Survival Instinct Spartan Custom

I just got my new custom today. It will be my first one. Fully loaded 20 modules.

Here’s my custom, it is unnamed. It doesn’t have any physical modules because I felt that Spartan and Survival Instinct will cover that. I added modules that I think are most necessary for my personal growth and to shore up my weak spots to further build on. I would love to have a purely physical and health related custom but I decided to go with what I need for now.

Survival Instinct Core

Spartan Core

Achille’s Heel



The Boundary


Limiting People Remover


Iron Frame

Pride Unbroken

Code of Loyalty

Natural Winner

Fortune’s Favorite

The Way of ROI


Joie De Vivre

Harmonic Singularity

Energetic Development XI



Looks very fine and polished.




I got my first listen in. I did five minutes of breathing that I do everyday to calm my nervous system down.( a variation on the breath in for a 4 count, exhale for an 8 count. I do a slow breath in until almost full, then I take like a quick sniff breath to fill up, then I just do a long steady slow exhale.) Then I listened to the track in a state where I was really taking a nap but I didn’t quite fall asleep. It definitely gave me a mood boost and bit of a perceptual shift that lasted I don’t know maybe 30 minutes.

During my listen I felt like it was maybe Harmonic Singularity and maybe Energetic Development at work. My body felt relaxed and good, and there was definitely some happiness, possibly Joie De Vivre showing some trailer effects already. It was definitely a great experience to where I’m going to stick to the standard listening suggestions and just stick with Chosen From Within. So I’m only listening to my custom and Chosen from within just on alternating listening days. Also will continue listening to Ascension Chamber on Fridays. My initial experience leads me to feel confident that this is going to be something really good for me. So I’m going to go slower and wait for another cycle until I add in regular Chosen.


I’ve been feeling a little worn down lately because I’ve upped the intensity of my workouts. So they’re shorter but definitely still acclimating to that new intensity. I’ve been feeling sore and a little tired and moving slower as my body recovers and adjusts.

So I haven’t been looking for anything physical yet but today I was doing some cleaning and accidentally knocked a box of kleenex off the counter. I literally was able to consciously decide if I wanted to grab it in midair or not. I didn’t move any faster at least I didn’t perceive that, what stuck out was that I literally had a second to decide, and I was like eh, might as well grab it. And I did. Like I don’t mean it was falling and I was deciding, it was like as soon as it was airborn and so it wasn’t like a bend over type thing or a rush to catch it. Like I didn’t perceive time slowed down or anything like that. So I guess I had some increased mental processing in that moment yet it just seemed as normal as usual,.


I had a dream 2 nights ago. Dana White the UFC guy offered me a fight with a former UFC heavyweight superstar. And so I was mulling it over knowing I’m going to obviously get beat, but the tough part for me was weighing the risk to reward ratio. Yea I’d get beat but would it be worth the pay day. hahaha. So I’m thinking that was probably, well, my whole custom at work. But I think Spartan Core and The Way of ROI for sure.


Things are still subtle with my stack but I feel like spartan was a great choice for me. I like to work out and have a physical job. I haven’t had any like burst of motivation or anything. But I work out before work then I’ve been coming home and doing some grip or forearm work this week. I tried to do it before, but it didn’t last too long because I was worn out from work.

I’ve definitely had just like normal energy and I just have been doing it now. Before I started my new custom I was having like tight hamstrings like a nerve sensation, so I was almost going to start some nerve gliding stretches. But now that problem has gone away and I’m feeling stronger. So discipline has increased, strength has increased. I haven’t been super focused on it just yet but I keep trimming down and finally had to buy some new workout shorts because my other ones would fall down if I didn’t keep them snuggly tied up. I’m physically looking good and starting to feel better in my body again.

So I’m pretty happy with my stack. I think I finally nailed it down to what’s best for me. My Survival Instinct/Spartan Custom. Chosen From Within and Chosen.


I tried out Wanted for like 5-6 cycles and even added in Sex and Seduction for a few cycles. But for whatever reason it didn’t mesh with me. I would try it again of course, maybe not though. I will absolutely try out Heartsong before I go back to Wanted. This is just for me personally, I know there are many great successes with Wanted. I even feel like I look better physically now than when I was on Wanted. I think that’s that Chosen influence. Definitely noticing at this point that I’m planning in my head what my next title will be. That seems to be a sign that things are definitely working behind the scenes. Just remain patient and after 3 more cycles I will be trading out Chosen From Within for who knows. Tough choices. Maybe I’ll begin the process of buying modules for a Chosen Custom since I like it so much.


I had to wake up early for a quick appt. So I went back to sleep after and that wasn’t the best idea. I woke up around 90 minutes before my normal time and I should have just stayed up. Well I overslept to 2 hours past my normal wake up time. I was feeling pretty groggy. Still a little groggy in the head. But I decided to skip my 45 minute meditation and listen to my loop of My Survival Instinct/Spartan custom instead.

That was a good choice. It got me back in my body and my body feels like it has energy now to get to my workout. So under the circumstances and it kind of was my intention, I do feel like I’m getting a bit of that pre-workout type effect. I’m still gonna take actual pre-workout but it definitely seems to be getting me out of the rut of a groggy overslept Monday start. I normally listen in the evenings because I listen to other meditation music in the morning to start the day.

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I haven’t had much in terms of healing at least not noticeable. But I woke up this morning kind of with a flood of insights that I can’t put into words. Just some memories of people and things from my past. Had some dreams and it makes me realize that I really do just need to give it time. Although, my nightmares have kicked up again. But I can easily forget them. So that’s definitely a sign that things are being worked out behind the scenes.

I was all but decided on switching Chosen From Within to Sanguine: The Elixir starting next cycle but I’ll stick to my standard of 4 cycles before I consider moving to a different title. The people side of things is one of the main reasons I’m on this stack. It’s kind of foundational for me before I’d move to like True Sell or Daredevil and definitely before any of the titles for romance and dating.

So I think Chosen and Chosen Within are so far just the best titles for me personally so far. My custom also has a couple of I guess you could say healing modules like Pride Unbroken and Code of Loyalty which deal with healing up and overcoming some inner issues with certain aspects of people.

I definitely will use Sanguine: The Elixir as my next focused healing title though.


Today I got to remember the bad drivers on the road. I noticed the iron mind effects kicking in. I didn’t react, I didn’t get angry. I started to react as I’d expect anybody else to but I just stopped it instantly. Like just some blatant moves that anybody would have a reaction to. Well for me it was like Rogue Module which I don’t have in my custom. Rogue module says you just don’t care about anybody’s opinions unless they are not helpful. Well I literally did not care about their actions. There was no attitude about it from me it was just like at the point these people just didn’t exist and I didn’t give them the satisfaction of reacting or getting upset. They even looked at me probably because it’s not normal for somebody to not get upset. I just went on with my day. It was nice, no anxiety or anger. Just okay, I’m just gonna keep on with my life and that’s that.

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I’m noticing less “negative” thinking loops but I can still have the “feeling” of like some anxiety. But this is a positive as I think it’s easier to work with a feeling than to try and stop or control the thoughts. Like just observing a feeling can make it dissolve or change or whatever, a non-doing. It’s just energy. While at least in the past I’ve found it a bit challenging to observe the thoughts until they quiet down. But it’s said that’s the easiest way, just observe the thoughts and they will quiet. Just a matter of building the habit and practice I suppose. So how I noticed that was I noticed myself more present with whatever I was doing. I noticed that that negative thinking loop wasn’t there.

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So I guess this is my journal for my whole stack which is my custom and Chosen from Within, and Chosen. I’m really thinking for the time being I might actually go with Chosen Way of Nature. It doesn’t make sense because on the one hand I need to get my “practical” life together and situated moving forward. But for what I’m actually about and seeing how having the right subliminal that aligns with what your life really is about, it can just I dunno, be the magic sauce that brings it all together…

So rather than switch over to Sanguine: The Elixir, I just might be going for what I’ve always thought was the least practical title for me, but probably will be one of the most enjoyable, Chosen: Way of Nature. Getting that emotional life in harmony is probably number 1 on my list of things that would set my whole world right. Regular Chosen might be me just putting pressure on myself. So I guess I’ll call this an intuitive nudge or maybe Wayfinder’s influence. I’m still on course but just taking a road I wouldn’t take because I thought it wouldn’t be the most practical, and very well could be exactly what the dr. ordered.

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I have been in recon. It’s not all the time. I’m able to remain aware and it passes and I forget about it. I don’t want to add more input by using another subliminal like sanguine on top of it. It’s not unbearable and from my experience, tends to just be part of the experience of changing with subliminals. It’s temporary so I don’t want to risk overload with more input. By the time it comes on it’s usually my listening day anyway.

Like yesterday was a listening day. I didn’t change my schedule so I didn’t have time to fit in my loops before I was finished with my day. I listened to my Survival Instinct/Spartan custom and my friday loop of Ascension Chamber.I waited until after work. Got a good night’s sleep. I’m feeling pretty good today. Certainly ready for my 5 day break from subliminals. I have one more day of listening to Chosen From With and Chosen then it’s break time. Breaks usually go pretty smooth and quick for me.

I also noticed yesterday that I was experiencing some recon until I got out among people. That increased confidence was apparent and just eased things off a bit for me. I also notice the people I’m seeing are changing some. Like I’m leveling up so now I’m noticing different things. The negative types tend to just kind of avoid me and not look at me lately. I’m still noticing that respect and maybe admiration increasing some. I also saw this guy who parked in the middle of the road and he was kind of puffed up and walking really slow, like a tough guy. I didn’t have any anxiety or anything it was just almost wanted to laugh but I didn’t. I think there’s definitely some being able to read people better and see through stuff easier. Also I noticed I’m not getting hooked into mind scenarios as much either. Like I’m not worried about what they might think of me but still able to have a certain non-chalantness about it all. Like if I’m not involved then I’m just not involved, and that’s really nice.

I was planning to go to Chosen Way of Nature starting next cycle. But I think I will take it at least 2 cycles with Regular Chosen before I do that. Summer isn’t quite started so I have some time yet and I can let Chosen and Chosen From Within do some more work also my custom I’ve only done 1 cycle now. So my personal policy has been to get at least 2 cycles of listening in with my titles before I consider switching anything. So I’ll stick to that plan and not consider changing anything for one more cycle.

I’m really excited about Chosen Way of Nature but I don’t have an outdoor job and may not have much time for outdoors besides driving.

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My last week of my 21 day listening cycle I was definitely going through recon. My last loop of the custom was yesterday and since then everything seems to be cleared up rather nicely. So I’m expecting a quick, smooth 5 day break before my next 21 day listening cycle.

Right now I’m leaning towards doing a couple cycles of A Love Bomb For Humanity. My thinking is that that would allow me to be more patient and give regular Chosen some time before I try out Chosen Way of Nature. Since LBFH has healing in it I’m trading out Chosen From Within for it. I’ve done 2 cycles with CFW.

So next cycle will be my Survival Instinct/Spartan Custom, Chosen, and A Love Bomb For Humanity.

Certain things are really digging in for me. I kind of expected that from the modules I chose. So some of my core issues seem to be getting targeted. I guess maybe I have tapped into the courageousness and levelheadedness whatever else to finally be able to see it and face it. So I’m looking forward to what Love Bomb For Humanity brings to the mix. I previously ran it for like 4 cycles at least. I don’t think I got as much out of it as I’d hoped, but it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out for me now. I was wanting to get on Heartsong to target relationship issues. For now my custom and Chosen and Chosen From Within have been doing great work. It’s really the foundation I’ve probably always needed. I haven’t always gotten the results I wanted but the future certainly looks bright.

In the past I chose the seduction titles of course. Didn’t get the results as I’d hoped. Tried other money things but never got the results. So for me it’s not just about what’s my goal. It’s more about what do I really need. What’s are those core issues that once faced and dealt with will free up everything else. So I’m definitely on the right track. The basis of my custom are like physical titles, so I’m kind of starting with the body and I work out anyway, it’s always been a mainstay in my life. Then I chose my modules based on what I felt I most needed without it being about what I wanted, say the money or the dating life. Like what would help me best to target my issues and so I could still be in the world and still tackle some of what I know were weak points. One module I wish I could have added in is Rogue. But I think Rogue module will be better suited for me in a Chosen custom as the positivity would balance out things I think, so rather than risk being offensive to people, the Chosen influence would mitigate that at least in my thinking.

Previously to my custom and current stack it was Love Bomb for like 4 cycles (I do credit Love Bomb with me scoring my job) and store version Survival Instinct and Wanted, then after like 4 cycles I went with Sex & Seduction (lackluster results to do me having unresolved issues in that area). I haven’t been dialing in anything with my diet or workout. I’ve had to keep the workouts to a minimum because I do physical work. I don’t want to risk injury so everything is slow progression and I only do one set on my exercises. Physically my body looks as good as it has in my entire adult life. I’ve never had low enough body fat for a six pack, but I think that could be doable yet. My pants waist size is what it was when I started high school. My shirt size hasn’t gone down though due to having that more athletic build I guess.

I am still going through it and resolving and facing those core issues that have held me back in life. Still some recon because yesterday I was having that fear of missing out on other subliminal titles again. At one point I was going to jump back on Sex & Seduction.But I am switching out CFW and it will still be with either Love Bomb or Sanguine The Elixir. I’m leaning towards the new sanguine elixir for 2 cycles before trying out Love Bomb again. I think Sanguine The Elixir will just help clean and clear up any more emotional stuff quite nicely. At which point will allow Love Bomb For Humanity to manifest even easier.

2 days until I begin again with my next listening cycle.

I’m really considering Heartsong once again. I know there’s a layer there that will benefit my life hugely. I don’t know if just 2 cycles would be enough, but that would be my plan. After that I’d still keep it practical and go into EOG. Generally speaking it tends to be recommended that one get physical/health/mental/emotional together first, then social, then money, then romance. But I know that not everybody has the same exact path through life.

So if I trust myself, to me it seems Heartsong should be my next title. Nothing is really pressing at this time. I’m in no rush to handle any specific part of my life moving forward. It’s more about right now having the freedom to trust my own inner knowing as to what is the best way forward. Heartsong now seems to be the winner.

I’ve decided that in order to keep my stack as tightly focused as possible and thus get the quickest benefits, I am going to go ahead and add Inner Circle to the mix. My custom is about me and my physical and surivival basics, getting rid of unwanted people and shoring up my weakness that would allow such problems to exist in my personal reality. Then Chosen will stay because Chosen and Chosen From Within really have started to shift things in terms of people responding better to me, thus me feeling better and being able to just let my naturalness shine more. Just to start to view the world and see positivity rather than always being in that anxiety/security type loop.

So Inner Circle is just going to accentuate the stack rather than bring in some new area, like Heartsong or a wealth title might. It’ll just continue on me getting the most out of my custom and Chosen so when it’s time to change directions whether that be tackling the romance/relationship issues or wealth, I’ll be much more prepared for it after building a strong foundation.

I’m back to it tomorrow. Day 1 of the next listening cycle for me. I’m going with my custom. I’m really hoping that Joie de Vivre starts to break through the clouds more and starts shining it’s lovely rays.