The New Emperor Q [Stacked]


The wait begins…since EQ seems like it’s gonna be even more massive than EV4, I feel it’s best to test it solo. I’ll run 4 loops the first day just to give it a light test drive. After that I plan to use at least 8 loops daily until testing is done.


Both masked and ultrasonic have been downloaded. I’ll take the masked track for a spin first.


Things to note:

  • Felt as if energy was surging from the top of my head for the first 3 minutes.

  • Twice within the first 6 minutes, it felt as if I could feel my brain making physical changes.

  • Around the 8 minute mark, I felt the same lightness in my body as when I did my EV4 hybrid run. I also felt the smooth transition and rapid succession of thought that I described.

  • Around the 33 minute mark, I began to tire and actually fell asleep until a timer woke me up. This could be because it’s a bit late also but it does seem as if processing this takes some mental energy.


Wanted to document results so far before heading into work.

  • Drastically reduced, pretty much non-existent fear in general.

  • Massive boosts in confidence and assertiveness, internally and externally.

  • My thoughts feel quick and streamlined without a whole lot of waste of mental energy. Increased brain functioning. Seems I’m able to “connect the dots“ quicker when I think, even while driving.

  • Heightened sense of emotional control.

  • Physical movements are smooth and fast. Feel like a damn action movie hero.

  • Also more decisive and confident decision making.

2 loops of the masked version done so far. I’ll be running a few loops of the ultrasonic during work hours.


Mid day Report:

I have an extremely low tolerance for foolishness. I’m also more disciplined than normal in getting my work done. Ironically, my Humor is also sharp. I’m joking and being productive at the same time, with that said, I have to agree with what @AMASH said about this feeling like STARK.

  • Utilized two utlrasonic loops in a row. For the first 25 minutes of the 1st loop, My heart rate shot up and I was actually pretty stressed. I got acclimated though and maintained a pretty decent energy level.

  • I was experiencing a mid day slump but my productivity and energy are back.

  • I am 100% carefree in my social interactions, gotta watch myself with this one though as I can be a little off the chain since I don’t adhere to social norms 99% of the time. I’m bound to say something pretty wild due to my sense of humor.

  • Feel carefree and happy presently.


Yes, these two things you describe is why I say EmperorQ feels like Emperor + Khan ST3, it doesn’t have the same feeling as Emperor v3-v4.

The coming days will reveal more :slight_smile:


Just woke up. In the middle of the night I woke up to use the bathroom. Decided to do 4 loops of the masked track while I slept. As I suspected, it initially boosted my energy to the point where I could no longer even stand to be laying down. I listened to some music at the same time however in order to help deepen how far the programming would go, and about 10 minutes into the 2nd loop I finally fell asleep.

I woke up full of emotions like joy, rock solid confidence and a calm euphoria. I suspect sanguine is somewhere in EQ. My body also feels lighter than normal.

Forget to document yesterday that I didn’t notice any more than the usual amount of stares that I get from women, but as I was leaving work, a new female coworker opened up the door to come clock out. When we locked eyes, she looked at me like she was ready to have my baby. I’ve noticed her stare at me before while she walked by. I kept a blank face but inside it felt like my “libertine” energy was activating for those 2 seconds that we locked eyes.


Great observation there! I love when that happens, it happened a lot on Primal.

Can you recall the previous times you’ve met this new woman whether she looked at you in a “normal” way compared to this time? Or whether she may have but you didn’t notice it?


Since she saw me I’ve caught her staring through my peripheral vision as I have pretty much many of my female coworkers.

Honestly almost ALL of the people in the building I work in stare at me when they pass by the row I sit in, regardless of their gender or how long they’ve worked there. I don’t believe every single one of them is sexually interested in me, I think I’m simply unaware of just how powerful my own vibes really are. Perhaps because I’m with myself all day and night lol.

However, I’ve had women or girls stare at me in “certain” ways pretty much my whole life so by now I can tell when it’s more than just a normal look. This particular female is interested beyond just in a normal sense. There’s something about her that I kind of like too. Yea she’s cute, but she also has a sensual or sweet sort of energy about herself which I find highly attractive in a woman in general since I’m a pretty manly dude. Whatever happens with this one simply happens.


8 loops for the day completed. I could feel my mind being slightly impatient by the end of the 6th loop and wanting to take a break but I powered through anyway. I feel energized physically and even keeled emotionally. I also notice that my appetite is much more under control than usual.

I’m working from home today and although I have no more desire to work than normal, I’m still being productive despite my feelings towards the work, exactly how I felt in the office yesterday. Got my deposit in for the new place so all I have to do is wait until they tell me an apartment is available.


Got up to use the bathroom around 5 am and decided to run a single masked loop.

EQ is similar to EV4 in the sense that it’ll boost my energy if I choose to stay up but it’ll knock me out if I lay back down. Currently just waking up and I feel pretty stoic, completely emotionally and mentally balanced.

Noticed before I went back to sleep that I visualized myself approaching and having sex with women, and there was an insane libido boost before I started drifting back off to sleep. I also noticed that Wells Fargo took $5 out of my savings account for a monthly service fee. For some reason this annoyed me and I began studying why they take this out, although in the past I just would’ve shrugged.

After studying what I can do to stop it, now I have my accounts set to transfer $1.00 per day from my checking to my savings. EQ drove me to feel like all my money is mine and I refuse to let my own bank rob me. I set things up so that they have no right to take what I work for. A small step but it feels good knowing I’ll be saving money on autopilot. Also, the money that Wells Fargo would’ve gotten out of me in fees this year will now be reserved for me and me only.

I’ll of course be transferring much bigger amounts to my savings weekly though, like I have been since January 1st. EV4 got me into the habit of saving money, EQ just took that habit to another level. Even if it’s a small amount I love the idea of paying myself daily.


Bravo, @Davisnwc for such consistent results.


Thank you sir


Running another masked loop of EQ. No idea why but I was driven to learn about brain chemistry in order to manipulate my own for things like motivation and appetite control, which EQ works wonders to all but eliminate my appetite.

After researching a few key neurotransmitters I became curious and I messed around and quickly learned about the brain chemicals behind lust, attraction and attachment. I also learned about hormones and pheromones and the roles they play behind different stages of human relationships. Finally, I learned not just psychology behind why people get addicted to toxic relationships but also the brain chemistry and how to manipulate it in order to get another attached to you.

Like all other “dark” info I learned this to be able to protect myself from it but damn it’s amazing what you can learn when you wanna peer into the dark side of human nature. I learned and comprehended all this in under 30 minutes.

Speaking of dark side, my Daughter pissed me off by lying to me twice in a row this morning. I did express anger but wasn’t overcome by it, and in fact, once her discipline (non-physical) was dispensed, I consciously chose to energetically release the anger and returned to a emotionally and mentally balanced state. Reminds me of what I journaled in my regular Emperor journal about my dark side being like a weapon that I place back in the holster once I’m done with it.


one thing I noticed about EQ is unlike Ev4, I feel no need to run regeneration for emotional healing every 2-3 days.This morning I am not with the BS. I’m highly focused at work and pretty much not socializing at all. I have no patience for others either.


Took off of EQ yesterday, ended up running errands for my Mother who needed some assistance. I took my time and relaxed enough to pay attention to detail, usually I’d rush just to get things over with and have an air of impatience, but It’s like I wanted to take my time and enjoy the process of getting things done.

Afterwards I hung out with a friend that I haven’t seen in 6 months. He had mail for me. I somehow got a check in the mail for no reason, mogul manifestation perhaps?

We went to Hooters where there was a cute waitress who had been only working there for 3 days. She quickly turned me off though because the more she came around me the more nervous she acted. Don’t know what that was about but whatever.

In other news, I’ve spent all last night and this morning drilling into my brain for some reason that I now see all of life as a game, no expectations, nothing taken too seriously and everything is for entertainment. This was already my philosophy bu it’s deepening. I feel i’m at the point where nothing is taken personally. It’s getting tougher for me to take people seriously in general due to the contradiction I see between their words and actions, and the weakness I constantly notice in others. Enough about that though, I’m tired of dwelling on disappointments.

During my loop on the way to work this morning my mood was elevated to the point where I began singing loudly, although my patience with other drivers severely decreased. Noticed my thought process also was the fastest it’s ever been.


Around my office today, I seem to be one of the only 5 people in a good mood. I’m grateful to have a tool like Emperor Q that helps me maintain self-generated happiness.


Currently listening to Ultrasonic track at work, I’m being further driven to strengthen my skill of detachment from emotions, desires, outcomes and expectations in order to remain as mentally prepared as possible at all times.


Woke up this morning after 5 loops of EQ in the middle of the night. I was pretty energized, and since the house was still a bit quiet, I figured it’d be a good time to meditate without being disturbed, or falling back asleep.

During my meditation, I vividly re-experienced the moment that my ex told me that she was pregnant. I found it strange that this memory popped up, this time it played out differently. I was in control of what my ex was saying this time but I didn’t change the words, not the sound of her voice, tone…nothing. I also noticed that while facing this memory, I felt no emotional or even physical reactions. It was just a cold “whatever” attitude.

In my regular Emperor journal, I expressed the mild shock I was hit with when I was told the news, but going back and facing the memory, there was no reaction, not even any feeling. Again, I have no idea why this was brought to the surface, almost feels like I was being tested.