The Alchemy Discussion Thread


As the title suggests.

Yes I have read the kybalion. It is detailed in theory but devoid of any practices to work with Alchemy. I keep refering back to it every now and then.

Yes, the color schemes are made by the companies to get us hit of dopamine. For instance, look at instagram’s logo and overall app. It fries the brain until one can’t take natural action.

The thread is exactly made for that, to help.

Do post it in the thread if you find any actionable advice. Never heard of the book.


One more thing, if you guys know about anything that can be put in action immediately, post it in the Master thread. It would be appreciated if you follow the same format.

Also, do mention above if what you are posting is related to state control, manifestation technique, or others.


It’s generally reporting on scientific studies that support the existence of phenomena that are typically considered paranormal or magic. I just started reading last night so am only about halfway through, but so far it’s not a practical guide. That would be cool though.


What is natural action?


The primitive man didn’t need to rely on external motivation for going to hunt. Look at lion for instance, it do not watch motivational videos before hunting.


That does help make the concept more clear. Can you give some other examples of modern day natural action?


Okay, it a bit experiencial.

Remember a time when you were in flow, everything just fit in its place and you had fun in doing new things rather than anxiety or impatience? Some people call it Zen or flow state.

Exactly that is natural action.


@Hurrikane I am going to manifest myself implementing all the actions that you have written about so far.


That’s exactly why the thread is. And glad to hear that you’re putting it in working. Motivates myself to gather more information about the subject. Thanks.


Thank you for the explanation!


I recently came across a guy who said to have been healed from paralysis use of hypnosis, although the hypnotists he told me about also makes subliminals so I can’t take his name on here. What do you guys think of it, can hypnosis be that powerful?


I once met a woman who told me she was healed from MS by a shaman. My opinion is that self healing is possible. Even for illnesses which seem determined to be untreatable by current Western medicine.

Hypnosis or other modalities might activate this self healing ability but in my limited perspective there are no guarantees.