The Legendary Ronin 👹

HERO Origins: Sage and a Blade
Muay Thai Mastery
Anvil Of Hephaestus
All Seeing
Deep Sleep
Epigenetic and DNA Modulator
IQ and Cognitive Booster
Master’s Coordination
Serum X
Subconscious Flow
SPS: Endocrine System

The goal of the custom is to become the best and greatest fighter who ever lived

Stacked with Nouveau RICH + Sex and Seduction X


My body is reacting on it’s own throughout the day, things falling and im catching them, im driving not even noticing someone is cutting me and i move left to avoid an accident, my friend thru another friend a lighter and i caught it without even looking at it.

All of this was pure reaction from my body, with zero thinking involved.


Im writing this post after some reflection about the muay thai workout i did this morning, we did a lot of heavy bag work today and i noticed a few things, my strikes were harder and more powerful, my technique was more refined and sharp and my movement was more fluid less rigid.

This results are all very pleasing hut the most important thing is the separation of the kind from the body, the state of the mind shall not affect the body and the state of the body shall not affect the mind, the mind should observe what the body is doing but not interfere, let the body do what the body is capable of doing.

The goal is to let the body fight on its own, the mind should remain silent while fighting, while working on the heavy bag i noticed this separation, i kicked and my mind told the body “turn a little more” and the body listened, i kicked again and every kick the mind observed and told the body how to refire the technique and the body listened.

The mind didn’t make the body kick, the body kicked on it’s own, the mind just told the body how to do it better.


Im looking stacked, more bulky.

My back is huge and my shoulders are wide, everything i eat turns into muscle because everyday i look more muscler and bigger yet leaner.

A guy in my muay thai gym told me that my back is huge, and when i looked in the mirror, it did look really huge.


Yesterday at the muay thai workout, my trainer said to me things that made me assure that i am not delusional, i really do progress at an astonishing rate

His words: im astonished by your progress, really, every workout you come better than before,you are here only one month and you know how to hit and you have very good timing, you are calm under pressure, really good"

He told me this in the rest between sparring rounds, after he told me this i sparred with someone and he punched me too hard in face, i should have stayed calm, but i was furious, could not control myself, i released a left hook to his head and he dropped on the ground, i was shocked, didn’t think i have som much power in me.

I apologized, we talked, the trainer talked with us, everything good.

Than after the workout is finished, im heading out of the gym, the trainer asked me “do you plan to compete?” I told him “yes of course, this is what im here for” so he replied “good, your improvement is very fast”


Yesterday i did a boxing sparring with one of our guys in the gym, he is really good at boxing he did boxing for 6 months and muay thai for 2 months.

When i first started training, i couldn’t hit him not even once, he dodged everything and he hit me many times.

Yesterday, while he still had the advantage, i hit him many times and dodged a lot of his strikes, he told me i improved by a fuck ton and that it was really difficult for him.

This is my first month of training, he is training for 8 months.

Another thing is that during sparring i innovate moves on the go, could he with the help of Nouveau RICH.

I feel fearless during sparring, cold and calculated.


Im going to do a little washout than add the new Sex and Seduction X

Edit: i couldn’t wait, im running SSX as im writing this, probably not a good idea because yesterday i listened to my custom and NR and than because of recom (i guess) i chose to listen to RoD

So i did 3 titles yesterday, one of them is a custom and now im listening to a new title, will definitely need a washout after this

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Im listening to Paragon as im writing this, i had another panic attack when i think im getting a heart attack.

I hate when this happens.

Do you think Everpresent and Ego Adsum could have contributed to this?

Do you notice these modules at all?

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Take it easy with the amount of loops and amount of programs you expose yourself to. Just read your post above, and clearly the amount is not helping with the panic attacks as you are overloading your mind…

I have been there many times where you just go, screw it I’ll just play more! Less is definately more as you want a smooth ride as you grow, at least IMO. Also that smooth ride makes it easier to take inspired action than when in heavy recon.

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Those two modules definitely help, they keep me 100% present and in my body during fights, when i say 100% i mean 100%, no thoughts at all, sometimes i still get emotional during fights but barely.

I also notice those modules throughout the dayz if im in my head, suddenly i will become aware of my body and my breath and than i will become present get out of my head.

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Thanks :pray:

I definitely need to take a washout.

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Lol panic attacks? That’s not normal my friend

And thanks for sharing, take it easy though some changes can boggle your mind no reason to go into a state of panic because you are making changes too fast

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The panic attacks have started before i started using subclub, it’s started because of my weed usage, after the first attack i thought im having a heart attack and didn’t smoke since it happened (it was 2 years ago).

Since it happened i had frequent panic attacks amd anxiety linked to heart health and health in general, everyday sometimes few times a day.

Using emotional healing subliminals reduced the panic attacks to such a low frequency that sometimes i forget about it.

Now it happens mostly when i overexpose.

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Good to hear the subs are helping you!

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I consider presence to be the most important part of both experiencing life fully and being capable of giving yourself fully into any activity.

Deeply interested myself in this combination of Modules, just ordered a Custom with it and curious to see how it will affect me

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If we are already talking about those two modules panic attacks and anxiety.

Those two modules helped me with my anxiety and panic attacks more the any other healing title or any other title in general.

But lately i have not heen so present, a lot on the phone and if im not doing something im in my head thinking, could be recon.

I need to start meditation again.

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Thanks a lot I will watch this after my training

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I think this video cured my anxiety wtf, this is the hest video about anxiety and negative emotions in general.

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