The Great Khan's Journal


Why you think Limitless is perfect fit for Khan?


Do you feel more tired when you are running Limitless and studying at the same time?


I run limitless while I sleep…and I have not noticed unusual tiredness per se…just the usual energy expenditure that happens during studying or working out


I bought Khan to increase my drive to succeed. Motivation is one part of success and ability is another. Limitless seems like the best product right now to enhance one’s natural abilities to learn and adapt.


Do you think Limitless helped you with motivation? I read somewhere that it helps with productivity


I have used Limitless during a couple of months and it did not help with motivation beyond the motivation to learn.

Khan ST4 has Limitless in it. I noticed both the learning abilities and motivation being high.


Revisited ST1

So about a week of ST1 again. I think it was a good refresher. I feel like I was able to tackle a different set of problems than my first run. ST1 this time around really helped me shift into a fundamentally positive state of mind. I notice much more positive self-talk and overall I’m far less stressed out when unexpected shit happens. The changes this time are subtle but really worth it for me. It’s refreshing to have my mind default to a calm and relaxed state when put under pressure.


Revisited ST2

Day 1:

Moving on to the next stage of my Khan rerun. Right off the bat, ST2 this time around is a lot more forgiving than the first time I listened to it. As @AMASH noted, ST2 is tough. This time though, I don’t feel any tiredness or anxiety on it. Completely the opposite, I feel energized.

Main reason I’m looking back on ST2 is to build myself up some more. Unlike some of the veterans here, Khan is the first SC sub I listened to, so maybe I need for of a foundation than others. With ST4 (at the moment) destroys my focus (which ST2 also did the very first time I listened to it) so I figure I still need to work up to it.


@blackadder I found myself contemplating this on my drive home from work today. Granted I’m only just about done with ST2 of my first multi stage.

in theory one could run 3 multi-stage subs in a year. But if all go similar to this first run, it would be half the year in reconciliation/down/tired/low production mode. I Don’t think anyone can afford that.


What is the purpose of revisiting previous stages instead of investing more hours in ST4?


It’s a busy time for me right now and ST4 just makes me so useless. You could argue I should tough it out, but the few days I tried that it wasn’t working out. So by rerunning ST2 and ST3, I climatize my brain to those subs, making ST4 easier.


How st2 feels for you? I felt completely unproductive in st2


That’s in theory. But in practice, revisiting ST1 and ST2, they will not be as difficult to run the second or third time.


Definitely, with the same sub right?

What I had envisioned in my head was a year with Khan > EoG > Alchemist

Maybe with each new multi- stage the ST1 and ST2 get less difficult?


Hmmm interesting idea. I struggled with being useless in st 1 and 2 of EoG. Maybe I’ll follow your lead and revisit them once I’ve developed the habit of taking more action in st3 (getting stuff done is, at this point, the most crucial thing for me)


ST2 this time is making me MORE productive and focused. I felt bad the first time on ST2 as well, The big switch on ST2 is what’s making me tackle Khan like this.


Yeah, how lazy I was getting with the first run of Khan (ST1 and ST2) was freaking me out. But now as I revisit, I’m getting all the positives with a lot less of the negative (fatigue, anxiety, etc.)

I never got any negative feelings from ST3 of Khan, but it made me too impulsive. I’m already a bit reckless and ST3 magnified that. That’s I wanted more remolding from ST1 and ST2. ST3 is the drive and ST1 + ST2 are the direction.


That is fantastic to hear!


Revisiting ST2

Day 2:

Took a break from subs for a couple of days. It’s refreshing seeing the change in your mental state from all the listening the past few weeks. My mind feels quite a big difference from the rut I was stuck in before. When you’re on subs 24/7, you don’t even notice how much you’re changing.

Plus it was a good way for me to refresh my mind and see mentally speaking, where I needed to put the most work in. Back into ST2 now.


This is a great thing to notice.

Could you share more about how you were before, and how your mind is now when you took a break from subs, @laughingprince?