Supplement Thread

List here your favourite barks, extracts, herbs, other natural substances that you have used for improving your health, well-being and general performance in life.

I’ll start with Black Seed Oil —


Renowed by the Egyptians the pharaohs of old, I love this oil a lot and it’s had a profound impact on my life and health.

Who’s next?

Share your most compelling testimonial!


I was about to add Black Seed Oil too. Have been using it for 3 years now. I spoonful of it every day for energy and general health. Sometimes I use it on my legs in case I have inflammation. The brand I use is called Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil.

Other than that, I use Colloidal Silver for treating cuts and general immunity especially when I sense a fever coming. I don’t have a specific brand for this but searching on youtube for some good recommendations is enough to get good brand suggestions.

And this is not a supplement in terms of something we buy but cold showers is awesome. Since I started doing it for 5 years, my health has dramatically improved.


Reishi and cordyceps

Cold showers for me too


Thanks for the tip, I am gonna try this.


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I love Taiga

Siberian ginseng?

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Yes but much cheaper and potenter

Would you give us some link?

I don’t have any.
We have a herbal pharmacy here that has super quality of herbs and roots.
So I don’t order my stuff online.

Wish I could give you the best link there is but I can’t

But Taiga is great.
One of the very very very few plants that can transform stress into usable energy and at the same time relaxes you completely.

I hope you find the best quality out there.

What is that?

Looks like a punch of goodies

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I’m using the Ginsengs too, a recommendation from @Varuna.

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I have never heard about taiga as an herb, only an area in the northern hemisphere
But I am quite well accustomed to Siberian ginseng

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Which type of ginseng? They are actually many.

I’m using the Korean, red ginseng one now

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In terms of dealing with stress, there is also a very well-known adaptogen Rhodiola Rosea

Don’t remember even remember what stress is since I changed my diet.

I use this now instead of the Ginseng.



And what is your diet now?

It’s very complex so I’m not going to go into it there are a lot of things involved and other methods because I had to regenerate my body after putting immense amounts of stress on my mind body and spirit for months.

Still regenerating certain parts.

But I experience absolutely zero stress now wake up ar 5:55 everyday and have tons of energy.

And it’s only increasing more and more, my Custom is having an impact too.

I do eat raw eggs for the time being.

I’m going to grow my own plants and extract my own juices in a specialised manner when I move into a new space.

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Here you will find the purest Black Seed Oil.


@Achilles what’s your stack now?