Summit | Mountains of Wealth (Custom R.I.C.H., Emperor, EOG)

Did she leave with you? :joy:

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It honestly didn’t matter to me in that moment.

I would’ve kicked myself is she hadn’t though haha

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maybe kicked yourself for not weeding her out sooner :joy:

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Do you use a planner? I’ve noticed when I use one I’m much more productive and structure my day around accomplishing whatever goals I set.


That’s the plan. I’m going to use my calendar app.

Deciding on which actions I’m going to track and then block off time for those things over the next month.

My main issue has been consistent and disciplined usage of time blocking. I do it for a few weeks, then start winging it. Then…here we are again.


That’s a good point. That should happen early if you’re looking for something long-term.

Day 2 of exposure this week. It’s been a roller coaster.

I woke up again at 3am after only about 4.5 hours of sleep. Really have to figure that out. Going to test going to bed earlier instead of trying to sleep in later to see if that makes a difference.

Ran 1 loop of each title. No immediate negative effects. Started around 3:30am and finished listening to the stack around 8am.

My energy was good until about 9am. The rest of the day has been up and down in terms of energy levels, motivation, and focus. A nap helped bring me back to a decent baseline, but there’s still some turbulence. I’m easily distracted today.

A few things that I did today made me feel noticeably better though…

  1. eating more calories even though I didn’t feel hungry (and drinking lots of water)
  2. getting on a call with a client (didn’t expect to feel better during and afterwards)
  3. and digging into some niche research (part of my audience targeting and offer creation skill improvement)

As much as I don’t want to and feel a little frustrated about it, I’m going to stop trying to do tasks that require more thinking / processing and see if I can boost my state with a workout. At least stay somewhat on target with fitness and health goals since business productivity was in the toilet today.

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Recon is a sly fox. My lack of focus, lack of motivation, and lack of energy during the day wasn’t solely due to my lack of sleep.

I know this because when I went to train for a couple hours this evening, those symptoms all but disappeared.

There’s something here my mind is trying to grasp about the significance of this realization, but I’m too damn tired.

To be continued…

Processing day #2 this week.

No signs of overload or recon so far this morning. Woke up refreshed and energetic around 6:30am.

Jumped straight into learning mode and read more about the nuances of developing an offer for a targeted audience. It primed my brain and got my wheels spinning with some ideas.

(Maybe early signs of the Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy module activating here.)

The actions I’ll take towards my wealth-related goals for the rest of this week are…

  • researching a niche that’s caught my interest recently
  • creating a new offer for a niche I currently do business with
  • reaching out to potential agency / freelance partners to handle fulfillment so I can focus on client acquisition

I decided to schedule my (harder) workouts on processing / rest days to hopefully mitigate any recon that might show up. We’ll see if it works out.

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Go slow now to go fast later

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Continuing from my last post about recon…

Today, the first half of the day was good. I spent time learning, working out, and creating the first draft of my tracking sheet. All things directly related to my goals.

Well, when it came down to taking concrete action towards my business goals like making strategic decisions and some calls (instead of only preparing and learning), somehow almost two hours went by where I got distracted by other things and information.

That’s when I noticed the growing pressure in my head. It wasn’t a headache as much as a feeling of heaviness. It got really uncomfortable before it finally commanded my full attention.

It dawned on me that it felt a lot like the pressure in my head yesterday before training. So I figured it might be recon again.

I tried the exercise in the support article regarding recon and asked myself what I was feeling.

My answer surprised and kind of scared me. But, the very act of putting it down on paper and following it up with answers to a few rounds of asking “why?” slowly but surely relieved some of the pressure in my head.

I came to the conclusion today that recon, for me, is tightly correlated to the quality of my actions (and whether or not I face the fears that come up).

So my working hypothesis is: if I don’t want to experience recon in the extreme, I need to take actions congruent with the goals I’ve set.

Case in point: when I taught class tonight, there were absolutely no signs of recon. No pressure, no lethargy, no ambivalence. I was energized and ready to go.

Will test it going forward and see if it holds up.


I suspect that EOG is causing most of your recon issues.

Nudges from Emperor and Rich tend to be more immediate / near-term pivots. Nothing needs to be forever, just has to seem like a useful idea right now.

Gold tends to be a lot more strategic / long-term. It challenges you to make decisions and create clarity about your wealth vision. A lot of those thoughts are ideas for the future, not always actionable.

That is why it is best to stack EOG when one has a business (or two) foundationally ready for big time growth. Until then, Emperor based stacks are better.


But still one can run EoG without owning any business as long as one is devoted to building their wealth:

I’ll be using EoG St1 to get rid of my blockages relate to money and then I’ll be running Mogul.

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I’m inclined to agree with you on this. More so because of how it made me feel to read.

My initial reaction to your statement was to get defensive and reply with something to the effect that “I do have a business,” and “I want the long-term, strategic growth.”

Instead, I stepped away, did some freewriting, and explored the idea you presented and looked at the business foundations I’m attempting to build upon. That process uncovered some fear, some limiting negative beliefs, and a fractured foundation.

It helped me get a little clearer with my wealth vision, and with how I can restructure the foundation of my existing business to accelerate its growth into something that won’t drain me to do. Shifting from daily operator wearing all the hats to owner, over the next couple months.

I suspect that The Commander core in my custom ultima, and my penchant for overthinking things, also plays a significant role with recon, especially when I avoid making the strategic decisions and implementing.

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I’ve felt this part of Ecstasy of Freedom doing its work already. The number of wealth generating ideas that are coming up has definitely increased. It’s the picking one idea and taking massive action on it that’s been the source of my struggle for the past couple years.

Fears and limited thinking and whatnot. Probably because there hasn’t been an idea that I’ve believed strongly enough in. :thinking:


It may be related to FOMO but not necessarily. Just pick one idea you deem best at the moment and follow it for some time, see how it goes. Remember there’s no failures, there are only tries and massive learning experiences ahead. Many people fail because they cannot decide upon any idea for a long time and then they just give up on themselves or waste a lot of time doing nothing towards any idea. EoG St1 should help you avoid those scenarios.

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[ Start of Week 5 ]

Start of third month of Emperor.
Start of third month of Inner Circle (inconsistent first month).
Start of second month of R.I.C.H. core (2nd week of Custom R.I.C.H. Ultima).
Finished 30 days of exposure to EOG St1. Starting EOG St2 exposure today for the next 30 days.

Sticking to 1:1 listening schedule with stack:

1x R.I.C.H. Commander Ultima
1x Emperor
1x Ecstasy of Life (EOG St2)
1x Inner Circle

This post is just to mark the start of the week / month of exposure. Will update on the good, bad, and the ugly of last week later.

I thought I was going to have a more in-depth update of the last five days, but I don’t.

It was recon city (with the exception of the last two days), and I think a lot of it had to do with the custom ultima I added at the beginning of last week.

There are a lot of modules in it that’re working on weak areas of my belief system:

  • breaking a hard wealth ceiling I haven’t been able to crack (Wealth Limit Destroyer)
  • boosting the belief that I win regardless of outcome; that my success is inevitable (Natural Winner)
  • and probably the most confrontational is the module to improve my decision making without the overthinking (The Commander core)

Overthinking has been part of my process for as long as I can remember. The idea, the need, to “get it right” comes from a deep place of insecurity and fear. And it comes through in different ways.

It’s not all bad though. Some strategies require deep thinking. It’s a sign of deeply caring. And it led me to some academic / business achievements that I’m proud of, BUT… It’s the learning to NOT do it for everything and when enough is enough that I’ve been missing. And as a result, I’ve moved too slowly to try / test things (idea flow isn’t the problem).

So, I’m guessing The Commander core rocked that boat until it capsized. Leaving me in a state of not wanting to go out anywhere, watching too many movies over the weekend, and sleeping a lot.

That’s it for this post, and the recon recap.

Next post, I’ll share the weird way I got feedback today that The Commander and Natural Winner are already shifting my perceptions and the perceptions of others in a positive way.


Are you still applying the wisdom of Simon’s great post every day? :sunglasses: