The Invictus Experience (Stark ZP + ME ZP)

Are you doing also a washout after 21 days?


lol I knew this story would be awesome. You handled that like a pro.


Hahaha, well the way subs work for me is as follows:

Every listen increases my baseline, like getting EXP in a video game.

When I take a rest day, my baseline stays as high as it was the previous day, just like how you won’t gain any EXP if you didn’t play for a day.

After that, soon as I listen to a loop again, my baseline goes up again, like gaining more EXP once you play again.

So at the end of my washout, my baseline goes up by a HUGE amount.

That’s also why I can use subs like Chosen as just a booster, because I have listened to them enough to really build them inside my brain, in a part of its own, and whenever I listen to a loop, I just open that part of my brain and let that specific side of me come out.

And yes I do 3 days washouts every 21 days.


I was with a friend earlier actually, who sees a lot of my IRL results, and he made a comment earlier, saying “your life is a straight up Netflix series” :rofl:

Seems like my Stark aura is effecting you too :wink::joy:

But thanks man :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha thanks man, now we wait for next week to compare both offers and make a decision, most likely where I went today.

Also it turned out that it’s not really that much dominated by women (in terms of ratio), guess they might have been checking my openness to working with women, the last time they interviewed me.
But yeah, the atmosphere today alone was enough to persuade me to work here.


Stark + Chosen feel like they give you that Chris Hemsworth vibe, specifically from Thor Ragnarok and men in black.

Seeing how Thor Ragnarok is one of my favorite MCU movies, it makes sense now why this combo feels so much better than all the other combos I tried.
No inner conflict, no opposite directions, no feeling of “is this good enough for long term?”.

Just feels right.

Primal, on the other hand, made me feel like I have this panther like vibe, like deep down inside, I felt like a wild, yet calm, predator.
I don’t think I wanna keep it in my stack though, because I don’t see the use of it :rofl: but hey, worth the try.

From what I felt though, the sub feels like it has a lot of IDGAF nonchalance in it, almost similar to WANTED, but unique in its own way, very similar to EmpZP as well, and since it’s mainly inner game, I kinda felt like it didn’t really give me something I didn’t have. It’s like playing a tutorial level in a game that you already mastered.


Can I tell you that you are my hero :)?

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How do you NOT see the use in that? :smiley:


Hahahah why :rofl:

I shall reply to you with a better explanation in a while, but for now, just know that the 2 categories of “alpha” titles that Saint mentioned before, is the same reason for why I said I have no use for it.

I’m better off with a “Charismatic alpha” title, than a “dominant alpha” title.


I know, I wasn’t being too serious there.

Imma test the dominant alpha soon with PS and RM to balance things. Always be testing!

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From what I know about you, and seen you talk, I think you’re more suited for charismatic alpha titles (not saying you’re not good with a dominance one), but you seem like an Engager.

Well, my natal chart has me on Primal, for sure.

Although that might not necessarily be dominant, more like ANIMALISTIC :wink:


If my guess is right, you’d want to guide it towards your romantic life, right?

I remember when you asked about PS for a relationship, I think in that regard, Primal would be better as you won’t feel the “push” to seduce.

But then again, if you had the push, you can just seduce the one you’re already with :stuck_out_tongue: right?

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Adding on to what I was saying yesterday about Stark + Chosen, this page literally feels like it describes the effect I’ve been noticing myself having on those who interact with me;


So tomorrow is going to be my first rest day of the week, however, today I only did 3 loops (ME, Stark, and Chosen), nothing extra, no 4 loops.

The reason for this is because yesterday I had a hangover from getting a bit too high on Thursday (I was too happy after the interview), so my “input” needs to be a little less, or I would end up feeling overloaded, since it also dehydrated me quite a bit.

But here’s an insight in why I get high often:
I’m bored. I want to start work, but I keep having to wait for an answer, so I’m bored.
So I pass time by getting high.


I miss WANTED :pensive:


How come? Besides the attention and body shifting is there something your missing?


I miss the feeling I got where whenever I went ANYWHERE, it felt like guys would do anything to be me, even for a second.

And that ego boost is missing :sweat_smile::rofl:


Too funny man :joy: But I get what you mean, felt a little of that myself when I ran it in qv2. Just hit the gym and I’m sure you’ll get some of that attention there with your gains :muscle:

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