The Nature of Your Empire

Here’s another simple Astrology-related topic for The Emperor’s Lounge.

Mars in one’s chart embodies the energy of Assertion, of Will, of (in some ways) Frame. Or if not Frame itself, then the impulse to hold one’s Frame once established.

Mars contributes a great deal to EMPIRE.

By seeing the Sign within which Mars resided at your time of birth, you can hear a song of The Kind of Emperor That You Are.

By knowing the House of Mars at your time of your birth, you can gain of vision of The Matters and Business That Your Empire Is About.

12 Signs: 12 kinds of Emperor

12 Houses: 12 Missions, or 12 Matters of State.

There’s more to you than just Mars of course.

Still a good place to start nonetheless.


What is the nature of Your Empire?


My Mars is at the very end of Pisces, so…hmm. Something like… Well I can’t help but think of Cnut now.image

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An empathic, healing, psychic, gentle Emperor.

The Dream Emperor.


My Mars is in Aries. What does that mean? :eyes:

(Placidus House System)


Mars is at Aries , what is the nature of that empire? @Malkuth

Thanks :relaxed:

My guess it’s related to health in greater sense of word


Mars in Leo!!

Stark + Primal
sheesh I hope I will have room also for Medici in my stack.


Mars is very at home in Aries.

The Fire of creative will.

The courage to contend and to face challenges openly.

This is the Warrior Emperor.

As to the nature of the Empire, we must look to the House.


Mars in Libra & 12th house.

Frankly I struggle to understand what that combination even means.

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Leo is the Sun. The Sun is a Fine Companion to Mars.

This is the Radiant Emperor.

Confident and comfortable in what s/he has to offer.

This is the Emperor who Entertains and Sustains. Who stands on stage with a Blazing Aura that ignites resonant, reflecting light in the hearts of all who have joined the audience.

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The 12th House: Transcendence, Letting Go, Rising Above, Moving Beyond.

An Empire of Release and of Retreat.

And what kind of Emperor is Libra?

A fair Emperor. A connected Emperor.

a Loving Emperor.


Hey @Malkuth what play store app or site you suggest to give me the full Birth chart with description . I used astrology . Com but it didn’t show the house

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There you go.


Mars Aries and Mars at the seventh house , what is the nature of this empire :nerd_face: curious


Mine is Mars at Aries in the 11th House.


This thread inspired me to read and learn about all of this , I will start with your journal buddy @Beowulf to see Mars and Aries in action , thanks @Malkuth for this thread .


I’m actually in the process of writing the first draft for my 2023 journal . My old journals haven’t been updated for at least a year :laughing: I occasionally snoop around in your journal and will continue to do so in the future :wink:

I am curious @Malkuth, which Sign and House is your Mars located at? My impression is that it will be in the bottom half of your chart, the personal houses.


Yeah, I find this confusing. Both 12th house and Libra seem to me to be opposites to what Mars represents.

Perhaps it’s why I’ve never really been concerned with empire building, wealth or status. :man_shrugging:


@Beowulf Your intuition is strong.

I do have a very strong emphasis on the bottom half. But it’s not Mars.

I have a stellium in the Fourth House and my rising sign is the Fourth Sign. So that explains what you’ve picked up.

On the other hand, my Mars is in Pisces and in the 9th House.

The Dream Emperor in the Empire of Higher Truths.


I think @Malkuth when mentions empire doesn’t focus only on the finance aspect , he means your legacy and overall driving theme .

Correct me if I am wrong, just a guess :face_with_monocle:


I also have an ‘unusual’ Mars placement.

But to me ‘usual’ and ‘unusual’ are mostly social and cultural artifacts.

The placement in itself seems utterly natural to me. As does yours.

What is a monastery or a Great Library, for example, if not an Empire of Retreat and Transcendence?

(and whenever you describe the living situation that you’ve created for yourself, it seems extremely like just such an Empire.)