The Cryptic Mystic



I’ve been an on and off again sub user for the past few years. I was recently on an aura attraction experimental sub that seems to have never really produced results and looks like there’s other members here who are already familiar with it.

I decided to move on and try out Subclub, I’ve been trying out Emperor with some pretty sly under the radar results. I dunno if I’ll create a journal TBH since I’m so bad at keeping it up, but I thought it would be nice to at least introduce myself here.

So far I’m enjoying the benefits of Emperor, and I’m excited for the upcoming S&S subliminal. Going to jump on that when it comes out.

Random question to @Fire and @SaintSovereign, will you guys ever venture out into metaphysical subs like Astral Travel?


That old chest nut :blush:. Had the same with that experimental sub over 2 years in the making yet I had no results either. Welcome aboard :blush:


Screw it, I’ll put it out there. We already have. It’s the experimentals listed here: Want to Try Experimental Subliminals?

If you’re interested, send me a PM.


That’s awesome! Might have to change target goals lol.