover everything
I have 2 journals witch I am going to delete and pack everything inside here.
Also I quot the significant post here first.
The Next 6 Months are dedicated to bring my Sexual /Relationship Life not only in order, instead I want it to exceed my expectations

I have one overall goal and that is : To make my life :fire::fire::fire:BOOOOOOOMMMMMM :fire::fire::fire:

Here is the list.

Custom 1

Primal Seduction Qv2
True social ultima.

Godlike Masculinity
Long-Range Seduction
Seducer’s Gaze
Sphaera Magnetica
Instant Spark
Gorgeous Manifestor
Earthshaker – Sexuality
Inner Gasoline
Love Without Attachment
Sexiness Unbound
Sexual Manifestation
Dragon tongue
Transcendental Connection
Deep Sleep

Custom 2

Wanted Qv2
Heartsong Qv2
Love Bomb Ultima

Aproachability Aura
Enchanting Smile
Song of Joy
Total Nonchalant
Alexander’s Play
Depts of Love
The Wonder
Carpe Diem Ascended
The Flow
Inner Gasoline
Transcendental Connection
Inner Voice
Chosen of Venus

Custom 3

Sex Mastery XQ Core
Diamond Ultima Core
Libertine Ultima Core

Godlike Masculinity
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Male Enhancement
Total Nonchalant
Inner Gasoline
Limit Destroyer
The Wonder
The Merger of Worlds
Invincible Presence
Enchanting Smile

Also I found out that when I lisen to Spartan before a Sexual custom I have the mental power to make the changes I need to do.
So I reordered my Fitness custom (the previous had 22 modules)
I will lisen the Fitness custom before the sex Customs, just to be mentally prepared and powerfull for the changes and Challenges that will come

Here it is:

Spartan Core
Emperor Fitness ST4
Quantum Limitless st1
Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
Master’s Coordination
Serum X
Extreme Exercise Motivation
Harmonic Singularity
SPS:Fat Burn
Energetic Development XI

In 6 months I am a GOD

Let’s go


Those customs look good. I’m excited to follow your journey


It’s funny you mention that. I’ve been running my Khan/WANTED custom primarily focused on seduction and finding too that Spartan is a great compliment to it. It really gives you that mental toughness to do the things you should do even if you don’t feel like doing them.


Also @Dragon-Lesson these customs look perfect for your goals and I’m very curious to see how they will synergize together in your life. Best of luck on your journey

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What made you choose true social over daredevil?

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I Am a Natural Daredevil
But my weakness was always a 1 to1 talk.

But to animate 100 people is easy for me

Also I did try Daredevil for a couple of months, even in a custom and I had no real gain from it(it was the only program I didn’t notice change) because I am already doing the Daredevil stuff with great Funn.

But holding the space and the connection with 1 person was always trouble for me. I try True Social Ultima 2 times and I knew that this is it.
So I put it into Primal Seduction.
Primal Seduction makes me unable to have a conversation, I transform into a Beast that’ want to Gucks everything non stop for days.
With True Social in it I can also relax and have a conversation


Day 1 Wanted Heartsong Love Bomb

Day 2 of Wanted Heartsong Love Bomb
After the 2nd loop in total I had 10 days a break so the last quote is 5 days after the last loop


Day 3 of Wanted Heartsong Love Bomb (yesterday)
3 loops in total

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How can I invite other people to watch this Journal?

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From Primal Seduction/True Social Journal
Start April 23.2021

So that’s all the posts

The Journey begins now :fire::fire::fire:

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Thank you State of Being

They will find it😁

I have very very strong covid symptoms since 12 days. I lost my mind and I can’t concentrate and lost my power.
I can’t even Walk straight. And I collavs after 100 meter.

I ordered my Sex Mastery/Libertine/Diamond custom.

I needed 5 days to build that ( normal speed woud be 20 min) and now I saw that I didn’t pay for Libertine and Diamond Ultima.

How can I be so stupid when I order a custom.
Its the 7th. Time I make a fucking mistake in this Q store.
Now I am realy pisst.
200 dollars for 2 sex Mastery customs for nothing.
7 fucking customs for nothing
How the fuck is this possible that I don’t can order a custom like normal fucking human.
How many time do I repeat this shit.
And only in the Q store.
Fuck I hate it so much
Now I need for the 3rd time order a sex Mastery custom
I don’t want it anymore Lik my ass Sex Mastery

That’s plain stupid

Thats Umbeliveable

No more customs for me.

Thats over

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That’s rough man. I just had it too. It’s not fun.

I’m using a custom Paragon ultima and it helps. Looking to mitigate any long term effects. Maybe try adding Paragon to your stack for a bit.

Hope you have a speedy and full recovery! :muscle:


It’s realy hard stuff.

I had it 5 months ago.
And it was a joke in terms of symptoms

But this thing now wants to kill me.
It searches for my weak spots, got into my lungs for 5 days, I stop breathing for 30 seconds, I collapsed a few times, then It got into my hands, knees and shoulder and made me pain where old injuries where.
I can’t concentrate, no TV is possible, I lost my mind, I forget names of things like :door:
Couldn’t eat or drink for days, lost my sense of taste
And on top of that my Pcr test are Negative for the 2nd time

And then I come to the glorious idea to build 2 Customs :joy:

1 is fine the other I forget to pay for the modules(Libertine and Diamond) I desperately wanted in my custom :joy::joy::joy:

Now after my 10 min outburst of shit I reorder.

Funny thing is: I already planed 2 other customs

But that I let slip now

First I get better then I order again.

@summit I can’t lisen to subs at the moment, my tinnitus is exploding since days


OK I reordered

:joy::joy::joy: I Coud buy Alchemist, Khan and 2 programs for this Custom

May it work incredibly good at minimum 3x better than it works on everybody else



Damn man,

Praying for a speedy recovery :pray: This sickness and pain must really have something importent to show you :open_mouth::wink: Better show em who’s the BOSS :facepunch:

I would say, that you in this state of despair an pain chose to go for the betterment of yourself and ordering customs makes you a man on a mission, a man with a purpose!

Lol that sounded cheesy, but that doesn’t make it less untrue :wink:


Do run Aegis Initiative: Covid 19 for a while. It is still in Qv1 so you can run 3 loops every day and take 2 days off on Sat, Sun.

You will get well soon, bro!


Thank you Bro.

I had covid 5 months ago
I have at home my own medicine arsenal.
It was a 3 day event
1st day it knocked me out
2nd day I took a couple of thing from my arsenal and it was over at the 3rd day.
No problem

But this bitch is for sure the mutatet delta Variante

My Frend had it to 2 months ago and it knocked him out for 2-3 weeks and he needed 3 weeks more to recover and be in power again.

He predict accurately how I feel and what’s coming.

He said it’s attacking 3 times after that it’s over.

Lucky me the 3rd wave started 3 days ago and today is the first day I have a clear head and I can think straight again.

Now I have to power me up and use my Arsenal of medicine.
I was to weak to look for myself for 13 days.
I never expected that is was so strong.
The dam Pcr test do not even recognize it
I had hallucinations for 13 days :pleading_face:
Now they stopped, no more space bending


Thank you Bro

I survived it

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