Supplements and foods that help me get results quicker and reduce recon

I thought I would shared some useful tools I use to increase processing/get more results quicker and to reduce recon when I get it:

  • Get 10 minutes of sun exposure every time I use a sub (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

  • Instead of watching YouTube while I listen to a sub, I try to close my eyes and imagine my goals and what the sub can achieve for me.

  • Sugar Free Gatorade with fiber 1 chocolate fudge (Taken on Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

  • 15g of MCT oil taken every day

  • Increase calories as you need more resources on ZP

  • Workout and sleep at least 8 hours a day

  • Try to limit social media use to around 30 minutes or less

If you have any other tricks or advice you use feel free to share them here :sunglasses:


Great list! I also like taking shilajit, and all the other fat soluble vitamins( E, A, and K2) along with sunlight. Ill also stack that with royal jelly and ashwaganda for adrenals/stress management.

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oh and oregano oil as a general detoxification agent + avoiding getting stick with any wirus

@enigma12 you know what… LOL as much as I love those 3 Shilajit, Ashwaganda and Royal Jelly… Ashwagandha has been the easiest to swallow (Capsules)… Shilajit is okay but the smell is hard to deal with… as far as royal jelly LMAO I made a mistake of tasting it as it is once… Never again!

Also do you recommend a trustable and not wallet breaking resource for shila and Royal jelly?

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Anyone try 5-HTP its converted to serotonin in the body, tho not to take it if you are on SSRI…

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For Shilajit i actually take the tablet form, the liquid is brutal for me lol… Resin tablets we just pop like a capsule. Royal Jelly is brutal also lol, i take the whole food form but also capsules of that as well! Royal jelly is always kinda expensive unfortunately its deff powerful stuff

Yeah ive tried it before, but yeah deff dont touch if your on SSRI. I know a couple ppl that balance that serotonin spike with creatine which i heard works well, never tried it tho

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i took 400mg one day of 5htp… yeah paid the price that night, never again so now I am down to 200 once every other day :smiley:

what shila tabs where do you get it from?! I used to take the resin with the little spoon they give and roll it in a tiny ball… still brutal

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Am i allowed to list a site here? I dont wanna get in trouble haha - I have absolutely 0 affiliation with them

Oh god u remind of the days i used to make this mix with shiliayt, black ant, maca, and sprulina, i dont think i tasted anything that nasty ever in my life bro lol

you ever mixed Kratom powder in water? lol not that is vomit waiting to happen

you can dm me?

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Ive actually never tried that before, how is it? Heard of it tho

mostly used for pain management, its slow but gives a odd high, tho I keep my dosage very low… if you ever do get it… do your self a favor just spend the bit of extra money and buy capsules…

I’ve “heard” Syrian Rue has an “interesting” effect if mixed with a MAOIs…

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I take Ashwaganda and Blue Vervain in tincture form. Twice daily for the Ashwaganda and as needed for the Blue Vervain. Both do a good job of helping manage recon stress.


what would the effects of THC be in managing recon. just a thought, I’m trying to not turn this into a drug related post :frowning:

Honestly some Hemp + ashwaganda + royal jelly and a walk out in the sun could be the ultimate recon killler

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Would you please comment a bit more about this?

Choline is super critical. I tend to use Phosphatidylcholine but Alpha-GPC is very good (and probably better). I discovered long ago that my “recon headaches” felt exactly the same as “choline deficiency headaches”. As a test, I took 2 choline caps and… the “recon” headache went away.

I haven’t got any at the moment, but I’ve also had great results with Lion’s Mane too. Basically, anything that supports neural development will help.


I think THC would help significantly on a surface level, but it would be detrimental to the actual processing of the sub itself. Recon is a by-product of the processing that your mind has to do, after all.

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