TENET — thoughts?


Who has seen it and what did you think of it? I’m studying movies again since I’m about to start writing again.


After you released sexual subs i think most guys will be making movies instead of watching :joy:


The film is a unique twist on regular time travel. A new idea if you are looking for inspiration. The action scenes are very “innovative” in a sense. Story is around time travel so it has confusion factor, but it’s generic in other aspects. If that make sense to you.


@SaintSovereign Hopefully you can get the inspiration to develop a time travel subliminal…


I haven’t seen it, but I do enjoy Filmento’s youtube channel.


It was a reasonably fun watch, but it required a massive amount of suspension of disbelief. You had to check your logical brain at the door.

It felt like the writers/producers decided a cool concept and special affects meant they didn’t need to write anything that made any sense at all.


I saw it today since I have been putting off watching it for some time now and I felt reminded of it when I saw this thread

It’s a smart movie, no doubt about that. But I didn’t feel very emotionally invested in it like I did for Inception

I didn’t understand many of the time “traveling” parts especially how time was moving both forward and backward at the same time. But am pretty sure the in-universe explanation was sound

The most captivating character was the villian and Robert Pattinson. They both had screen presence especially the latter. The protagnist was nice and the actress was beautiful but apart from that, I didn’t feel anything for those two

Nolan is quite fascinated with the subject of Time as can be seen from the movies he makes. Inception, Interstellar, Tenet all have Time moving at various speeds. As an aside, I think he also makes movies about the mind, dreams and memories as can be seen by movies like The Prestige, Memento, Insomnia and Inception (again)

I wouldn’t watch it again. But then the only Nolan movies I rewatch regularly are of the Dark Knight Trilogy


It okay just got too much exposition, the concept in it is really amazing to see explored in film


Well, the bit about Time is that the objects and people were traveling backwards through time. Time itself was unchanged.

They tried to make it sound smart, but the more you dig into it, it made no sense at all.


Tenet is worth watching once, it is innovative for sure, but felt like it lacked something.

I prefer Inception, that movie is superb and worth watching multiple times.


I just watched the movie, bit late to the party, I know :upside_down_face:

The movie was quite spectacular. It is no Inception for sure, but it was amazing in its own sense. The cinematography, the dialogue, the action and the running concept, wow. Most in-captivating.

I am definitely going to re-watch it again. I do that for these kind of mind-bending genres, if that’s what its called. Would give me the chance to experience the movie from a different, higher perspective and have those “A-ha!” moments. SPOILERS: For example, on the second playthrough I would get to see the protagonist battling themselves, he also had a moment when he first grabbed the capsule at the beginning and placed it in the bag. Furthermore, when Kat then later on a boat saw a “different” woman diving into the sea, off the boat. Lastly, the CIA capsule that took him into the afterlife - the test, same capsule that Andrie was going to take, but I could be reading too much into that pill. Man, Time… I just love that concept.

All in all – Inspiring to say the least.

EDIT: Have you watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus ?


I did end up watching it. I felt it was a little “try hard,” honestly. I mean, I get the point of the movie. It’s very meta. The hyper fast pacing and confusing story was done deliberately as a form of real life “temporal pincer movement.” I won’t go into spoilers, but think about that concept, how watching the movie a second time knowing how it’ll end will affect your experience of watching it again and you’ll see what Nolan was attempting to accomplish.

I feel like John David Washington was miscast and might have gotten the role because he’s Denzel’s son, not because he could act. Then again, the script had some clunky dialogue (like the protagonist saying over and over that he’s “the protagonist”) and he may not had a lot to work with.

When it comes to Nolan, I still prefer The Dark Knight, The Prestige and Interstellar.


Hmm… That explains a lot about the Protagonist, and here I was saying “Diversity… cool”. Often times I would have to be less critical when I watch movies, play games, read books or listen to music, thinking that nothing would meet my expectations. It also opens up an opportunity to be surprised. Although some are just a waste of time and energy.

No love for Inception :open_mouth:? I would love to hear what you think about it. It could’ve been even better, but what the hell.


I do like Inception, but it gets really clunky toward the end. Nolan needs someone who can “ground” his ideas a bit, make them more honed. That’s what happened with The Dark Knight. He had his brother and another collaborator to focus the story.


Was a good movie , we all know Christopher Nolan is a great director and his movies make you htink and confuse to a degree , i’d give it 7/10


I finally watched it. Basically just because of this thread here. I wanted to read the posts in this thread, but only after already watching the movie. Can’t stand spoilers. Ironically, there aren’t really many spoilers in this thread. haha.

I think that it will take me some time to decide how I feel about this movie.

Viewed as a whole, I think that there were many parts of it that were extremely well-done. The visual composition and the visual storytelling to me were excellent. The use of music was pretty effective. I actually thought that all of the actors gave strong performances, to the extent possible.

My favorite part of the movie was that it didn’t talk down to the audience or over-explain things. Why bother? In our current world, the shelf-life of a movie is basically infinite. You can watch things as many times as you’d like. Even if you don’t want to pay, this will definitely eventually end up in your local library or your favorite paid streaming service. So, I appreciate being given the chance to figure things out on my own.

The negative part of the movie to me mainly seemed to come from the writing. The screenplay.

That screenplay had a lot of heavy lifting to do. It had an innovative concept and an unconventional story-structure. So the screenplay had to provide a context and some dramatic tension around that central concept. And let’s be clear, the movie was extremely obviously the result of wanting to film that one basic idea. It is first and foremost a thought-experiment. This is related to the movie’s main problem. The movie doesn’t manage to get very far beyond just being a thought-experiment. That would be fine if it were not so clearly trying to get beyond being just a thought-experiment. But it is. It’s apparently also trying to be an emotional, dramatic piece.

The dramatic aspects of the screenplay clearly suffer because more effort has been given to the central philosophical/thought-experiment elements. As a result, individual human lives end up not quite carrying the emotional weight that the movie seems to want them to carry. Almost, but it falls short.

With all of that though, I still liked it. I basically just like it when talented, creative, intelligent artists have opportunities to demonstrate their crafts. And I really value the existence of auteur-directors (as Christopher Nolan seems to be) who get a little more leeway to express their original visions in the final product; in contrast to movies that become totally diluted as the result of committee-based and/or focus-group based decision making.


Impressions from the movie were bumping around in my mind during this morning’s meditation and I noticed a clever detail.


The title of the movie. TENET. It’s a palindrome; read the same forwards and backwards. The physical gesture that goes along with it—the interlaced hands—is the same. Visual representation of the ‘temporal pincer movement’.


@malkuth Great observation :wink: I liked your thoughts and I agree with you.

I do like Inception, but it gets really clunky toward the end. Nolan needs someone who can “ground” his ideas a bit, make them more honed. That’s what happened with The Dark Knight. He had his brother and another collaborator to focus the story.

Time to rewatch The Dark Night :smiley:


Actually there is something very Holmesian about the stories Christopher Nolan films. He likes to combine the Heist or the Victorian Mystery with Speculative Themes or Mind-bending SF themes.

Behind the flashy spy/agent aesthetic and the mind-bending element, there also may be a kind of pulpy, hard-boiled element that is kind of pushing its way through.

The competent, terse, and jaded detective getting beaten up by both people and life, and giving as good as he gets. (There’s got to be at least one scene of him tied up in a chair getting the shit beaten out of him; and we know that sooner or later, he’ll make that person pay.) The dark, tragic, wounded flower of the female client who only wishes for a ‘pure’ life (she just wants ‘love’ with her dirty husband, or her child, or her conniving family, or…), but who, precisely because of her beauty and desirability (or, desirable purity), inevitably falls victim to the inescapable subterranean, dark forces of this harsh world.

There’s definitely a pulp aesthetic in there. No need to add it to Dark Knight, that was the original Batman aesthetic. But it’s even here in TENET.

Nolan’s trying to do a whole lot. It’s no wonder that it might have trouble achieving complete coherence.

One funny point is: when I first hit play on it yesterday, and saw the scene of everyone going into this large building/concert hall thing, something about the way it was visually composed and the setting itself made me instantly feel ‘I like this movie’. Possibly there was something verite-esque about not beginning with a visual focus on a single character. (That’s a pet peeve of mine. I can accept science fiction and I can accept people flying through the air in yoga costumes; but I can’t accept the idea that any single human being is just supposed to be so much more important than all of the other ones. hahaha.)


Many commented that Nolan’s protagonists are always white men who wear suits – just like himself.
So this time, the suited white man is NOT the protagonist – and he won’t let you miss it.

There is always a dead wife/girlfriend in Nolan films.
Is there one in TENET too?