Subliminal Club's acronyms and lingo

AC = Ascension Chamber
AM = Ascended Mogul
BL = Beyond Limitless
CWF = Chosen from Within
CWoN = Chosen: The Way of Nature
DD = Daredevil
DR = Dragon Reborn
Emperor: House of Medici: HoM
EB:ToG = Emperor Black: Twilight of the Gods
EF = Emperor Fitness
EoG = The Ecstasy of Gold
GLM = Godlike Masculinity
IC = Inner Circle
LB = Love Bomb
LBfH / LBH = A Love Bomb For Humanity
LD = Limit Destroyer
LE = Limitless Executive
LME = Lineage: Mandate Eternal
ME = Mind’s Eye
PC = Paragon Complete
PCC = Power Can Corrupt
PS = Primal Seduction
PZzzzzz = Paragon Sleep
PSIT = Primal Seduction: Iron Throne
QL = Quantum Limitless
RM = Renaissance Man
SC = Subliminal Club
SG = Sage Immortal
SI = Survival Instinct
SM = Sex Mastery
S&S / SS = Sex & Seduction
TS = True Social
T$ = True Sell
UA = Ultimate Artist
ZP = Zero Point (the newest Subliminal Club’s subliminal technology).
ZPT = Zero Point Terminus = Zero Point with its power level increased.
ZPT2 / ZPT^2 = Zero Point Terminus 2 = Zero Point with the highest power level available.

LotS = Legacy of the Spartan
RoM = The Revelation of Mind
RoS = The Revelation of Spirit
RoD = The Revelation of Dream
RoB = The Revelation of Body
SE = Sanguine: The Elixir

Bloom = a period of time when we’re getting excellent results due to using mind programming. That usually occurs a couple of days after we stopped running a certain subliminal program
Core = a mini subliminal program that is based on its major title counterpart (ex. Strak core is based on Stark-the major program)
Custom = a customized subliminal program we can create ourselves by choosing up to 20 different modules
Module = a mini subliminal program that can be a part of a custom
Recon = Reconciliation = not pleasant inner sensations that may occur when using subliminal programming
Sub = subliminal program
Washout = not using any sub for a more extended period of time

Any corrections and comments are welcomed, guys.


Spellcheck :slight_smile:

Otherwise what an awesome, very helpful post.

Thanks for taking the time to create this.


Paragon Sleep needs an acronym that isn’t the same as that of Primal Seduction.

And I think we decided on another post that Survival Instinct would be SI and Sage Immortal would be SG.


PŞ = Paragon Sleep


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Or PZzzzzz



I haven’t seen this one yet :rofl:

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I really like this acronym. It encapsulates the Money in Selling.


Could we do TRS for True Sell too?

PSL for Paragon Sleep?

It would be too much of confusion, mate. Sorry. :blush:

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Ok I see. Understood.

Please, kindly add

EB:ToG = Emperor Black: Twilight of the Gods

to the list. Thanks.

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I see HoM used around the forum… I guess it’s house of medici?

That’s correct. @RVconsultant please, kindly add it to the list. Thanks.


If Emperor: The House of Medici is HoM, shouldn’t Chosen: The Way of Nature be WoN? Hmm :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Would you please post the link to the list you want me to add this to?

It’s in the very first post. :blush:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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LotS = Legacy of the Spartan
RoM = The Revelation of Mind
RoS = The Revelation of Spirit
RoD = The Revelation of Dream
RoB = The Revelation of Body
SE = Sanguine: The Elixir

Kindly add it to the first post @RVconsultant Thanks.

I think Lots is already in use.

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Being new to the forum as well, I made my own list. I found some more and came up with some questions.

LU - Libertine Ultimate - Don’t know if it should be added but for reading old Journals it would be helpful.

GLM:Co God like masculinity: Commander

GMX - Gaming Mastery

HoT - Symmetry - Helena of Troy

TRotNW - The Revelation of the Nectar Within

WB - Wanted Black

Also a short section on the different versions (Q Ultimate, v2, etc) would be nice, If it doesn’t exist elsewhere already.

DR is Dragon Reborn Multistage and LD is Dragon Reborn Limit Destroyer?

And while reading the descripton of Renaissance Man: Ultimate Writer, I stumbled upon the acronym UWX

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