The Alchemists Way


I decided to start a journal to share my expierences and will try to filter normal events from events which are 100% related to the subs i am running.

Running subs since years from various vendors and stumbled across sc this year.
I was running KHAN ST1 ST2 700h+ in two months. Those two stages changed my perspective of my life deeply. I was questioning all kind of stuff during this run and after some turmoils in the private sector all calmed down and i reached a state of inner freedom i never had before.

Back to the impact of KHAN.
Since i was born i suffer with helper syndrom. Thats not good for many reasons.
After Khan ST1&ST2 it is much easier for me to maintain the necessary personal distance. I also reduced my private engagement. More often now i say no and not yes.
Feeling much more centered and focused on my own needs. Also not so vulnerable as it was before. For me it makes a huge difference. Needless to say that my whole enviroment had to adapt to my new personality. Its the beginning of a good journey to myself.

ST3 of KHAN felt wrong while i was following the Alchemy stuff on the forum.
Dont know why but i had so much benefit from ST1&ST2 that i had the feeling to move on.
I quit Khan ST3 after a week or so.

Now iam here with Alchemy and SxM2

Stack is 1:1

SxM2 for me and my wife and Alchemy to check it out.
I have no idea what Alchemy can do for me. So it will be a suprise.

Three days now with both subs. The first two days i noticed a strong anger arising.
I was nerved without any real reason. Also my wife was irritating me and i only had the wish to be alone. Alone with the subs. Today its much better and the bad mood seems to be gone. BTW: Since i started with Khan i am seeing those numbers on any clock.
2:22 3:33 5:44 and so on. There are two or sometimes three numbers who are the same.
I know that others are also seeing those numbers and i interpret them as a visual sign that i am heading in the right direction.


Interesting! Something really similar happened to me during ST1 + SMx2. Its seems theres a strong love component in Alchemist.

Thats beautiful man! Congrats!!


Very encouraging. Thanks for sharing.


DAY 6&7

Feeling much more energetic since starting. Also my mood is much better than it was before.
I can act more freely in regards to interaction with others. My physical presence is much stronger and my humor is back. I was known for my deadpan humor and in the past women were truly impressed. After marriage and the last 15 years with two kids this kind of humor vanished. Now its back.
In my relationship there is much tension again. But this is maybe a good sign.
Time will tell.


DAY 10

Nothing special to report. No external extraordinary events happened the last days.
Many weird dreams and many dreams about actual and past stuff of my life.
The only thing i noticed is an increased awareness. The whole world looks brighter and more plastic. Hard to explain. Feels like a higher data rate in scanning the environment.
Or the difference between screen resolution in a pc game. Very interesting.
Maybe its caused through an higher blood flow in the brain. Better oxygen supply.


Yes you are right . SM works for me and my girl too, we play it while making love or just when I know I am in mood, she has been more vibrant and sensual every time we play this . Our sex life has become more intense and playful.


I totally agree @Hannibal , that’s even more interesting that your subconscious has created an aura and sending vibes where your partner can respond positively to them. That’s some real effect and change .
SM I think is very valuable sub when it comes to healthy sex life.
My best wishes for this Internal change, keep us posted how is this going in coming days.
Do you notice this with regards to other women also, I mean their behaviour towards you? As many other users report that also .


No i didnt see any difference. But i dont have the focus on other women thats maybe the reason. Why should my subconscious create or lead me into situations which can harm my marriage.
Women in general are interested when i appear. Thats normal for me because i am a handsome guy. But i dont want to cheat. Thats not my way. But i will keep an extra eye of it.


DAY 14

Nothing special happened the last days. I notice a change in my emotions. I am more satisfied with my life and all that i accomplished.
There are many things i didnt achieved but do i need them?
And if yes why? More grounded at the moment. Focusing on the real important things of my life. My family. Sometimes you ask yourself what could be if you didnt made this or that decision in your life.
But thats irrelevant. You made the decision with the best knowledge you had at this moment. No need to regret. We are all the sum of our past decisions. Good or bad. Be proud of who you are.


You cant imagine how much i can relate to that state of mind … For me it took lots and lots and crazy akounts of magic mushrooms to get there … It was crazy the months it lasted … I felt all the darkness and vanity … At the same time i could really experience God … I was breaking down in tears of awe and happiness when i was bringing the idea of gods inginite love and kindness in my heart
But i couldnt survive in the outside world …
From a person who could minipulate the social matrix to his will … I became afraid of interacting with the world in general , as of i was relating and feeling everyones fears ,darkness and insecurities …


I have been through the same situation regarding sex , I’ve always ever since I can remember myself I had beyond normal sex drive … I remember “chasing” the older girls around the neighborhood with a hard on before even kindergarten lol
That led me to sex mania throught the years … I had basicly made sex my God, which has tought me a lot of course and most importantly to love unconditionally.
But as you can understand there was no balance in my life…
All im trying to say is that I went through a very intense spirtual revelatiom this past year… Even though I have been choosing the sportual practices through the shortcuts of psychedelic substances I believe from my research and personal experience that using psychedelics with a serious spirtual intent you can go very far down the sanctum of the soul and the conection with the Devine, I’ve done some very crazy doses of magic mushrooms thay I dont know of people going that far
I believe I have witnessed supernatural events happening that period that if i didnt have my people with me comfirming me I would have really started to believe I was going kookoo … That period really changed the way I was feeling about the world, showed me how people throughout history reached real selflessness and cared about the god of love and others more than themselfs going as fas as self sacrifice and willingly heading to torturous deaths just so they could give hope , I’m sorry for getting carried away , the point I want to make is that period of my life my sexual drive dropped to a point i had never imagined posible… It felt like I would be " wasting " presious energy and that energy was more important to be kept within… I found that period being released from the chains of the flesh very peaceful and liberating but my senses had become so much more sensitive as well which made it hard to exist in this theater of insanity we calk society … Everything in the city seemed meaningless dirty and pretentious … I understood people thay chose to go far away from all this and choose a life of hermitism to find their peace… And i tried something similar I left for 2 weeks for mt Athos , the Holly mountain as we call it in Greece , its a very big place where are 2000 monks are practicing orthodox spirituality , either at big momasteries , little comunes or even some still following the hardest of practices are going into the desert as we call it disappearing for months living god who knows where or how praying, extreme fasting not sleeping and other hard practices. I have also found fasting a way that got me connected more to god , i lost about 8 killos in a few months and i was already lean from years of working out…
I have started to go back to baseline when stopped using mushrooms , almost back to baseline … There are still sensitivities I can sense in my subconscious mind … And I feel as two sides are battling inside of me … One is craving to be released from all passions and feel its divinity
And the other one is being ruled by all that is instinctual … This non resonance is messing up with my sense of identity and I find it hard to just be…
@SaintSovereign I really trust your insight on this one Saint , i havent pulled the trigger on a sub yet being afraid of messing even more with my mind because I feel I could make things worst , do you think of any sub that could help me in this situation ? I wish there could be a middle combining the best of these two worlds … Is there ?


Maybe your body as your subconscious mind used your sexual energy for healing?


Could be an explanation. If yes there is/was something wrong i didnt know. Maybe on the physical plane or metaphysical. If i hit the lottery jackpot this weekend i know for sure were the energy flowed. :wink:


Weird that your sex drive has dropped while on Sex Mastery! Maybe Alchemist is redirecting your sexual energy like ExploringAstronaut said! Interesting results for sure! Now that you’re healed/healing it will make sex going forward more enjoyable? Excited for you man!


Hopefully it will come back soon…


It may just be balancing everything and then it will come back because that’s the Refinery ST 2 description. Can’t wait to hear how ST 2 goes for you.


How are your physical activity levels? Getting much exercise?


Didnt changed. Everyday excercise like always.


Congrats on getting your libido back! And congrats to your wife :smirk:


Thank you! Yes i still didnt know what to think about this total drop of my sexual desire but it wasnt funny. I am not willing to resign of sex but this was exactly what i felt with Alchemy.
Maybe it was only a kind of rebalancing my energy but atm i dont want to try it again.
Will take a longer break from alchemy.