The Alchemy Master Thread


This is the thread where I will drop anything I find on Alchemy and related teachings. This thread is so that anyone can refer to it and make changes in their own lives.


Disclaimer: if you do not agree/believe (with) the topic, you may mute/ignore it. Lets keep this thread EXCLUSIVELY for posting techniques, actionable advice and theory. A different thread may be created for discussions. If you read the thread, you are adviced to keep an open mind.


First Post

State control: The cornerstone of any and all Alchemical discipline. You MUST have a grip over how you feel. It cannot be bargained. You mental state decides what you perceive.

Example: if you are in a bad mood, you will only see what is wrong. And likewise, in a great mood you will see what’s good.

It is so that the emotion can keep itself “alive” called emotional refractory period or something.

One thing you must take note of is, bad emotions have “more power” than the good ones. It is because it helped us survive in older times. And the body is made to survive not keeping us happy.

You can change your state by changing your posture and breathing pattern. Because your organs have a memory of their own, they start secreting chemicals corresponding to the posture, which finally overrides the mind.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: whenever you find yourself in a bad mood, uplift your posture. Get into a more empowering one, hold it for as long as you start feeling good. Rinse and repeat.


60-70% of all that makes you feel bad and lose your state is internet, media, or basically anything with a screen connected to it. It’s said where your attention goes, your energy goes. And with screens, your energy goes to everything else but you.

It is also a major reason why you don’t get fast results with subliminals, because you counteract the helpful programming with harmful programming.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Keep your phone away from yourself. Minimize time on internet and social media. If possible, delete social media accounts. Turn black and white mode on your phone.


Your state, as you might guess, would be closely related to your body. That is true, when your body is working optimally, you naturally control your state. And all the Alchemical benefits of it.

If you are disgusted by the term “Alchemy”, this would sound ridiculous too, yes exercising is an Alchemical process.

Exercising everyday regularly is an essential part of any Alchemical discipline you are pursuing. Be it manifestation or listening to subliminals.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Exercise atleast 4 days a week. Listening to rock music while your body works isn’t the optimal way to do it though, your mind needs to be present in the exercise.


Hey there, great thread. Have you read The kybalion ?

Mental Transmutation is quite phenomenal

“Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted,
from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition;
pole to pole; vibration to vibration. True Hermetic Transmutation
is a Mental Art.”–The Kybalion.

“To destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration,
put into operation the principle of Polarity and
concentrate upon the opposite pole to that which
you desire to suppress. Kill out the undesirable by
changing its polarity.”–The Kybalion.

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The Alchemy Discussion Thread

This is an intriguing idea! Thank you for posting it!

The Alchemy Discussion Thread

After seeing the BW advice I read an article on it and enabled grayscale on my phone. This is a good idea.

The Alchemy Discussion Thread

I appreciate that you guys find the thread helpful. Although here’s something to take note of:

I created this thread so that anyone can browse it and get the techniques for the same matter. Almost like a book. So we might create a new thread if some of you get benefits from here.

Back to topic.

There are some subliminals from subclub which might help in state control. They are – Sanguine Ultima and True Social Ultima.

Tagging @SaintSovereign to know more.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Run the titles alongside your Exercising schedule and noscreen (like nofap) and the posture tricks to get much more control over your state.


This is an NLP style technique to control your state.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Whenever you are feeling low, find a time in your past when you were feeling absolutely fantastic, victorious, playful, powerful.

Once that feeling starts to get into your body, stand and breathe the way you were then. Notice your feelings. Now anchor those in by pinching your ear. Lock it in there. Do it time over time, and you will condition your body to feel that state everytime you pinch your ear.


One of the books I’m reading over the holidays is Real Magic by Dean Radin, I’ll take this thread as a synchronistic nudge… thanks for posting!

The Alchemy Discussion Thread

To change your state, you MUST first identify it. It may be done by a journal. You see, mental states have a pattern throughout the day. Like feeling sleepy in the afternoon, etc.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: If you already maintain a journal, jot these down:

  1. How are your emotional states, before and after.

  2. How do you react differently to same situations, before and after.

  3. How are your mental states, (thoughts, perspectives, etc) before and after.

  4. What compels you, before and after.

  5. Where do you spend your time, energy, money.

  6. Your urges.

Taken from JCast’s journal, so it may not make much sense but you get the point.

If that is too much, which I know it is. Just stick to this:

Note down different mental states as you feel them throughout your day. Spread it over a week, so that you have enough data to work on. Once you reprogram your states throughout the day, you won’t need state control as often.


Ego. I know it sounds really cringy because of all the mainstream meditation/manifestation advice out there but it is crucial to understand it.

Ego is basically a surface level sense of self. It is what helps you differentiate yourself from surrounding. All good until now.

There’s a trick though, it prevents you from reaching altered states of awareness. Ego is very active in beta brainwave. Beta is waking state. Anxiousness is key feature of it. Ego keeps one hooked in this “low vibration” state.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Meditate 10-20 mins before the sun rises. It is a must. No ways around it. You’re in a good brainwave state when waking up.


ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Ask yourself this question often, “how is this funny?” Heard that right, get in practice of having fun.

REMEMBER; There’s a huge difference between having fun and having pleasure. Don’t Chase pleasure, that’s “low vibration”. Fun is what you consciously have to do.

Example: Smoking is pleasure, not fun. Firing crackers with a burning cigarette is fun. You have to be creative to have fun.

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How many of you guys are doing these exercises, it is the same info you’d find in some $2000 peak performance “course”. I use this stuff to benefit myself greatly.

One thing I noticed, it’s a lot easier to do Alchemical work when in lower brainwave states, i.e. alpha, theta.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Imagine you are in a bad mood. You could take out 20 mins of your time and meditate with a brainwave which starts from beta and goes down to alpha and back in beta. And see if it works.



Obviously, energy is a big one when it comes to alchemy. All Alchemical practices use energy concepts to improve.

Although I am not very versed in energy work, I could give a few tips. Also, anyone else who knows about Energy training should post some knowledge here.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Get relaxed for a bit. Now trace a line on your palm with your finger nail from center to bottom. You will feel it even after you have traced the line. Now focus on the feeling, trace the path with your awareness. Up to down and down to up.

Congrats, you have successfully moved your own energy.