Want to Try Experimental Subliminals?


Send me a message! We need as much information as we can on the effects of these subliminals. Current available test programs (this list will be edited as needed).

  • apX
  • alX
  • apX RoS Variant

If you’re accepted, run the programs overnight for two weeks. Be SURE to create a journal in this section and update regularly.


The Cryptic Mystic
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What are each of them for?


Hi, I’m interested in becoming a tester.


I would also like to vol to test out new things if you need more input.


I am interested as well, I can journal everyday or at least every other day


Interested in testing it out as well.


The current experimental isn’t yielding desired results, as only one tester reached the design goal, and he’s a seasoned subliminal user and mental alchemist. However, the experimental is based on some OLDDDDD technology, so once I start updating the old titles to PrimalTech (hopefully next week, but Thanksgiving might interfere) we’ll try again.


Are LimitlessX and SS Unleashed more stable than those experimentals that aren’t working?


Yes. The experimental subs here deal with things like developing psychic powers, remote viewing, super strength and stuff like that.

The ones included with subliminals usually deal with experimental build methods. For example, Limitless X is built so different than Limitless that I’m not sure if it’ll even work well. But, if it does…


I still believe this has more to do with a boost to the “Honeymoon Period” than any concrete results.

The thing is, Limitless X and SS Unleashed, compared to the standard versions, give a very sweet pleasure sensation in the body when you listen to them. The Standard versions do not. I noticed this and saw multiple people reporting this.

Does this have anything to do with the different build method?

Because all we can know for sure now is that it’s a better experience to listen to Limitless X and SS Unleashed. As far as results though, I don’t think anybody is giving the standard versions enough of a chance to report true superiority of the experimentals vers.


Yes, definitely. @Fire and I just need to confirm that this build method is legit before making it the default. And yes, you’re absolutely right about people opting for the experimentals. It’s something we’ll have to address.


Question I brought limitless, what is the difference between limitless and limitless X? How can i try the X version?


Limitless X is an experimental version of Limitless that was only available as a pre-order bonus.


I’m also interested in experimentals as well


Add me in my brother somehow. Feel a strong urging for this


Hi @SaintSovereign,

Can you please sign me up for the Testing Group?



Sign me up as well,

Thank you!


If there’s an experimental testing for something like Quantum Limitless, I’ll be open to experiment with that as Limitless V2 and Alchemist are the only subs that I’m working with. I’ve heard great things about Limitless X from people on this forum saying that they prefer the ‘X’ than the official ‘V2’ version, but since I’ve never tried it I can’t comment on it.


I havent tried X either but i am pleased with what Limitless v2 is producing. I am using many subs so i dont know if i am a good canditate to add more but i would like to expirement aswell