The Perfect Diet (Discussions about different diets)

I personally do IF Kinobody style and would love to hear other people talking about their diets.

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going to repost what i posted over their here as well , love this thread idea

ALot of guys i know who are carnivore burn out eventually despite feeling amazing at first and i believe its the carb restricting part. however its not meats fault of course that this happens

Most of these diets work at first but Im into long term sustainability and longevity. The reality is even vegetarian or fruitatian will work at first and you will feel good. The reason is bc a massive part of health isnt always what your eating but also what you STOP eating. Anyone getting off the standard American diet and seed oils will all feel better at first

Unfortunately these days their is so many diets and fads that it can get very confusing at one point. OMAD, keto , vegan the list goes on i dont have to name them all. I believe balance is the key of life and the truth always lies somewhere in between. Thats why for me a balanced meal has a protein source, a carb and fats. A good rule of thumb tho that i recommend you do is search up true super foods and foods that are the most nutritionally dense and you will see beef liver , red meat etc does destroy kale or any greens even blueberries in most categories and i can send some charts to compare if you would like, i think it would blow your mind

Well I’ll mention my current thought !
I’m piscitarian/vegetarian call it how you want

I feel the hardest point to handle on this diet is Iron intake but everytime I do a blood analysis I seem to be perfecly fine in every single element

So so far it’s the best diet I’ve found for a stable energy/productivity along the day
It doesn’t make me feel bloated except if I consume a lot of dairy
I almost never feel heavy or like needing time to digest before going into actions

It has seemed like a good experience so far
Still trying to learn how I can better it tho

The only down side of it is that I’d feel it is so stable that I don’t experience energy rush especially
So it’s hard to find motivation to do sport (also I’m always under 20gr of refinned sugar as recommanded, so no rush from fast acting carbs either)

But I don’t feel lows either and don’t feel the need to digest

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Anyone that is curious this is usually that diet I have (Not a nutrionist or anything so I might be wrong to eat some foods) to optimize my brain/ Gaining Muscle:

Wake Up (8:00 AM - 8:30 AM):

  • 1 cup of four sigmatic coffee, water and supplements

Meal 1 (12:00 - 12:30) - (Calories: 1 364):

  1. 200g of lean ground beef
  2. 200g of couscous/brown rice
  3. 80g of grapes or 80g of strawberries
  4. 80g of blueberries
  5. 100g of greek yogourt
  6. 1 protein bar (Usually the pure protein you find on amazon)
  7. 15g of C8 MCT oil (The one by Bulletproof)
  8. 2 cubes of dark chocolate

Meal 2 (Pre-workout meal) (5:00 - 5:30) - (Calories: 667):

  1. 1 bagel
  2. 1 spread of light cream cheese
  3. 40g of walnuts

Meal 3 (8:00 - 8:30) - (Calories: 880):

  1. 200g of chicken breast
  2. 200g of couscous/brown rice
  3. 15g of coconut oil
  4. 2 raw eggs
  5. 1 scoop of collagen protein
  6. 1 bottle of almond milk

Nutritional Facts (Not exact numbers):

Calories: 2 911
Protein: 161g
Carbs: 182g
Fat: 54g


I do Intermittent Fasting for many years.
My time of eating is 12:00 - 20:00. I am perfectly well with it.
Have tried many diets, keto, carnivore, and paleo.

Last time, thankfully to Fusion Optimized I laid my hands on the Blue Zone book. This is a book about the diet of five places on the earth where the most centenarians live.

In a nutshell, their diet is mostly vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, spices, and to a lesser extent meat and fish.
Of course, there is no industrial food.


Same with me but me it’s more I start eating a 12:00 - 1:00 PM (Way harder with physical shifting in my custom so sometimes I eat an hour earlier like 11:00) and don’t really have a eating window but usually the latest I would finishing eating is at 9:00 PM unless I’m partying or going out that day. I just follow the rule of thumb to fast for the 4 - 6 hours after I wake up and it’s been working pretty well for me (Been doing it for 3 years now).

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honestly a solid diet brother, im not a fan of the almond milk and a few other things but otherwise it looks great and you look in really good shape also so its clearly working for U

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Yeah so its very hard to convince people other wise especially if they feel great on their diet. Bottom line is if your happy, healthy and horny on your current diet keep slaying and enjoy it. I dont think its an optimal diet at all but once again as long your thriving on it who am i to say switch it up… Just keep an eye on how your feeling as you get into your diet over the long term. A common thing i see with vegans is weak bones, teeth crack very easily, low energy, nutritional deficiencys, low libido , gut issues due to low stomach acid etc. So just be mindful and keep an eye as you go

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And of course lack of B12.

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I’m not vegan :joy:
I eat animal product just not meat

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I eat everything except human meat :).
And trying to more focus on fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

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If someday you do so
Just don’t eat the brain

Their prions might destroy your own (brain & mind)
You’ll thank me later :innocent:

Yes, I know about that Kuru disease in Papua New Guinea.

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It’s crazy the type of stuff we know but hopefully will never serve us :eyes:

Ruminants. Raw Milk. Kefir. Seafood. Shellfish. Organ Meats. Fruit. Honey. White Rice.

Nothing else to it.

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I always say it but i think oysters and beef liver alone can fix most dis-eases . People need to dig into the true power of copper and retinol and what those due for the body. Let alone everything else they contain


I have had oysters only once but my stomach was after eating that quite bad.
But I regularly eat a chicken liver.

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