The most basic question - A loop!

Hi, this is my very first post here.

I am totally new and I am trying to make sense of this page. I have been trying to understand what people say because everything seems to be in codes that I don’t get. After hours of reading and searching through the forum before I joined, I was able to find a post that helped me to understand a little:

These answered some of my doubts but not all.

The simplest question of all that I need to know is “ What is a loop?” Is it one track by itself or is it both tracks one after the other? When you stack several audios, do they become 1 loop?

I want to start listening but I don’t want to over do it, so I would appreciate an answer.

Please if there is a page where it explains everything for beginners, please point it to me. I have found some old instructions but the technology have changed so they are probably obsolete. I have read the instructions I had with my files but they assume that people are already familiar with the lingo, which I am not and English is not my first language.

Thank you for your help


1 loop is a full listen of the title - 15 minutes :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer.

So, if I listen to both versions of the same tittle: The unmasked and the “silent” one, that would be 2 loops, right?


The word “loop” confused me too when i first started here. i thought 1 loop meant “put 1 track in a loop”. Only after a bit more digging and asking around that i was sure that a loop is not that.
It means if you play the music once, it will be counted as a loop.

Yes, that’d be 2 loops.
If you play the same version twice, it’s also counted as 2 loops.


Welcome to the forum.

Yes thats right but why do you want to listen to both files?
They are both identical except the silent one is ultrasonic.
Most of us prefer the masked files.


I wasn’t sure if I needed to listen to both tracks. Thank you for your clarificatioon. I think I will listen to the masked track then.


Yes, that’s what I thought.

Masked is pleasant to listen to. Everything else is in the instructions with the files. When you hear your first sub(liminal), I would start with one loop. Not two loops directly.

Some also start with 30 seconds and then increase. Personally, I always start with the full 15 minutes and very rarely reduce it. At some point you will have a feeling for what is right.

But you can find all that information here on the forum. This is always a topic of discussion.

If something is unclear, just ask, there are enough people here who are happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!
I was a bit scared to ask something so basic but you have all put my mind at ease now.
I downloaded Love Bomb for Humanity and Ascernsion for Women I will listen to LBfH first and depending on how I feel I’ll listen to the other one too.

If things seem alright I will add Chosen from Within after the first cycle.


Very good choice for the beginning to build a solid foundation.
I wish you much success on your journey and feel free to ask.


Many times the day when you listen is more or less okay, but you will definitely see more changes the next day after you get sleep because the subliminal is being mainly processed in the sleep.
The next day you can see more procrastination, a swirl of emotions, or good stuff like more positivity or confidence, etc.

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Have you read the PDF that came with your purchase?


Yes, I read the instructuions. It tells me how often and how many loops every 2 days, etc. but there were 3 mp3 files, so I wasn’t sure if I had to listen to all of them. The first one says that a new loop is about to start but then there are 2 tracks, so thats why I asked before I went on. Anyway, that has been clarified now.

I am also aware that apart from listening I have to put on the work. I have started a journal, that for now I prefer not to publish as these pages are public and anyone can read them. I am also making sure that everyday I take actions towards my goals.


@Fire @SaintSovereign Perhaps this could be clarified in a PDF update.