The idea of willpower and work?


As we all are true creators individually of our own universes through our thoughts and so-forth. Are not some of the ideas of the subliminals of having to work excessively hard to get your desired results stagnating potentiality of flow. I’ve heard many times it’s far more about the imagination and inner rather than trying to change the external to force results.


Subliminals don’t necessarily have to work excessively hard – if the user allows the scripting to help them easily manifest the results in their lives. But, we’re dealing with a society that, from birth to death, tries to instill a mindset that’s completely counterproductive to success.

For example, you wouldn’t believe the amount of hate that’s thrown at @Fire and myself simply for being successful. We get called all kinds of random, ridiculous things for no other reason than the fact that our success keeps increasing. Multiple people have literally tried to destroy this business, lied on us, libeled us – whatever they can, because society conditions most people to equate success and confidence with immorality and “arrogance.”

That’s what makes subliminals “hard” to run – the reconciliation process between your “old” mindset and the “new” mindset that subliminals try to instill.


I can’t imagine people using their precious time just to do this…


Correct. HARD work simply means one is not working with their Strengths, which is a necessary condition to ever experience Flow.

We’re supposed to enjoy the journey, not get stressed out.

Imagination directly leading to manifestations requires a lot more Spiritual Power (Yogic) or Faith (Neville) than most of us have cultivated.

It is much faster to use your Imagination to plan YOUR path to reach your goal - because following others’ methods may not be the Flowing way for you.

This is what Napoleon Hill taught in the chapters on Creative Imagination and Organized Planning in the TAGR book.


Their time isn’t precious, that’s why they do it. They have a scarcity / consumer mindset as opposed to a wealth / creator’s mindset. A lot of people don’t realize that the wealthy and the poor play by two entirely different rules and even exist in different realities.

It took a long time for me to realize this, and it wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I started to get a good grasp on the concept. Now, imagine the people that’s had this mindset since they were children – someone like Warren Buffet, who grew up rather poor, but was a millionaire by 26? By the age I realized I was operating with a scarcity mindset, this man was already wealthy.

Once you start operating with that mindset, you’re going to be attacked by other people for a number of reasons. One, because your mindset and reality is so alien to them that they feel threatened – and when that happens, they lash out at what they fear hoping to expose you as a fraud. And the mental gymnastics they engage in is hilarious. I have people constantly asking me to “prove my claims,” and at this point, I’m just like, I don’t have time for this shit. I’ve done it before – spent hours collecting all the proof and posting it, only for the accuser to disappear or refuse to look at it. Very rarely has anyone once admitted they were wrong. Admitting they were wrong shakes up their worldview, and who wakes up every morning thinking, “man I can’t wait to be proven wrong today.”

So, at this point, I just ignore all that crap and move on. When you’re stuck in a scarcity mindset, one person’s nonsense can cloud your view. We had someone attacking us a few weeks ago, claiming they didn’t believe I was doing the things I was doing, that I was such a terrible person and they would never buy our stuff, etc.

My initial thought? Why should I even care?

Once you have an abundance mindset, you begin to realize one person’s biased BS does not make or break anything for you. Don’t buy it. We don’t care. We have tons of happy, satisfied customers and we’re expanding at an exponential rate. In the grand scheme of things, that small minority of people who say stuff like that DOESN’T MATTER.

Now – that sounds harsh, doesn’t it? Because we’ve been taught that we’re all unique snowflakes and OUR OPINIONS MATTER DAMN IT. And, as a producer, you DO want to make sure that your audience is happy. But you also have to think BIG. One person does not make or break your business. One person does not make or break your story. One person does not make or break your art. And when you’re evaluating responses like this, remember the old adage my California mentor told me:

“I ain’t never seen a hater doing better than me.”


is this abundance mindset in the subs?


Yes, very much so.


That is the very reason why I always recommend silence or even secrecy about your projects and success. The less people know about what you actually do the better is it. I chose to be transparent only with mentors or people on the same path as me.


Yes – in alchemist circles, they refer to this as the “code of silence.” I thought that, by posting and talking about my successes, I could serve as an inspiration to those who had a similar experience of my own (losing everything and having to start over from scratch). Instead, people are it using to label me as some kind of evil braggart in order to make themselves feel morally superior. It’s an odd mindset when you really think about it: “Because I am poor, angry and without direction in my life, I am morally superior to those who are working toward (or has) wealth and purpose.”

I was going to stop posting about my successes, but I realized that I’d be handing over my personal power to the haters. They WANT you to remain quiet because your successes makes them feel some type of way.


Sometimes it seems it’s hard for people to ‘forgive’ someone else their successes.

Tbh, it’s empathetic system in work. They’re literally putting themselves in your shoes and comparing that to the inner map/model/blueprint they have about life. And when comparing those, it feels wrong. And the gatekeeper, the critical mind turns on and asks unconscious to provide reasons, why their model is better. That’s why people do that. That is really not personal.

They’ve been put in the box, box has been shut down and key, for some reason in some unknown way have been stuck up in their ass. :smile: They live in that box and here comes someone who says I live amazing. Outside that box is light and fresh air. They mad, bruh.

Once you’ve gotten over why they do it, you can use mental gymnastics, to change their mind for real. Being where you are, if you open a person up for success, the only thing you can gain is a friend.

Have you noticed how, when you say ‘‘I was in Hawaii’’, people will say ‘‘I was in Hawaii too’’? Or, if you say you had a dog you really loved, they will tell about their dog, or a pet that they had when they were a child. And most people will have hard time to read about it not because they’d hate you, but because of societal conditioning of ‘‘you say what you say and then I say how I relate to the same thing’’ and they can’t relate. Probably even telling the stories too fast in terms of ‘‘I was poor’’ now ‘‘I am rich’’ could make them angry, as you’re not providing enough steps for that possibility to occur in their minds.


We live in a victim-society, everybody is always comparing who’s got it worse because it makes them feel morally superior. Hopefully one day we can rise above that (although I only use the word hope when I already know it probably won’t happen).

I learned at some point that time is precious and so is how we spend it. So why spend it on engaging with people that don’t deserve our time? By ignoring them as much as possible, we have time left for more important things, and they end up spending even more time and frustration to get a reaction from us. In the end, ignoring them does far more damage to their self-esteem than any reaction could.

As for the original question, my answer is in the last paragraph. The rest is since I do have to earn my username (and I’m really passionate on the topic of the human mind).

I have this concept of willpower being finite. Every day, depending on how well rested we are, we recharge a certain amount of willpower. That willpower can then be used to force change in our lives. Every time we go against our habits and/or out of our comfort zone we spend a bit of that willpower. If we reach our daily limit, we can’t change any more. Which is why one can only create a few new habits at a time. In my experience, I notice that the amount of change I can achieve every day is indeed related to the amount of rest and the amount of stress I have.

Now subs are supposed to bypass the conscious resistance. Which would essentially bypass the willpower mechanism, just like electronic muscle stimulation can effect muscle growth/toning without exercise (although it works much better if you also exercise). So why then would the subs have to work harder, as the poster asks?
Our minds have to place everything in a box, it’s the only way for us to keep our sanity. It’s the filter by which we interpret everything our senses observe in the world, sometimes good, sometimes bad. We build this filter, this world view, as we grow older, rooted in our life’s experiences. Although as I said it helps us keep our sanity (ever ask a person with eidetic memory if it’s fun to have?), it can also lead to misleading first impressions, racism and so on.
I believe that the subconscious mind also operates with this filter. Which is why how we think is so important. This is spoken a lot about in manifestation. Always keep internal dialogue positive, prevent using words like no and don’t and can’t (why do you think sub authors keep their scripts a secret, there are few - if any - things more important in subs than proper phrasing). Meditate every morning about what you want to have in life, as if you already have it.

So what happens when subs tell the subconscious a message that is completely against the belief-structure you’ve already trained it to use over a lifetime? My guess is it leads to cognitive dissonance. It’s not really resistance, it’s more the subconscious trying to give the message a place but being unable to do so because it doesn’t fit anywhere. Depending on how opposite the message is, the symptoms could include anything from feeling confused for moments during the playing of the subs to manifesting actual physical symptoms. In the latter case, people that are in touch with their bodies more often feel as if some part of them is actively resisting, other get headaches or dizzyness.

But how do subs overcome it? This is where that hard work comes in. The more we repeat a message/affirmation/mantra, the stronger it becomes in that world view. The more we live our lives in harmony with that message, the stronger it becomes. If we’ve told ourselves a thousand times that we can’t do something, the subs will need to tell us 2000 times that we can. And if we don’t take action to confirm it, or we continue to take the old, opposite action, maybe it takes 3000 times. In the end, it comes down to which message is stronger, the old or the new one?

So yes, if you consider needing 3000 repetitions to be hard work for a sub, then it is. But if we take action to support the sub, as @SaintSovereign recommends, it’s less work for the sub. If you meditate on the message or use your imagination to see yourself living the message as the original poster suggests, it’s even less work. We can consciously support the sub or just let it do its thing. To use the author’s words, we determine whether we disrupt or support the flow-state.


Sometimes they want you to to GO AWAY because your existence makes them feel some type of violent way.