The Music Thread


Post this week’s music selections:


Can we all just post our favourites? :grinning:




Tough one. I’d like to challenge myself by posting something that also has a motivational message in line with SubClub’s goal of continuous self-improvement, but apparently most of that has more BPM than the original ones by Saint (and tends to be rap or rock).

So after about an hour of searching my motivational songs library, I gave up and ended up with a song that always makes me feel hopeful (and a musician that I think Saint will appreciate):

Not entirely in line with what was posted here, but like I said, I needed some hope of finding something better.





With AMASH in a particularly therapeutic mood today, it got me thinking about confidence, which inevitable brought me to what I would consider the ideal alter ego, the kind of person I would strive to be. With that comes a song that might just fit here:

I also use this song to practice my singing, an activity I think Saint has also done, considering he used the term “Vocal Fry” which is only commonly used by singing and speech teachers. :slight_smile:

Honest Review of Khan


I love the raw power of this song, it always uplift me.



For all those using Gaming Mastery X


Well, looks like we’ve departed from the mellow music into the bigger stuff. I’ll keep that in reserve for now and jump in with something slower. If you’ve never heard this one, you’ve missed out.

What this guy does with his voice…


I honestly did not think a Simon and Garfunkel song could be turned into a Rock ballad. Awesome vocals!


I saw them in concert in 00 I believe with Slipknot.



I love Amy Lee and Evanescense and that song in particular. I use in practice to check if I can achieve the vocal dynamics while singing (still failing when switching to head-voice, I do better as a tenor).

Went to their last concert tour and have tickets to their next one in 2020, which is a joined concert between Evanescense and Within Temptation. I love both, and am looking forward to see what happens when you put them together. Most tickets had been sold before they went on sale.

I was going to post something else, but since you set the mood…

I was unable to find a version where the sound is clear (they all have distortion), so I settled for at least showing gorgeous Dominique. She is 38 now, but no less stunning.


That’s awesome! Thanks for posting that version to the song heaven, never heard it. I like it. :grinning:


We all know of a playlist that sets the mood for a night of entertaining, usually it’s jazz. I often play things like Sade and Diana Krall. Then there are songs that are so charged that they insinuate sex without a single mention of it. This one’s my favorite:

It left Lounge fans everywhere wondering what the heck the B-Part is and how to do it.

Anybody know more songs like it?