The Official Book Recommendation Thread


What are some books that we’re reading on the path towards self-mastery, actualization, etc? Let’s recommend them so that we can further boost our subliminal results. I suggest a few short sentences explaining why the book(s) are being recommended.

I will classify all recommended books in one of these categories:

You Are The Placebo, Dr Joe Dispenza





Mindset by Carol Dweck


Feel free to suggest categories to be added.


I’ll start with You Are The Placebo, by Dr Joe Dispenza. This book is great because it really made me aware of just how possible it is to heal from thought alone. He gives many case studies of how his students apply his teachings to rid themselves of autoimmune conditions, skin problems, chronic pain etc.


Currently, I am reading “Mindset” by Carol Dweck which I think was recommended here somewhere.
It’s about the fixed mindset versus the growth mindset.

In a nutshell: Fixed mindset is the belief that you are fixed in your abilities and you are repeating patterns which brought success in the past. The growth mindset is the belief that your abilities grow when you are facing challenges and it is good to make mistakes because then you are growing.

I can see myself deeply in the fixed mindset in some areas of my life. Like when playing computer games that I find too challenging, I dislike playing them because I don’t believe I will ever get better.

According to this book which I just read for a few pages growth mindset can be learned. I have a bit of disbelief in this, but that’s just the fixed mindset speaking. :blush:


There is already a thread for this:


Mark Manson’s “Models” - The better book on deeper relationships with women than Neil Strauss’s “The Game”

His 2nd book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***”

“Confessions of a Sociopath” by M.E Thomas
“The Psychopath Test” by British journalist Jon Ronson


Any good books about game & seduction?


I’m going to give a shot the book mentioned above; Models: Attract Women Through Honesty - Mark Manson.


Thank you @Voytek
How would you rate that book?


I haven’t read it yet. Sorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
It just caught my eye since one of us recommended it.