The illusion of Fear

Yes you’re absolutely correct and it’s a very important emotion because it helps us grow.
When I say that fear is not a real thing, I’m talking about it in regard to subconscious beliefs.

For example: If you have to speak in front of 5000 people.

Most people would be absolutely terrified of doing something like that.
Why? Are they in danger? Is their safety being threatened? No.

When they decide to speak and get through it… are they in danger and is there safety being threatened? No.

The fear in this case is an illusion. It’s purely in the mind.

Imagine that there was a giant ferocious looking spider blocking your path.
You don’t even look at it, you just hide in a corner for months…
It’s so scary, right? After a while you’ve had enough.
You’ve decided that you rather go out fighting rather than just hide in the corner for the rest of your life…
You close your eyes and run at it… and walk right through it.
It was just a hologram… It wasn’t even real, lol. It was just a belief.
You were scared to move from your little corner for months because of fear, when it was all just an illusion.

Does this make sense?

So when people are listening to subliminals and experiencing subconscious fear in the form of limiting beliefs. It helps to understand that the fear is just an illusion.

It helps you to remain objective throughout the process and to have more courage in facing what you have to face. You’ll still experience the emotion, but it won’t have as much of a hold over you.

Anyways, back to the story…
The guy keeps going down the path and this time encounters a giant snake with large fangs blocking the way…
He remembers his experience with the giant spider…

“This giant snake fucking scary, but I know that if I push through and get to the other side, I’ll be safe. It’s all just in my mind, it’s an illusion”.
Now this time, he doesn’t have to think as much…
He just walks through the giant snake… another hologram…

He keeps going down the path and this time encounters the most terrifying thing he’s ever seen… a 100 foot tall fire breathing dragon.

This time he doesn’t even hesitate to think about shit. He just walks through it nonchalantly.
“I figured it out man. These things aren’t real.” he begins to laugh at himself.

He looks far off in the distance and see’s a giant spider blocking the path of someone else. He sees that the person is hiding and cowering in the corner, looking away.

He thinks to himself… “If only they knew… If only they knew that it’s not real and is just a hologram.”

While this is good enough to explain the point…
Understand that the illusion of fear in relation to subconscious beliefs, is only a fraction of what’s meant by the totality of the concept.
Fear is fundamentally not real at all… in any way, shape or form… but that is what I’d say to be an “expanded” or “advanced spiritual” concept…
Something I won’t get into because if I do, it will probably look like I’m writing in a foreign language, which helps no one… lol.

When I say “expand” I’m talking about opening up to the possibilities of yourself and reality.
Most people have limitations drilled into their minds throughout their upbringing and entire life (think school, media, movies, society, etc).

This companies logo says “advancing human potential”. I think that “unlocking human potential” is more fitting, lol. What they’re really doing is helping people access the infinitely limitless potential that they already have, so that they can manifest the realities that they want.

LOA is not a very good example to counter the idea that “your beliefs, create”…
LOA in general has been completely distorted on purpose just like masculinity.
When anyone goes down the path of understanding it, they only get bits and pieces of the puzzle then they try it and fail… concluding that it’s all a big sham.

I’ll quickly explain it:
Say you want a million dollars in your bank account, right?
You can do law of attraction and visualize your ass off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days…
If you have subconscious beliefs that you don’t deserve money or have subconscious fears about money being evil, etc.

You won’t attract jack shit.

If the subconscious mind and subconscious beliefs aren’t aligned with what you’re trying to manifest, then you will fail 101% of the time.

You don’t have to sit, lol.

When you’re in a Recon Trance, you just stop avoiding and go inwards… You stop running away.

If you’re compulsively and frantically scrolling through your phone, you put the phone down immediately and go inwards to the root of the anxiety/fear/distress.

Instead of it allowing it to express itself through external behavior in the form of coping, you go inwards and process it from within with the help of your intention.

You do that until it’s subsided or more manageable and not controlling you. Parts of you might even shift in that very moment.

If it’s difficult to get straight to the root of it through introspection. Just treat it like you’re playing a game and the objective is to get as close to the anxiety/fear/distress as possible.

Hoep this clears some stuff up


Thanks for your post. It may seem easier for lots of people, but I am not that good with this matter.

Interesting I find what you say disturbing and it makes me think that emotions are something we are attached to. There is the jerk-knee fear reaction and some kind of attachement to it. I dont mean the latter in a bad way. (I am trying to feel right now some fear I have in my life and it is an interesting experience)

Lol come on! There are out there real reasons to be fearful. But I get the point.
Basically fear is my mind telling me “Stop, don’t do that, this situation will bring you lots of physical or emotional pain, shame, guilt.” but it may not be true.

Like saying to myself “maybe I can be more”? Or creating a belief about our nature as limitless being?

Or life experiences, being burned by life experiences. Like I have been rejected for a long time in my life by women until one day one girl unexpectedly open up to me. No idea why, I was not expecting anything. But she came into my life anyway.

I kind of understand and sometimes it appears true. But honestly I have been offered sex a couple of times (before subs) while I grew up rejected by girls until I gotmaybe 26 years old. I really think I got offered sex THEN my mind accepted this as a reality, not the contrary.

All this discussion makes me think about two modules: Emotions Unfettered and Fearsome .

How do you “open up to the possibilities of yourself and reality”?

There are reasons to be cautious, reasons to be very careful, reasons to completely avoid an actually dangerous situation… but no reasons to be fearful.


Perfectly said exactly my experience. The limits within me are dissolving and I’m improving and growing and changing into a better version of myself. Access to potential that’s been put out of one’s reach by trauma, and limits and fears which keep you stuck…until now :slight_smile:

Thank you I get it.
Damn, all of you guys are so deep into all this.
All this is very helpful thanks @Luther24 :heart_eyes: